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Week 6 - Publication Prints

After designing my publication and having it printed, I  thought I would share some photographs of the final piece. Enjoy!

There is one more hand element to make but Ill keep that a surprise for a few more days!


Room for Improvement

I’m so happy that my Crybaby Self Portrait post was so well received!  I’m so glad that groups like the Crybaby Club exist, to break that negative stigma surrounding anxiety/mental illness. 645 more words

Effective Activism 

Veganism is trending but a wise marvel movie character once said “with great power comes great responsibility” and with that I say your power is only as strong as your activism. 193 more words


6 Simple Actions You Can Take EVERY DAY to Promote A Vegan Lifestyle

Hello to all my awesome vegan peers changing the world one day at a time! For everyone living a lifestyle of veganism, we know the joy this life can bring. 2,066 more words