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Numi Yoga Raises Thousands for Local Charities

By Sanchali Singh

Numi Yoga founder Kelsey Starr said the yoga studio has raised about $2,000  through donations based yoga classes in their first year of business. 477 more words

University Of Maryland

The Definitive Guide to Surviving Politics at Thanksgiving Dinner

By Analeigh Hughes

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are rapidly approaching. While we often look forward to spending time with family and friends, certain parts of family get-togethers are more enjoyable than others. 566 more words

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Hear the Turtle Presentation Discusses Diversity with Yvonne Orji

By Natalie Jones

In a sold-out presentation at this university’s Hoff Theater Nov. 16, Yvonne Orji urged students to combat hate and promote diversity on their college campuses. 686 more words

University Of Maryland

Barry Riesch | Vietnam: What have we learned?

Scant mention was made in the film of the real heroes of the war. Those who resisted, burnt draft card files, left the country and did what they could to stop the horror of Vietnam.   

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As Trial Begins, Trump Protest Attendees Face 60 Years in Prison by Chris Steele

 “It’s outrageous enough that nearly 200 people are facing decades in prison for demonstrating on the streets of DC during Trump’s inauguration,” Hermes stated, “but to try people before it can be determined whether their arrests were lawful or whether the police violence helped to escalate tensions that day is unjust and incomprehensible.”

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Catharsis on the Mall Heals D.C. One Vigil at a Time

By Setota Hailemariam

As the nation’s capital, D.C. is under a spotlight of sorts. It’s home to the top government officials of the country, and as such, the city is pretty much obligated to host a number of demonstrations from any and all political standpoints. 708 more words

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Does Pride Trump Dignity?

“Self respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself” – Abraham Joshua Heschel

One of the demons I have been battling of late is the issue of dignity versus pride.  1,262 more words

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