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12,000 march in London to highlight cruelty – and environmental destruction – of industrial farming

I’m not a great one for being in a crowd; not much of a “joiner”, full stop. And yet yesterday I happily found myself joining the 12,000-odd vegans walking through London for this year’s… 642 more words


creating a casual cycling culture

America has a traffic problem. And a walk-ability problem. And an air pollution problem. And an obesity problem. And a noise problem. And a pavement-heat-island problem. 1,094 more words


Meditations: Psalms 12- "Pure Words"

“Our lips are our own: who is lord over us?” We can rephrase this as ‘what is running the words that we speak? Our words we choose and how we use them give several clues as to who we are and the socio/ cultural milieu we represent. 651 more words

Bible Study

University Reading List

As many of our readers prepare to start the new academic year, the Qarawiyyin Project presents a special reading list dedicated to combatting some of the issues often faced at university. 808 more words


Anti-Hacking Clothing

A hacker has created some fun clothes to confuse machine learning algorithms that track license plates.


August WLN Newsletter

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  • WLN needs volunteers. See link for details
  • Polly Murray, the woman who reported the unusual illness in her community which later was determined to be Lyme disease, passed away on July 16, 2019.
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Doctor's Advocates Frustrated By Inaction on Tick-borne Diseases Report


Doctors, advocates frustrated by inaction on tick-borne diseases report


Aug 4, 2019

Ticks spread the widest variety of diseases that are harmful to humans, including Lyme disease. 892 more words