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jane jacobs: citizen economist

We tend to take it for granted that nature—being basic to everything—is the place to begin when we try to understand regional economies. The given natural attributes of a region certainly do explain much about subsistence economies: why some people eat seals and caribou while others eat dates and goats; why herders in some places stay put beside their fields while others traipse back and forth between summer and winter pastures; why some people shelter in thatch and mats while others build with stone and timber; why some spin wool, others cotton, and so on. 38 more words

The Labour of Judea Strikes Again

May 05, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

The Labour Party may not have an issue with anti Semitism but they certainly have a serious issue with Black people and their history… 262 more words


help this future foodways attorney win a 10k scholarship


Emily Melvin has been selected as a finalist in the BARBRI Law Preview “ONE LAWYER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” $10K scholarship opportunity.Only 20 future law students made it to the final round, and she was one of them. 309 more words

Making it through.

My last post was about waiting for Arts Council England (ACE) to make a decision on my project. Funding from public money in the arts is limited and brings a great responsibility to the recipient. 407 more words


#dialysis and Change

Change is good.

Do something different!  Today!  Act on impulse.  If it is your “off day” from dialysis, go to a nearby park. go fishing, fly a kite, take a walk, drive a road off the main road that’s not your usual path, call or visit a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, etc. 168 more words


Fact Or Fiction

The best documentaries, seen by the right people at the right time, leave a permanent imprint on them and compel them to take action- whether by protesting against injustice or simply reevaluating their own lives. 236 more words