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Bette Midler Wants to Play J-Law, Amy Schumer's Mom

Even Bette Midler wants to be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer! The 69-year-old diva recently took to Twitter to hint that she’d like to be considered for a part in the movie that the pair are working on. 132 more words


Viral Video: Actresses With The Sexiest Voices

Are these the top ten actresses with the sexiest voices?

WatchMojo.com has chosen the 10 actresses with the sexiest voices. Here’s their Top 10:

1. Scarlett Johansson… 26 more words


Street Poet Movie Review

Jeff Stearns – Jake
Tara D’Agostino – Marni
C. Thomas Howell – David Settles

Director: E. Paul Edwards
Release Date: March 2, 2010
Genre: Drama… 324 more words


The Giver Movie Review

Brenton Thwaites – Jonas
Jeff Bridges – The Giver
Meryl Streep – Chief Elder
Katie Holmes – Jonas’s mother
Odeya Rush – Fiona
Alexander Skarsgard – Jonas’s father… 387 more words


Judy Holliday and Alicia Vikander

Tonight it hit me like a piece of furniture.  Classic Hollywood actress Judy Holliday and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander resemble each other quite a bit. 42 more words


The best 5 scenes from Scream, by Wes Craven

This week we lost a true master of horror, Wes Craven. The man who has given us so many memorable movies, quotes, scenes and characters unfortunately passed away on Sunday. 1,177 more words


Blog 2: "The Return of the Blogger."

Films come and go, as do the trends they create. Every year, film companies, namely those chained to the master that is Hollywood, churn out what they promise to be great movies. 1,089 more words