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Free Alaa Abd El Fattah

According to the site http://euromedrights.org/human-rights-behind-bars-in-Egypt, which campaigns for the liberation of Egyptian  activists, Alaa Abd El Fattah, arrested in 2013, has still 916 days of jail. 130 more words



by Olivia Johnson

A powerhouse performance artist, with a background in social work. Olivia is a writer of many mediums, with most of her work reflecting the call for social acceptance of women of color. 587 more words


We're back.

Hi all, Morgann here.

I started this blog with a friend almost two years ago. It quickly grew, and while I loved the impact it was making in the community, I was quite frankly doing it alone and couldn’t keep up with the vision and success of it all. 305 more words


How we all need to stop thinking that "it wasn't that bad": my experiences with the #metoo movement

As with many women, I debated back and forth about whether to post a “#metoo” status. My first thought process was that I have never experienced anything that bad, and I also am not a huge fan of facebook trends where you feel obligated to jump on the bandwagon. 835 more words

JUST IN: Judge Issues Insane Ruling, Voters Have No Authority As Drug Users Celebrate ~ Sam Di Gangi (conservativedailypost.com)

The War on Drugs has been an abysmal failure. It has only fueled the private for-profit prison industry and caused it to flourish. Almost anything can now get a person locked up and when it comes to drugs, there is no proof that punishment does anything at all to curb usage. 502 more words

CCFR Leading in Women's Programs

Via the CCFR

Women have long had a quiet, less visible presence in the firearms community. While women lead the industry in growth, both in the hunting and sport shooting genres, women’s programs have been noticeably absent in our community at large. 349 more words