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More March Pictures

Just a few more pictures I thought some of you might enjoy.

One morning, Esther looked out the window and thought she saw something white in the sheep’s water barrel. 237 more words

Activities At Home

Three Months Old!

I can’t believe my little girl is three months old already. How time flies! She’s really developing her own personality already. She has quite a repertoire of different tones of voice to get her point across—whether she’s sad, or feeling neglected, or hungry. 130 more words

Activities At Home

Giveaway! and, Announcing a New Website

I am excited to be able to announce the launch, today, of a brand-new website! Esther had the inspiration, last October, to build a website of book reviews to help people make decisions about books for their families, and help moms find books to go along with their history studies or just for their children to read. 438 more words

Activities At Home

Happy April 8th Day!

You mean to say you have never heard of April 8th Day? Don’t worry, very few people have. Once upon a time, my dad decided we needed more celebration days. 190 more words

Activities At Home


We had a good laugh at the dinner table tonight. We were discussing the fact that Esther’s boss just got another donkey yesterday, hoping to have a baby donkey eventually. 427 more words

Activities At Home

Early March Pictures (with cute little turkeys)

Somebody (probably boy # 5, but I’m not altogether sure) got hold of my camera during school the other day, so here are a couple of pictures in the school room. 105 more words

Activities At Home

February Pictures

I’m not sure what was happening in this picture, but I thought it was a cute one of boys # 4 and 6.

A late-evening game of Dutch Blitz (thanks to one of my sisters, we can now all play at once—thank you!).Left to right are boys # 4, 3, 1, 2, and 5, and Esther. 120 more words

Activities At Home