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Product Review—PandaParents

I have a little girl who loves doing school. She is only three years old, but she badly wants to do school just like everyone else does, and is thrilled when I print her a page to do. 850 more words

Activities At Home

Product Review—Kids Email

We were recently assigned to do a review of Kids Email Safe Email for Kids, and given a one-year subscription. I wasn’t at all sure we needed it, because when my children wanted to email someone I just let them use my gmail account. 764 more words

Activities At Home

Pancake Rocks

We have a lot of cloudy, rainy days here on the West Coast. Wednesday, however, was bright and sunny all day (today is, too—yay!), so at lunch time we decided to take the afternoon off from working on the girls’ room and take our friend to Pancake Rocks. 433 more words

Activities At Home

Product Review—Reading Kingdom

Sometimes we end up with products to review that I wasn’t very excited about. Reading Kingdom was one of those; my hesitation was because it is an online program, and I don’t like my younger children to have a lot of screen time. 782 more words

Activities At Home


A friend from Dunedin, who is a builder, offered to spend a week helping us work on the house. For two months we have been anticipating this week, and finally, he is here. 186 more words

Activities At Home

Art Projects

There have been a few art projects done around here lately, which is unusual for our family. Some were assigned, some were spontaneous. This first one was part of our Geography lesson about Colombia. 181 more words

Activities At Home

Book Review—Love, Amy

About the Book

Title: Love, Amy
Author: Amy Young
Genre: Memoir
Release Date: June, 2017

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Love, Amy! 1,491 more words

Activities At Home