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What the heck are we doing with our lives?

This is a very loaded question but I’ll give you the simplest of answers by filling you in on what us Epplings are up to! 573 more words

Was Redeemer Arlington Removed From McLean Bible's New City Network? The Wondering Eagle Asks Why? Plus how Spiritual Abuse from Redeemer Affected My Mother and Popped up in Her Hospital Room When She was Ill

The other day I noticed that Redeemer Arlington was removed from McLean Bible’s New City Network. The Wondering Eagle would like to know why? Did this blog play a difference in having Redeemer Arlington removed? 1,889 more words

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Is McLean Bible in the Process of Joining the Southern Baptist Convention?

An internal email that was sent out from the SBC of Virginia to all SBC churches in the Commonwealth leads to today’s post. It details the growing relationship between McLean Bible and the Southern Baptist Convention. 1,483 more words

Evangelical Issues

A Look at the San Francisco Bay Area's Acts 29 Vintage Grace Community's Statement on What They Are Not

A closer look at a statement of what Acts 29 Vintage Grace Community Church is not. This is a troubled statement that is mostly flawed and helps explain why the Acts 29 network is so flawed. 2,430 more words

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In defence of church planting and Church planting movements

Church planting and church planting movements have been the big talk in Global Missions over the past few years. Internationally there’s Acts29 and City to City. 2,449 more words

Practicing Discernment: Nate Keeler (Formerly of McLean Bible Arlington now Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware) on the Fall of Mark Driscoll

A discernment post based off a McLean Bible blog post written by Nate Keeler. This one deals with the fall of Mark Driscoll. What do you think of what Nate said in this post? 953 more words


Analyzing the Growth of Reformed Theology/Neo-Calvinism in the Evangelical Free Church of America: The Forest Lakes District

Today I am rolling out the results from the latest Evangelical Free Church of America District. This looks at the growth of Neo-Calvinism/Reformed theology for the Forest Lakes District which is primarily Wisconsin and the upper Michigan peninsula it appears.   2,337 more words

Evangelical Issues