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A Lone Couple, a Desert Island, and Turtles

Isn’t there a line about finding heroes in the most unlikely places? This is the setting of Daeng Abu’s and his wife Daeng Maida’s inspirational story: a desert island off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia, disabilities in Abu being blind and facing leprosy, their days spent raising sea turtles and speaking against the cyanide and dynamite fishing that is devastating Indonesia’s reef. 409 more words


Sometimes A Sissy Boy Is Just A Sissy Boy, Not A Trans Girl

A friend responded to my previous post on Jesse Singal’s article and said, in part, “This issue primarily is an assault on genetic women and seeks to undermine the female populace.” 978 more words



The act of prayer in motion moves through the hands, never one without the other…



Happy Monday to each and everyone who’s reading…which may or may not be 2 or three people. Shot out to you mom for reading, I appreciate you. 342 more words

The Power Behind Affirmative Consent

Ashe Schow writes about yet another example of a college man getting his day of justice after a school is forced to settle a lawsuit after the student was expelled, unjustly, for alleged sexual assault. 961 more words


Transgender Activists Are Playing With the Lives of Children

Transgender activists are playing with the very lives of millions of children suffering from gender dysphoria, “that is, the feeling that the body they were born with doesn’t fit their true gender identity.” 407 more words


Poems and Divination and Protest!

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