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Why pay artists?

‘Artists are the innovators from which great art emerges and on which our society’s well-being depends on’ a-n The Artists Information Company 2014.

This exploitative situation has created some disquiet among artists and creative communities. 166 more words

Precarious Work

Has activist art lost its punch?

Given the choice in a free commercial society, most people would rather be entertained than shocked, disconcerted or left with ennui. Surely today, a ‘cultural fix’ is more about enjoyment than a profound or controversial debate. 226 more words

Activist Art

Art for Art's sake?

The Melbourne’s street art project may benefit some young artists in terms of engagement, potential and social benefits. Still one is left to wonder, what happened to the underlying social and political message of the graffiti itself? 184 more words

Activist Art

Do artists live dangerously?

A group of performing art practitioners and the authors of The Art of Living Dangerously highlight the fact that the ‘new economy’ debate emphasizes too much the benefits of art and culture in today society. 214 more words

Activist Art

Why Jenny Holzer Matters...

The primary medium of Holzer’s art is language.  I think that it’s the representations of text, the aesthetic of writing, which draws me into JH’s work.  286 more words


Cartoonists support Ali Ferzat

A renowned political cartoonist from Syria, Ali Ferzat, was attacked on the way home from work. The thugs beat him viciously and broke his hands. 175 more words

Activist Art

I <3 Shepherd Fairey

I came across this great interview with S.F.  He discusses the ideology of his street art.  Great stuff: http://www.gestalten.tv/motion/shepard-fairey

I’m becoming more and more interested in SF’s work.   109 more words

Activist Art!