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Cooking With Courtney: Why cook with kids?

My kids are happy when they cook. They become noticeably creative, are bold to try new things. are willing to put in work now to enjoy something later, love sharing a world with me, we always end up laughing; it works for us. 1,135 more words

Home Strategies

Chiropractic Care Associated with Satisfaction, Functional and Self-Rated Health of Medicare Patients

This study used a model to determine “the effect of chiropractic relative to medical care on decline in 5 functional measures and 2 measures of self-rated health among 12,170 person-year observations.” The authors concluded that “chiropractic is significantly protective against 1-year decline in activities of daily living, lifting, stooping, walking, self-rated health, and worsening health after 1 year. 61 more words


Reasons to Choose a Personal Trainer

I know there are many people out there with health goals who start their own programs but then fall off the wagon. The biggest reasons many people quit their self-induced exercise programs is because they’re often not seeing the results they want–which is then when a personal trainer becomes useful. 681 more words

Beyond 40 Winks: The Quest for Sleep that Restores and Refreshes

“40 winks” is a brief nap, sometimes not even a nap in bed. Many people are trying to get by with that. Previous posts have discussed the American epidemic of sleep deprivation and its consequences for healthy longevity. 623 more words


Nervous System: Training Unilaterally and Bilaterally

The question: “Which is more beneficial for someone that needs to develop a better neural connection with their body? Bilateral movements? Unilateral movements?”

Bilateral training is when the exercises are stressing both limbs. 277 more words