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Help students to summarize articles/websites

I loved this article on Control Alt Achieve by Eric Curts – “Seven Summarization Tools for Students.” Why would a student need a summary of an article before (or after) reading? 40 more words


Critical Reading & Note-taking

Session Aims:

  • Reading efficiently
  • Reading actively in an engaged way
  • Critically analysing what you read
  • Effective note taking

Why do we read:


5 Reasons Fiction Writers should use Critique Circle

Critique Circle is a free website that helps writers get feedback on their stories. It also lets you critique other writers’ stories. To use the site, you need to create a (free) account. 617 more words

Writing Advice

An exercise for active reading of the syllabus

It’s syllabus-writing season! Here’s an exercise I devised several years ago that I’m still using to promote students’ active thinking about course policies — and faculty understanding of how students perceive course requirements and regulations. 202 more words


Reading to Improve Creative Writing

Reading To Improve Writing

As I scour the internet for tips on improving my writing, I keep coming across a common piece of advice. It is often stated that to improve your writing, you must also read a lot. 419 more words

Creative Writing

Study Tips: Active Reading

What is the diference between reading and active reading?

When you read a portion of a text, you are just reading the words on the page without the intent of understanding or evaluating it’s content. 298 more words

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