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Survival Strategies/A call to action: Research (pt 2)

I was interested in looking more into how graphic artists have influenced the imagery of protest. One such artist of recent times is Patrick Thomas, who with his book the Protest Stencil Toolkit sought to provide activists with ready-to-go icons to use in protest banners and materials, or even street art. 403 more words


20 Years Ago: Remembering When East Timor Wasn't News

I REMEMBER trying to start an East Timor group in Ottawa. Julia Milton and I were twenty-two year-old non-professional activists. It was a lonely
fight. It was 1983: the Philippines was boiling over, Vietnamese boat people were pouring into Canada–no one had ever heard of East Timor, or Dili, its capitol. 1,770 more words

MEATLESS, profitable: the VEGAN REVOLUTION is starting to attract companies

Change in eating habits drives a vegan revolution that already drives $ 50 billion a year and transforms world industry

Until recently, the vegetarian was seen as “weird people with weird habits.” In the US, they even invented the term tree hugger to refer to the group, which also included environmentalists. 789 more words


Empowering Mindfulness

A Meditation Retreat at the Dharma Centre of Canada

Meditations that strengthen us to address ecological and social justice issues and meet the difficult challenges ahead. 364 more words

Morgellons Movie - Oct 5 in Los Angeles, CA

https://www.morgellonsmovie.org  Trailer found in link

Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons

October 5, 2019 @ 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Skin Deep explores the controversy of Morgellons Disease: with its bizarre symptoms and contentious scientific proof, you’ll wonder who is delusional—the patients who believe or the doctors who deny. 241 more words


The Lyme & POTS Connection: What You Should Know


The Lyme + POTS Connection: What You Should Know

By Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio
Posted 9/3/19

A racing heart, dizziness upon standing, fatigue, nausea, inability to focus. 2,507 more words


Hi Im currently writing a story set in a sci-fi/noir-ish city focusing on police the police force. One of my side characters (who is extremely important to the later 1/2 of the plot) was tortured at the age of 15 by the police for being assumed to be part of a trade union. Whilst Im writing them as primarily dealing in clean tortures at the present time- when she was tortured the police were esentially the armed enforcement of the company monopoly that ran the town. i was thinking that they 1/Scifi/noir anon 2/ they used escentially finger milking (one of the torturers fishes recreationally- they use fishing wire) combined with beating and stress postions and as a result she loses several fingers/ bits of her fingers- which she hides with gloves containing simple prosthetics. She experiences chronic anxiety, depression and dificulties with sleeping and memory. Despite being in her mid 20s she lives with her parents and relies on them for daily support. However 2/ Scifi-noir anon 3/ however she later joins the police with the intention of gathering evidence and exposing remaining abuses of power. (Context: the police have been nationalised but not all officers who engaged in toture have been removed- and she knows the head of police knows this). She also knows that external whistleblowers are rarely listened to- so she sees this as the best way to get the evidence and authority necersary to remove torturers from the police. Does this sound like a 3/ Sci fi /noir anon 4/ Does this sound like a realistic backstory/ situation? Ive tried to take into account the amount of anger she would feel and the way this kind of situation might play out (thankyou so much for this blog by the way- ots where im finding all my resources!) but i just donnt know if a torture survivor would ever join the organisation in question- even if its to bring it down from the inside.

definitely think this is possible, especially since you’re taking
the time to explain why the character is doing this and she seems
conflicted about this. 663 more words