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How to use Active Reading to Become a Better Writer

The following article was published on ProWritingAid on 13/03/2017. Read the full article here, or read below for an excerpt. 

Authors often discuss how reading improves your writing. 160 more words

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Word Power

I read this article from NPR yesterday and was excited. Not because of the content. I think the article makes a serious point, but the fact that the reporter pulled out the dictionary makes me giddy. 166 more words




The origin of the commonplace predates internet (hell I predate internet…)

In the olden days circa 16 hundreds when the printing press made books more easily available to more people and reading really became a thing. 409 more words


How to Read a Book (mind map)

Mind map of How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

  • Active Reading is like catching baseballs:
Books' Mind Map

A model for active reading and tutoring

Learning to read is not unlike learning to play an instrument. Both require time, materials, and instruction. As for time, we know that for both early experiences matter–for readers early experiences with books that come from adult read aloud from an early age and for buddying musicians there’s research that early exposure to music is important. 936 more words


Throw Out Study Guides: Bring in Active Reading Inventories!

I get it. It’s hard to throw out the old and bring in the new. You completed study guides. I completed study guides. And I am sure when my daughter gets older, she too, will complete study guides. 760 more words

On “The Hanging Family Tree”

Sometimes, I go through the exercise of explicating my own poem.  I find that it sharpens my critical skills and allows me to look at my work more objectively.  

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