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Kia ora bro...

I’m guessing that the most well-known Māori word or phrase would be ‘kia ora’ (and some might add bro on the end as if that’s standard). 409 more words


Online Petitions

Over the years I have kept a pretty comprehensive record of all the online petitions I have signed, amounting to over 500. Of those signatures, 320 of them were on just 6 different petition sites: 685 more words

Anti-White Halloween Mayhem

Pocahontas is the new N-Word or so it seems. At least since 2010, the POC have found a new racism to complain about.

This year, three major universities are in the news attempting to combat “offensive” costumes as well as offering counseling to students who are offended by costumes. 537 more words


Why I Stopped Eating Meat: Gary Yourofsky & The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

I first heard about veganism many years ago, when I found Freelee the Banana Girl’s videos on YouTube (see my post on her here.) After that, I started researching the web and this speech by Gary Yourofsky really hit the message home. 228 more words


A White Liberal's Blind Spot

We really need more people saying things like this. NO, we need more people listening to this.

Source: A White Liberal’s Blind Spot

Being a panelist at a conference Saturday, on a panel about contemporary issues that was largely a really radical discussion of Black Lives Matter, gave me the  342 more words


Chelsea Cain serves up Marvel's outrage du jour, only proves she's fed up with Twitter trolls like the rest of us

By now you may have heard about the social justice warrior OUTRAGE at the alleged harassment and general online abuse of Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain. 659 more words


Emergency Call to North Jersey

Get out support and vote for New Jersey’s 5th congressional district Scott Garrett.

Scott Garrett is in a fight for his life with Josh Gottheimer as the democrats have targeted the growing and successful Northern New Jersey for DIEversity. 151 more words