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An Open Letter to Matt Younger of The Village Church (Dallas Northway Campus)

An open letter to Matt Younger a Pastor at The Village Church Dallas Northway Campus. A letter challenging and pushing back against Matt Younger and calling out his treatment of Karen Hinkley. 4,437 more words

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An Open Letter to "The Iron Lady" Karen Hinkley (formerly Karen Root of The Village Church)

An open letter to Karen Hinkley, formerly Karen Root of The Village Church. A letter of support for this brave and courageous woman. My goal of this letter is to encourage her forward, let her know she is not standing by herself. 4,578 more words

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"The Explicit Gospel" at Matt Chandler's "The Village" Includes Child Pornography, Church Discipline and Membership Covenants

The story of Jordan Root and Karen Hinkley, and The Village Church of Matt Chandler. A story of a woman married to her pedophile husband and the church that tried to put her in discipline while claiming Jordan was “walking in repentance” Its a story of Neo-Calvinism mirroring fascism and church discipline, membership covenants run amuck. 4,592 more words

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Acts 29 Europe – What Jesus Continues to Do and Teach

This week I had the privilege of attending the Acts 29 Europe conference in Nottingham England.   http://acts29europe.com/beholdtheman/

I was there to lead one of the seminars and was only able to be there one day, but I found the whole experience fascinating. 637 more words


Why the RICO Lawsuit Against Mars Hill Seattle Must Proceed...

My case imploring the church in Seattle to initiate the RICO lawsuit against Mars Hill Seattle and Mark Driscoll. An overview of the problems, sin, corruption and fraud that have poured out of Mars Hill for years which threaten the Christian faith both in the United States and beyond. 3,261 more words

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A29 Conference: Behold the Man

One of the greatest blessings I have enjoyed in my 7 years of church planting has been my involvement in the Acts 29 church planting network. 97 more words


the worst thing that ever happened to the bible

The inescapability of biblicism–and other nonsense–in chapter-verse delineation

When my children come of age, I won’t have them learn memory verses, as generations of Protestants have been wont to do. 2,548 more words