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Identifying default domain / domain controller policy

Identifying default domain policy and domain controller policy.

Some times it will be very difficult to identify default domain/domain controller policies, where in default domain policy is renamed or manually created GPO is being utilized in place of default domain policy. 112 more words

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Complex, improvable , optimizable : association user pc for the entire domain

Let’s start saying that when I write a script I try not only to achieve the goal but I also try  to test some specific cmdlets, even if in this specific script use this cmdlet is not the best way to do a task.So for sure the series “Complex, improvable, optimizable”  doesn’t want to be the BEST SCRIPT ever written for the purpose, but something to do a task and, for sure, improvable. 895 more words

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Quick and dirty : search and unlock AD accounts


sometimes during the week-end, in the factory, a user can be locked out. Maybe this is a big problem because they have to go ahead fastly  (i.e. 214 more words

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Exchange 2003 & mailbox queries.....no powershell

We needed to query AD from Exchange 2003. We know that this version is not fully “queriable” by powershell.

I’d to understand how to retrieve some important information. 187 more words

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Copy users from a group to another and modify AD attributes

I didn’t know Powershell and someone asked me to copy users from a group to another. We are talking of about 300 users…….Impossible to do it manually. 141 more words

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Azure and Office 365 - guidelines to choose a Tenant!

If you plan to use your trial tenant for production, be sure to choose a name for the tenant that is different from your planned production tenant name. 147 more words

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LAB 2 : Build a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory in the Cloud

Please refer my previous post to do LAB 1 scenario.

In this post, i have included the steps to setup a Windows server 2012 Active Directory in the Cloud and going to cover the below steps. 482 more words

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