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Amid fallen trees and debris, chainsaw ministry carves out hope and faith with each cut

By Chelsea Donovan | October 9, 2018

ROCKY POINT, NC (WECT) – Their mission is twofold: to share faith, and clear limbs.

A disaster relief team from Oklahoma is helping residents whose homes are threatened by trees or those that are looking a bit precarious. 48 more words


On the Deregulation of Life

Behold court nominee – now Justice – Brett Kavanough. In one concentrated packet of self-pitying, entitled rage we can observe the embodiment of capitalist deregulation in its purest form. 624 more words


We Believe All Survivors: Protests Signs of the Kavanaugh Confirmation

By Cami Gore

The terror in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s voice during her testimony continues to echo in the minds of women across the country. Dr. 562 more words


Stop Endless Wars!

The wars in the Middle East are not, and have never been, about preventing terrorism, saving lives or protecting America. They are and have always been about power and profit for the 1%. 492 more words


Homeless America, by Chris Hedges

“Saying hello to somebody and you’re ignored. All this stuff adds up. You blame yourself. Subconsciously, you start hating yourself. Even though you are trying to think, you start blaming things in every direction. 3,090 more words


CCR Stands with Survivors, Condemns Confirmation of Kavanaugh to Supreme Court 

As we have observed in legal struggle after struggle, the truth of survivors’ stories, of communities’ stories, and women’s stories will always outlast a court ruling or an opinion from  418 more words


GOP’s Brian Kemp Purged 1 in 10 Georgia Voters: I’ve Got the Names, by Greg Palast

Steele told the gathered media and rights leaders, “Many people have died and paid the supreme sacrifice for people to have the right to vote. What is taking place here in Georgia is an insult to all these efforts and accomplishments.” 1,435 more words