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After the WOMEN’S March…What Do We Do Now? by Marie Cartier

I am sitting here with my friend Deb—and like so many conversations we are all having right now, we ask each other— “…after the March…what do we do now?” Of course, we are speaking of the world-wide Women’s March that happened the day after the inauguration, January 21, 2017. 1,363 more words


Sports and Activism and Athletes

Activism in sports is a… touchy subject, to say the least.

You’ve got your diehard “sports and politics are SEPARATE!” folks (who, interestingly enough, don’t speak up when an an athlete supports their views) and the “athletes HAVE to talk about politics” people (who will praise an athlete for agreeing with their stance and shame an athlete for having opposing views). 560 more words

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CPAC 2017: Original Sources

I love to watch CPAC but this year my schedule did not allow me much time for keeping up with everything on this opening day. Thank Heavens for the Internet and YouTube for providing live streaming of the event and especially for all of the organizations that have posted videos. 181 more words

All Politics Is Local

A Mass Movement Before the Rise of Social Media

Since my movement took place in the 1960s (Anti-Vietnam War), the online platform was not a part of this movement. The internet was being invented around the same time that this movement was gaining support and strength, so the supporters of the movement had to find another way to spread their message. 347 more words

Federal News Radio: How Twitter became an outlet of resistance, information for federal employees

Federal News Radio: How Twitter became an outlet of resistance, information for federal employees. “When a former employee of Badlands National Park took over the park’s official Twitter account to tweet climate change facts in direct defiance of the Trump administration, they couldn’t have known that they were starting a movement. 30 more words

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Destigmatizing Mental Illness on College Campuses

After researching the mental health movement and starting to build my website, I’ve realized just how important online platforms are. Specifically with the mental health movement on college campuses, and the need to create a welcoming space for all, an online platform reaches people who may be struggling in silence. 414 more words

AnnaSophia Robb - 1) Call your senator! Google it- very easy friends. The gove...

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