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PScribo for the win!

Sup’ PSHomies,

Is it just me or are there way too many cool development in the community happening right now? You know you’re addicted to PowerShell if your idea of unwinding on a Sunday evening is scripting! 1,298 more words


Powershell tools for unlocking user accounts and resetting passwords

So, I like to delegate boring tasks like resetting an employee’s Active Directory password to a temporary one and unlocking Active Directory user accounts. When I began working in Powershell, the two mentioned tasks were the first things I learned to do correctly and then make tools to pass on to Supervisors so they can unlock their own people and reset passwords if needed. 733 more words


AD Group Membership Comparing and Adding with PowerShell: 2

I started with groups now lets invert this and look at memberships. There is nothing worse that being stuck with two users that have the same role and having to side by side the window to verify they are in fact members of the same groups. 379 more words

Windows Server

AD Group Membership Comparing and Adding with PowerShell: 1

I have not posted anything with AD yet. So I wanted to think of some tasks that maybe relevant to everyday usage. I thought what better thing than comparing members of groups and then comparing the groups users are a member of. 532 more words

Windows Server

AD auth with proftpd

In some cases I don’t want to rebuild ldap-supported proftpd to do ldapsearch,especially I don’t want to leave too many “secret” file in system.

Fortunately We got… 96 more words

Connecting Oracle PBCS and Azure AD

It’s cloud technologies triumph.

We can configure Oracle PBCS to use external athentificate services (Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server, Shibboleth Identity Provider, Oracle Identity Federation Server 11g.) and we can use cloud services like Azure AD. 34 more words

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