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You have no vision

That’s what I think when I see what kind of TV shows or movies people watch. Some people have no vision. In my opinion that is. 666 more words

Writing Challenges

5 Selected - Robert De Niro

Roberto has long been a highly rated actor and he has given us some of the best performances of all time, without a doubt if he was cast in a movie it was going to be a hit and certainly unmissable, lately his career has turned into a joke and while I appreciate that it’s easy acting for him I can’t personally see him make a fool out of himself with a lot of these modern comedies but I can still appreciate the older most concrete films. 1,001 more words

Movie Review

5 Selected  - Billy Zane

It seems really odd to be writing about an actor that I don’t often rate waaaay before writing about a majority of those who I do but alas I suppose I should shine some light on la Billy Baby Face Zane, especially after twigging him in Flutter (2011) as… 690 more words

5 Selected

A Very Brady Deception

Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far about the actors from the original Brady Bunch.

Robert Reed died.

But Robert Foxworth lives.

Florence Henderson has at least one role she doesn’t want us to know about. 61 more words

Fake News


Lately I’m having the strangest of dreams. This one, I should have written down right away but I had to get to work earlier than usual so I put it off until later and now I hardly remember anything. 51 more words


GMA Plugs Diet Apps

Now here’s an original success story. Woman loses weight after committing “to eating healthy and becoming more physically active”, and using a bunch of apps. As best I can tell she doesn’t have to make any decisions about eating, drinking, or moving, the apps have it all covered. 28 more words



Anyone who thinks Hugh Grant is not an accomplished actor is surely underestimating how difficult it is to do light comedy. It’s harder than drama, but the secret is making it look effortless, and effortless performances are rarely appreciated – it’s the showy mannerisms and thundering speeches that win awards, not comic timing (which you only notice when it doesn’t work), casual asides and ironic self-deprecation. 1,263 more words