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ISC’s Open Lecture Series July Event: “War, Peace, Reunification"

We can easily forget as foreigners living in Korea that we are living in a forcibly divided country still at war. Join the ISC in a reunification tour to explore regions of significance to the inter-Korean conflict. 10 more words

South Korea

Mark Fiore: The Gospel of Denial

Another animated cartoon from Mark Fiore, the Pope and Climate Change

Now that Pope Francis has come out on the side of acknowledging human-caused global warming… 255 more words


Inside Nianda Speaks #10

Agreements do not make men.
Manhood is built on what a man is willing stand against,
Even if he stands alone.


Food Democracy

By the People, for the People and Toward a Stronger Nation

To more fully understand the concept of democracy, we can look to some past U.S. 201 more words


The F word

I am a feminist.

There I said it. This word has become muddled and twisted, said by many but understood by few. I have so much to say and obviously a 500 or so word blog won’t be enough to cover this huge topic but here are a few of my initial thoughts. 592 more words


ZeroHedge ~ Arctic Drilling Future Now Rests On One Well {I DO NOT CONSENT TO ARCTIC DRILLING}

 Note: Now that we know Shell is the only player left, it’s time to voice our Non-Consent and bring PEOPLE POWER against Shell and the psychopathic politicians that enable the prospects of environmental destruction in the Arctic. 429 more words

News And Politics

White Supremacy and Violence

So back in early May, while the Baltimore protests were going on, Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote an article about violence in the riots. I’m linking you to Aish.com, but I first saw it in the May 8th – 14th edition of the Long Island Jewish World. 3,584 more words