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The Unfortunate Future of The Industry

Gaming as we know it is in serious trouble, the future of what we love may be in jeopardy because of the shady business practices of late. 1,234 more words


Activision Patents Microtransaction-Based Matchmaking (Jim Sterling)

A short 10 minute video describing how a game company called Activision abuses its customers.

Game engineers have devised a system that targets players by their in-game wealth, to move products through the game’s cash shop.  356 more words


Destiny 2 Playerbase Has Dropped By Over 2 Million Users Since Launch

When it launched last month on console, Destiny 2 quickly peaked with around 3.5 million concurrent players on September 17. Since then in just the last 30 days Destiny 2’s player base has plummeted by over 2 million users, with over 400,000 lost in the last two days. 385 more words


Hot Ice & Blorb: Activision Microtransaction Patent Shows How Little They Care About Fans

Hot Ice and Blorb is a discussion series with writers Josh Beard and Kerry Craig. Today they’ll be discussing the news of Activision’s patent on microtransactions and match-making. 1,198 more words


This Week At Bungie 10/19/17: Trials of the Nine Delayed, Destiny 2 PC Issues, Raid Challenges

Bungie has post their “This Week at Bungie” post on their blog, and there’s some news in it this week. You can read most of the update below, or click here to read the full thing on Bungie’s website. 1,501 more words


Link to the Cast #87: Devil May Cry

Why aye man it’s time for another installment of a Link to the Cast.

*Dave is deep down the Stardew well.
*Mark has conquered Mr. King Dice. 180 more words

Dave Ryan

Destiny 2 Hot Fix 1.0.5 Patch Notes

Bungie has deployed Hot Fix 1.0.5 to Destiny 2. This hotfix addresses some issues with raid keys, as well as some companion app functionality. It’s a 430mb download for PS4 and Xbox One. 149 more words