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PowerShell: Changing Active Directory user logon names (Bulk)

Active Directory users log on with their logon names and password. But what are the rules for assigning usernames? g.surname? surname? gsurname? What are the naming conventions? 193 more words

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[PowerShell] From 20 minutes to 20 seconds - Change domain user password on multiple domains without login into each one

I’m working on a environment where I have to deal with multiple domains.
The user’s password needs to be updated each 40/45 days (it depends on the domain). 367 more words


PowerShell: Create Active Directory Users In Bulk (Update 1.3)

For years I’ve had a AD user import VBS script as part of my toolkit, I thought it was about time to update it to PowerShell as well as add a few new features. 1,133 more words

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Getting started with MS Teams guest access

Finally guest access for Teams is RTM as you can read here and here.

I know pretty much every user in Ms Teams has been dying to start using this feature, but before you start inivting your external contacts en masse for all your teams and projects, there are a few things you should know. 144 more words

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Securing Active Directory: Who can add computers to the domain? Only the domain admin. Are you sure?

“Only Domain administrators can add computers to the domain.” I can’t count how often I have heared these words. But when installing a new domain, a counter is configured and this counter allows each domain user to add up to 10 computers to the domain. 300 more words

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Symfony LDAP Component AD Authentication


I previously wrote a very popular article called Symfony AD Integration which uses FOSUserBundle and FR3DLdapBundle, and I wanted to provide a simpler method that uses the Symfony LDAP Component. 863 more words