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Azure AD SSO in a non-ADFS environment - Windows 10

In a world without ADFS.. Single Sign On is possible..

Having made the migration from onsite Exchange and SharePoint to Office 365 in early 2015 one of the key issues that users had was the lack of single sign on facilities to applications based in the cloud. 971 more words

Automating Management of Local Administrator Passwords - Microsoft LAPS

Managing Local Administrator Passwords

So you have a complex password policy on your domain, ensuring that users change their password every 60-90 days, passwords are complex, their passwords can’t be re-used and your users are not local admins but one thing poses a security risk, the local administrator password. 897 more words

Don't send too many emails

So this might sound obvious but it’s easy to send an email using PowerShell so a corollary is that if you don’t put limits into your scripts you could send a lot of email! 343 more words


Using LDAP with Active Directory

Getting your Linux box to talk with Active Directory is pretty straight forward. But doing it securely will need you to have installed your CA certificate into your trusted certificates. 422 more words


Windows 10 - Deploy Profile Picture to Logon Screen

In my current deployment I wanted to get our fancy pictures from Active Directory to our Windows 10 Machines where it can be used for the logon screen and other places like start menu: 405 more words


Secure Wireless Access and Authentication with Radius on WS2012R2 Network Policy Server .

Basic 802.1X Wireless network implementation requires an alphanumeric network key for access and authentication. In an enterprise environment this is not ideal. I’ve recently reconfigured and redesigned a client site’s WPAPersonal Wireless network for Radius (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) Authentication on an NPS (Network Policy Server) Server running on the Windows Server 2012R2 platform . 2,011 more words


Extract list of dormant computers in Active Directory

This example shows any computer not connected in the previous 4 weeks

dsquery computer -inactive 4

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