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I Rewrote a Petition

I thought that I would begin my article with this picture. It might be of especial interest, or especial meaning to any ladies that might be reading my article. 989 more words

1% / 99%

Mark Hand: Feeling Trapped in a Dead-End System? Cartoonist's Affirmations Encourage Resistance | Stephanie McMillan

McMillan: There is a huge lack of inspirational literature to encourage and uplift people whose lives are dedicated to social transformation. Most writing on the left is theoretical and political – these are obviously crucial, but there isn’t much that addresses us on the ideological level; on helping us change our ways of thinking so we stay strong, on track and motivated; that helps us establish standards of behavior that serve our goal.

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Email/Call Once More to Fully Shut Down Section 215 of the Patriot Act

We’re so close to shutting down Section 215, but not quite there yet. We have until Sunday to still add our voices to the millions against renewal of this incredibly invasive and freedom-destroying… 86 more words

Call your Senator by Friday - tell him/her to end government surveillance

Every step of our journey counts! TIs are under surveillance so change the law and make it illegal.

This is an alert from the ACLU. (You can sign up to receive their email alerts to make it easy to stay up to date, sign petitions, etc.) The links below should work – I have activated them. 261 more words

Fighting Back

Changing the narrative in south Florida

What does real leadership look like in changing the subject of the public discussion on a given day? We see it here on the face of a Cuban-descended Southern nationalist in southeastern Florida whose ancestors fought for our cause. 28 more words


▶ Democracy Now! Former Congressman Ron Dellums: Organizing for Peace Forces Us to Challenge All Forms of Injustice

To me, the most powerful statement, that shaped my life forever, was this comment : “Peace is more than simply the absence of war; it is the presence of justice.” I interpreted that to mean, wow, the peace movement is the ultimate movement.

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Military Madness

National Parks and Recreation Month: Combating Nature Deficit Disorder

This July marks the 30th annual National Parks and Recreation Month. These government-based organizations offer outdoor activities including golf, fishing, swimming, skateboarding, and biking. They partner with valuable outdoor, conservationist, and educational organizations. 332 more words