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How to look younger

The secret of the youth has been searched since long time ago. Many researchers have done some experiments to find ways to slow down the aging process. 477 more words


Hydro Flasking

Have you found an everyday bottle for hot and cold drinks? I have. (And no I’m not sponsored or endorsed) I am in love with how functional this bottle is. 44 more words

The Long and Short of It


It’s something we all say we want. But I think that really, most of us say that as a hedge because we know that extremes–especially of the emotional variety–are ultimately unsustainable. 642 more words


Do It the American Way: Be Scared

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading an article about American workers’ tendency to not take a vacation. Specifically, this line stuck with me: 426 more words


Get Your Gainz Like a Gamer Would

One of my best friends perfectly summed up why I ran so much last year: “Is it like having brand new gear, and you just want to go out and use it?” 596 more words


End of the Run

Last year around this time, I was talking with a friend about the new physical activities I picked up as a result of my new active lifestyle–in particular, running. 672 more words