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a peaceful place

existing in this existence
within the middle distance
depressed by inconsistence
in what i say and do

seeking more than subsistence
moving from resistance
to a peaceful coexistence… 28 more words


Tuesday pep talk

If you woke up without goals today GO BACK TO SLEEP!!


The Barker wielded a stick advertise the icky ick..voice practice of this

fool..’The Auction Mississippi School’..’Step right up folks..take a chance..I sell the delusion dance..no guarentee of true or sane..just a moment for the pain..get creative with your seed..live with dream delusion breed’..twitched his mustache turned and dipped..gave all who see..delusion slip..for a moment for a day..worlds are won and lost this way.. 188 more words


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This was written in prayer that the man who cared for health.. education.. something beyond slavelike use of each person.. 'in a time to understand each gift of each soul's living hand.. is credit to our founders goal.. belief in free equal.. your soul.. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY.. A DAY TO CELEBRATE OUR PROTECTED FREEDOMS AND IDENTITY FOUND IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS.. WHERE .. as in folklore.. stories.. tales eons cited.. NO EVIL ENTERS UNINVITED.. PEACE FREEDOM AND LOVE TO OUR WORLD.. OUR EDEN.. unaffected undone greed.. manipulation.. Satan's Seed.. universe each true life morn.. another moment.. each child born.. TO PEACE FREEDOM.. EQUAL TO LOVE.. TONY

CIrcle of Love for Mama Josie

Josie Shapiro is one of the threads that holds Denver’s eclectic bunch of activists together. Whether it’s raising funds for a funeral, for bail, or organizing a march to proclaim that Black Lives Matter, Mama Josie is always there to Defend Denver. 352 more words