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Destiny Daily 12/13/17: Challenges, Vendor Weapons

Destiny Daily finally returns to the site, after a long absence. There’s finally some stuff that resets daily (or is suppose too anyway) that isn’t just challenges that few folks care about. 545 more words


Returning To Destiny 2

I played Destiny 2 yesterday morning after not playing the game for a good while, it isn’t because the game is bad, far from it in my opinion, I have just been in a rut when it comes to other video games and finding it hard to focus on other video games but that’s just due to mental health reasons and that,  my friends, is a story for another day! 302 more words


Bungie: Same old bullshit song and dance

Amazing how many things at Bungie nowadays “don’t work as planned” and how many “mistakes” are being made. Almost like they know what they are doing and keep getting caught with their pants down. 369 more words


Take control of your... "Destiny" Part 1

We’re going to step away from comic books and movies and comic book movies and Star Trek here for a little bit. I have been wanting, for quite some time, to do a series of posts related to my favorite Console Video Game:  Bungie’s  550 more words

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Call of Duty: WWII - Review

Going back to their roots with Call of Duty: WWII was a huge gamble for Sledgehammer Games but it seems to have paid off. The campaign is stellar, the Nazi Zombie experience is as fun as ever and the multiplayer suite is a great time with friends. 2,805 more words


Call of Duty: World War II Winter Siege Event Trailer And Details Revealed

Activision has unveiled Call of Duty: World War II’s first community event last night, the Winter Siege which will come with tons of goodies such as Double XP Playlists, a winterized (is that even a word) Carentan map, a limited return of Gun Game and a weekly supply of free Winter Supply Drops throughout the duration of the event. 102 more words