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Identifying Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Super Bowl Commercials Worksheet

While you watch the Super Bowl, select six of the commercials for your students to analyze the next day in class! Or, you can choose six Super Bowl commercials from previous years. 85 more words

New Found Freedom

Thank goodness for technology! It’s been a week that M2 has left but we don’t feel that she has left because we connect daily via WhatsApp with messages and video calls. 126 more words


Football Lessons

From now on, I will start to participate in football lessons as part of my CAS project! Once a week I will have a football training with a coach and other players. 50 more words


Living with ME: Boredom

In which I am so bored I want to scream and break things. Content warning for suicidal thoughts.

It was a bad morning anyway because I’d had my hair cut the day before, which involves energy draining activities such as going downstairs (and, worse, coming back up them again!) and talking to people (it’s tiring even when the conversation just goes “you girls have such thick hair!”… “and doesn’t it grow fast!”… “it’s so blonde, too!” and me agreeing with each). 829 more words



The son really likes reading. He would read literally everything. He likes animals, space, documentary series, mysteries, many more. In the past, he was into youtube a lot. 195 more words


I am a triathlete

I really am.

But even triathletes need to clean their kit and put it away when they get home.

Then this triathlete needs to go be a Dad for the rest of Sunday. 9 more words