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The Phone Case to Protect You from Prying Eyes, Designed By Edward Snowden*

The Phone Case to Protect You from Prying Eyes, Designed By Edward Snowden*

Terrorists, and criminal politicians would love this…

By Alexa Erickson

It is becoming increasingly clear that much of the technology we love and rely upon is actually working against us — exposing personal and valuable information we would never wish to share. 557 more words


Anger and Apathy

Today is just a rant to get something off my chest.  Life can be a bitch to get some of this frustration out there when you have become like… 295 more words

Terry Wiens

Mr. Fish | A Nonpolitical Moment of Humanity at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia

Be sure to click the link below to the rest of Mr. Fish’s drawings done on-site in Philadelphia, including this video. Here the people speak. Contrast this march (“this is what democracy looks like”) with the inside of the convention where the “kings and queens” speak from their podium high above the rest of the convention attendees.    223 more words


"No More War!" chants disrupt Democrats' Convention

During last night’s speeches at the Democratic Party’s convention to nominate Hillary Clinton for president of the United States, former Secretary of War and CIA Director Leon Panetta tried to fearmonger by blaming Russia for supposedly interfering in a U.S. 553 more words


Love Wins

As shit storms the bad news, fear breaks the internet and the media feeds the beast; I sit, reeling at my table, in my melting-pot… 212 more words


Chris Hedges | The Algebra of Revolution (Video)

“We’ve all become a sacrifice zone.”   

Counterpunch Media of the Day  July 15, 2016

Chris Hedges. Pulitzer Prize winner journalist, columnist for Truthdig, author of 13 books, including his latest, …

75 more words

"Anti-Suffrage Cartoon Creates Sensation".

Posted by Benjamin Breen
MethInks poor old Harry Dart got it wrong either deliberately or accidentally.
I’d like to go there…
In early 1908, a magazine illustrator named Harry Grant Dart settled down to work on his new assignment: which was parodying the women’s suffrage movement for the magazine… 56 more words