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Humphrey Bogart in “The African Queen”

Charcoal on paper


dutton peabody

Edmond O’brien as Dutton Peabody in “The man who shot Liberty Valance”

Charcoal on paper


jett rink

James Dean as Jett Rink

Charcoal on paper

Sir ian mckellen

Gandalf. Magneto

Charcoal on paper

5 Selected - Lance Henriksen

Aliens (1986)

The sequel to the groundbreaking sci fi movie Alien (1979) introduced another face to the world of androids, instead of the killer bot in the original film, instead James Cameron created a more likable synthetic human names Bishop and sensitivly acted by Henriksen. 487 more words


Brilliant Liebster Award

Got nominated for this brilliant blog award, The Liebster Award. Thank you, The Dream Girl Writes. I got one of these when I started out with this blog. 729 more words

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