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Answer U.S. Prisoners' Questions With Photos

Answer by Torsten Schumann, from Germany

How do you describe your culture, your nation? Would you describe it differently to someone overseas? Would you describe it differently to someone in prison overseas? 643 more words

Activist Art

Building and Sustaining an In-Prison Photography Course

(Untitled) © Petey, 2016. From the Humanize the Numbers Workshop.

In the Exposure Magazine interview It’s Time to Talk Social Justice, Isaac Wingfield lays out the strategies, challenges and successes of facilitating a joint prisoner/college student photography workshop in prison. 720 more words

Activist Art

Sharing the Experience of Chaos

How can you help someone understand something they have never personally experienced? Especially something that is traumatic or life altering. In the past year I encountered several very affecting depictions of what it is like to move from relative normalcy, to chaos, and onto a journey to find a new normalcy. 417 more words


Hyperdrawing Example


I love this.

Allowing a space for the drawing to emerge. Making a comment about society. Creating an art piece for all to see. Engaging with existing local arts practices. 16 more words

Life drawing lessons with London Shakespeare Workout in their 20th year - London

A rare opportunity is afforded me to try my hand as a sketch artist for a rehearsal session of the London Shakespeare Workout programme directed by Dr. 1,465 more words

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A Gathering Against the Prison Industrial Complex, Chicago, Nov 8-12, 2017


Critical Resistance and Chicago For Abolition have organised a weekend of events to strengthen the movement against the Prison Industrial Complex. 491 more words

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