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Change domain controller IP

  • Ensure primary DNS server is not a local host.
  • Ensure alternative DNS server is a local host (if it holds DNS role).
  • Ensure there are no replication problems with the forest and all the DC’s are healthy.
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Active Directory

DNS. Remove NS Records. Powershell.

After a force removal of a Domain Controller and the metadata cleanup using ntdsutil, I was left with a heap of NS records for each Zone in DNS to remove. 89 more words


The Perfect PowerShell Script

  1. Set-UserCredentials
  2. Connect-VMHost
  3. Create-VMGroup
  4. Configure-ActiveDirectory
  5. Leave-ObsoleteADObjectsIntactForWayTooLong
  6. Add-TooManyUsersToAdminSecurityGroups
  7. Create-WayTooManyGPOsWithOverlappingSettings
  8. Create-CustomServiceAndUserAccountsAndGroups
  9. Install-CMPrerequisites
  10. Install-SQLServerUsingImproperDriveAllocations
  11. Ignore-SQLServerSettings
  12. Install-CMPrimarySite
  13. Install-CMSecondarySiteWhenDPorMPwouldWorkJustFine
  14. Configure-CMSiteHierarchy
  15. Configure-CMDiscoverySettings
  16. Configure-CMSiteBoundariesAndBoundaryGroups
  17. Configure-CMClientSettings
  18. Deploy-CMClientSettings
  19. Deploy-CMClients
  20. Ignore-CMStatusLogs
  21. Ignore-CMMaintenanceTasks
  22. Ignore-SQLServerMaintenancePlanBenefits
  23. Wait-ForCMCrash
  24. Listen-ToTechsBitching
  25. Escalate-ToManagement…
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Chocolate fish for Hyperfish

If you are a Kiwi, you would of course know that for a job well done you get a reward, usually it’s a chocolate fish. For those who are not familiar with this custom I present to you the source of all online correctness and one source of truth… 204 more words


ERROR: “Access Denied” Error With “Using Keyboard-Interactive Authentication”.

Hi everyone,

I was creating a simple lab with Active Directory and Linux (Red Hat and Amazon Linux). I would like to login on my Linux using AD account, but always I have been receiving this error: 11 more words

Active Directory

Installing a New Domain Controller with Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core

In this video, I demonstrate how to:

1. Utilize PowerShell to rename the computer and configure network settings
2. Utilize PowerShell to join a Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core system to a domain… 93 more words


New Active Directory Forest with Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core in (about) 10 Minutes

 UPDATE: I replaced the original video with a newer version.  This was my first attempt at a YouTube video and I learned a lot during the production of the first two videos.   143 more words