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Hitting the Waves!!!

Hello everybody! missed me? haha.. I’ve been very very very busy for this past month to the point that I almost lost my “Social Life” haha joke! 384 more words


Discovering the Outdoors!

We recently spent some time with Aeryn outdoors and for the first time I felt confident letting her experience nature directly! Before her vaccines, we were more reluctant to let her play on the ground outside, plus the weather was much colder. 402 more words

First Time Parenting

My mid-life (fitness) identity crisis.

In a recent discussion, I was asked what my biggest accomplishment has been since finishing high school. Without a moment’s hesitation, my response was “qualifying for the Boston Marathon.” Note that I say qualifying and not running it because I never did get to compete in the actual race. 1,486 more words


Two Weeks in Provence - Day 13 - A short cycle taking the whole day

Well another day has passed in a bit of a blur. Somehow a cycle ride of just under 20 miles managed to take up most of the day, so rather than a wordy blog tonight I thought I would do a picture-book version ………………… 498 more words


Carbon Cycle & Photosynthesis

Before class preparation

  • What is Photosynthesis & Respiration?

  • What is meant by the carbon cycle?

In class activity

  • Trees Clickers
  • Photosynthesis cards activity

After class work


Okinawa: Music, Dancing and Snakes at Okinawa World

If you’re a student of Japanese culture, it can be a little hard to see how Okinawa is different from the rest of Japan. Although they were an independent kingdom for centuries, they were conquered by Japan 400 years ago—that’s a long time for a conquered people to maintain their culture identity with integrity. 1,782 more words


Question: Does Family Income Level Impact College-Going Rates?

Hat tip to Kim Clark at Money on College who tweeted about this great interactive exercise (from NY Times) that allows students to draw their answer to this question (using a touchpad) on a graph that has family income levels on X axis and college attendance rates on the Y axis. 147 more words

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