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Beyond 40 Winks: The Quest for Sleep that Restores and Refreshes

“40 winks” is a brief nap, sometimes not even a nap in bed. Many people are trying to get by with that. Previous posts have discussed the American epidemic of sleep deprivation and its consequences for healthy longevity. 623 more words


Nervous System: Training Unilaterally and Bilaterally

The question: “Which is more beneficial for someone that needs to develop a better neural connection with their body? Bilateral movements? Unilateral movements?”

Bilateral training is when the exercises are stressing both limbs. 277 more words


Fit for Life...Everyday Exercise 1 of 10

SQUATS! This move is at the top of my list because it accomplishes so much for us by targeting the major (largest) muscles of the lower body together with multiple joints (hips, knees, ankles). 235 more words


Tips for Buyers: LTC Insurance Health Assessment

Insurance companies will request a health assessment (interview) to be done either by phone or in-person. Insurance companies outsource the testing to paramedical companies.

When you are called to set your appointment they will identify themselves and the insurance company and they will let you know if it is a phone interview or a face-to-face interview. 250 more words

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Eyes Wide Shut

Dad and his eye drops are the worst combination of all. You see, he asks for the drops, but he keeps his eyes shut tight.  How can the precious drops find their way into his eyes so they will stay lubricated and stop watering, pray tell?   488 more words