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175 calories burned, 9,022 to go

With a busy weekend starting tonight, I slept in and then took the dogs on a short hike to Hahamonga Watershed Park in Pasadena. It wasn’t exceptional but it was still a nice little nature walk in a spot that could have been (and possibly be, but hopefully won’t be in the future) developed. 35 more words


The dialog is about two girls talking about last vacation.

Sara: Hi Julia! How are you?

Julia: Hi Sara. I’m fine? Thanks! And you?

Sara:  I’m great. 256 more words

Past Simple

Rose Goes South • Ometepe, Ome-Sweaty!

Ometepe is a difficult one for a traveller like me. I often find it hard to choose between roughing it and flashpacking, whilst all the time wanting to get the most authentic experience of a place that is physically possible. 539 more words


Now it is becoming a routine

Today’s run was exactly of 10 km in length and as always a bit hilly. I got my newest gadget this afternoon and I took it with me. 103 more words


Teaching students how to build their self-esteem

There are many students out there that need acceptance when they are among people. We surely know that parents should be teaching that, but why not teaching them, too? 293 more words

318 calories burned, 9,197 to go

It’s tough to do something you don’t particularly enjoy five days in a row, so I found myself procrastinating again about hitting the gym. When I finally made it, I only had half an hour in me. 37 more words

Moon phases

As Salamu ‘Alaykum, Good Morning,

This activity of the day will help you to learn more about Moon Phases.

Moon phases

My tips: Take time to discuss and describe each phases. 15 more words