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Walk Around the Kaikoura Peninsula

We had visitors from America last week, so on Sunday after church we took them to the Peninsula and walked around from the carpark at Point Kean (the north side) at sea level to South Bay. 224 more words

Activities At Home

Giveaway—Ready or Not

One of my favorite books is Ready or Not, by Chautona Havig. In fact, I like it so well I’ve read it three times now—and enjoyed it as much the third time as the first! 115 more words

Activities At Home

Book Review—Baggage Claim

I was not going to help launch this book. I decided I was busy enough that Esther could help Cathe Swanson launch her books, and I’d stick to helping Chautona Havig with hers, and Esther was happy about that. 758 more words

Activities At Home

January 2017 Pictures

Soon after the young turkeys were released into the paddock, a bunch of them got out into the yard and congregated here.

Right after Christmas I started a bunch of cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli seeds, and New Year’s weekend got them into potting soil. 341 more words

Activities At Home

Children—January 2017

This is just a random collection of pictures I found on the camera of the children from the past month.

Mr. Sweetie picking cherries the second Sunday of the month. 194 more words

Activities At Home

Kaikoura Peninsula—High Tide After the Earthquake

On our second trip to Kaikoura after the earthquake, the second Sunday of January, we went to the Peninsula to see what it looked like at high tide. 191 more words

Activities At Home

Kittens and Children

We are really enjoying our kittens! They are so fun to watch, especially for about an hour first thing in the morning when they race all around the living room, over and around the furniture, and over my lap while I’m reading the Bible. 164 more words

Activities At Home