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Happy Baby

After she recovered from the trauma of a bath tonight, Baby was very happy. I was finally able to get a video of her talking–usually she quits and is silent when I get the camera! 25 more words

Activities At Home

Tour of the Mud Town and Our Garden

On Sunday, when Mr. Sweetie had my camera, he also took a video outside. It is rather long (maybe 8 minutes), and shaky, but if you’re interested in the town my boys have been building all summer in the banks of the dry creek in our front yard, here is a guided tour of what they currently have and the place they did have a town before it was destroyed. 28 more words

Activities At Home

A Tour of Our House

I stayed home Sunday with several children who had bad colds. Mr. Sweetie, the five-year-old, asked in the afternoon if he could use my camera. I took a look at the memory card this evening, and found a couple of videos. 50 more words

Activities At Home


Sometime around the end of March, Gayle and the boys went to pick plums from a tree at an old house on the property a friend lives on. 360 more words

Activities At Home

Impromptu Lessons

One thing I love about homeschooling: Learning truly happens at all hours of the day.

One evening at bedtime, Mr. Inventor was busy working on his math lesson for the next day. 327 more words

Activities At Home

More Harvesting

This was the zucchini we found in the garden after our trip to Timaru. It ended up being nearly the end of the zucchini for the year, too, since we had a killing frost a few days later. 109 more words

Activities At Home

Extra April Pictures

Mr. Sweetie dressed up to go “tramping’

I’m not sure what is happening here, but this is Mr. Sweetie and Mr. Imagination.

Our sweet baby girl likes the Bumbo we just got for her. 187 more words

Activities At Home