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Police Brutality Victim 'Mysteriously' Killed Just a Day Before Receiving $450K Settlement

We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to tell us that this story reeks of foul play.

Robert Hinton, 28, was due to receive a massive police brutality settlement, but just before midnight on Thursday – the day before the settlement was scheduled to pay out – he was mysteriously killed.

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Omnibus spending bill is the most important target to rein-in refugee program!

Refugee Resettlement Watch, by Ann Corcoran, Nov. 30, 2015:

It is also the hardest to accomplish, but this—the power of the purse—is the real Constitutional power that Congress has (if they would learn to use it). 235 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Thousands Defy French Ban on Public Protest - Demand Liberté and Action at #COP21

This report and the photos come to us from our old friend Joe Solomon, who is on the scene in Paris for the Climate Talk protests, and originally appeared on… 1,065 more words


Mock VW Ad invites Climate Change Leaders in Paris to Think

“We’re Sorry We Got Caught”

UK subversives, Brandalism, papered bus kiosks with cleverly posted faux advertisments like this one, all over Paris. Coninciding with the UN Climate talks (aka, COP21) it will, hopefully give them (and us all) cause to do more than ponder environmental change.


Former Millionaire Spent His Entire Fortune Rescuing Dogs From Being Slaughtered

There are heroes everywhere, even though we may not recognize them based off appearances. They may not fly, have x-ray vision, or have super-strength, but they save lives nonetheless. 23 more words


College Kids: Why You're Unemployed

A favorite video of mine from several years ago is where I explain why college kids are unemployed.

Watch the video here.

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Working at SECTION24 and protesting when there's too much wind

Yesterday, one of the kids that was in my honors class casually turned to me and said ” So how’s it going at SECTION24? “You guys just protest about everything right? 738 more words

Hobo Escapades