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Eyes Wide Shut

Dad and his eye drops are the worst combination of all. You see, he asks for the drops, but he keeps his eyes shut tight.  How can the precious drops find their way into his eyes so they will stay lubricated and stop watering, pray tell?   488 more words


Living with Fibromyalgia, Non-Medical Assistance

Living with Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Network.

Here is the best link to helping us Peers with our ADL needs. This is another website that directly assists only Fibromyalgia survivors to live Well. 47 more words

The First of Three Summers is... Over!

I just completed the first summer semester of occupational therapy school. There is a myriad of updates and thoughts I’ve been wanting to jot down in the past two months. 809 more words

Activities Of Daily Living

You say, "I don't have a long-term care plan." Yes you do.

Your future 80-year-old wife is your plan, or your 30-year-old granddaughter. Somebody is going to have to deal with your caregiving needs. Because you don’t have a plan, they are the plan. 22 more words

Anything LTC


When we got married, Doug sold his motorcycle and bought an almost new Dodge van. He promptly took the engine apart and proceeded to rebuild it in the living room, modifying it to run on propane as well as gas. 515 more words

Activities Of Daily Living

Dear Skinny Gossip

This is a follow-up to my previous article.

I’m touching upon the topic of Skinny Gossip again because, in standard Skinny-Gossip fashion, many of its members are trying to convince me Skinny Gossip is not pro-ana. 1,447 more words

Term vs Permanent Life -- Which Costs Less?

This short video compares Term life insurance with Whole or Universal life insurance. Keeping this in mind, there are Whole and Universal life insurance policies available that have long term care riders. 79 more words

Anything LTC