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Dispute Over September 2014 Commemorations

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One year on, as Scots remember the fallen of September 2014, reports are emerging of a fracture between the various factions who fought under the separatist banner. 95 more words


A Firsthand Look at the Nepal Crisis: An Interview with Shirish Bohara

On April 25th, tragedy struck Nepal.  In the country’s largest earthquake since 1934, countless buildings were destroyed and over 8,000 people were killed with an additional 19,000 injuries reported.   945 more words


Bee Calm and Carry On

Joe is allergic to bees.  Not the scary, run for your epi-pen and clutch your throat type of allergic, thankfully, but he does get what doctors call an… 861 more words

Straight From Uncle Sam's Mouth: ISIS To Be Used As U.S. Strategic Asset

Every so often, a snippet of the what the enlightened lords and ladies who comprise our ruling elite discuss amongst themselves in plain, unambiguous terms slips out into full view of us peasants and peons. 611 more words

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TerraCycle and Eliminating the Idea of Waste

Mainstream conversations about “living green” or being sustainable usually revolve around reducing our footprint on the environment. (The idea that humans need to minimize our presence, as though we’re some kind of disease, separate from our environment, is another blog post for another day). 482 more words