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If My Book Were a Movie

I suppose every author dreams of what their literary creation would look like, should it ever be fortunate enough to graze the silver screen, and in this case, I’m no exception. 728 more words

Classic TV: The Brothers - #30 - S03 E07 - Trade Wind

It seems S01 E05 is not available

Barbara sees a way of settling Johnny’s debts by borrowing against her future inheritance. Ann holds a dinner party inviting both Nicholas and Pamela Fox. 556 more words

Aladdin: Are the stars vocal singing LIVE? Princess Jasmine ' s Naomi Scott has SURPRISING response

Thereare minutes in the movie, specifically in the direction of the start of Princess Jasmine’s brand-new showtune Speechless, when it seems quite like the stars are singing reside on collection. 29 more words


The Day I Realized the 'Perry Mason Guy' Started as a Bad Guy

My first exposure to Raymond Burr was in his role as the Symbol of Justice that was Perry Mason. As a child, I was awed at his ability to dig the truth out of people by careful questioning and put them in their place, as needed. 689 more words


Contextualizing Whiteness

Lina posted a great resource earlier today that detailed some components that comprise “white supremacy culture.”

Last night in rehearsal, we spent more than an hour discussing how the conditions and systems of whiteness manifest themselves — in the school, amongst the council, in governance, in interpersonal relationships between characters, and in the world outside the play. 568 more words

White Supremacy Culture

Built by dismantlingracism.org who offered organizations support in creating anti-racist movements in their environments.
Through their years of doing this work they created a list of characteristics of white supremacy that show up in our culture and harm us. 70 more words