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The Spirit of Shirley Visited My Home.

During our psychic class my teacher Barbara, channeled different spirit entities and we were able to talk to them. One regular was a delightful young girl of about eight. 85 more words

'Tis the Season For A Winter Arts Festival!

This past semester, Quarry Lane hosted its annual Winter Arts Festival. While we are well known for our progress in the STEM subjects, we also emphasize the importance of self-expression through the arts. 236 more words


Annual Financial Report - Báo Cáo Tài Chánh CY 1-1-19 đến 31-12-19

Trân trọng Kính Trình
Và kính mời quý ân nhân xem Báo Cáo Tài Chánh Năm 2019.
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Annual Report -2019 Báo Cáo tròn năm 2019.pdf


Have you ever seen Lily at a Hawaiian party?

If not, then let’s get started…!

Hello everyone,

It’s me Lily zazadze, 19 years old from Georgia. Today I’ll bring you to my Hawaiian party. 157 more words


Holly Shit Indeed.

My mind and its random thoughts be like “holly shit” for every little thing I cannot believe that happened.

Also my mind: “OMG please do it again! Do it again!”

Colour Sorting with a Valentines Printable

While Valentine’s Day is known for its pinks, reds and purples there is no reason why we can’t incorporate a little rainbow! Candy hearts are arguably the most popular valentines candy (heart shaped boxes of chocolate aside!) and they come in a variety of colours. 170 more words