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Alternative Medicine in the Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine


Picking up where we last left our intrepid heroes

  • Hertzenstube, elven rogue; played by Adam
  • Guilfoyle, half-orc fighter; played by Amanda
  • Ros Axegrinder, dwarf rogue; played by Laura…
  • 609 more words
Role-Playing Games

TSC#23 Do You Smell What The Roc Is Cooking?

After losing an episode and more scheduling issues, we’re back again, and this time we’ve come to the village of Jhotah, land of the bird people! 126 more words

Rpg Podcast

S1E21 Cassius - The Justice Fist Part 2


As Cassius continues through The Justice Fist, will I play more tricks on him? Will he also be turned into a female? Will he try out the algae room and get some sweet loot? 174 more words

Episode Notes

BTT AG 1.8 "For a Silver Penny"

Previously, the party began probing the affairs of a member of the court. Lord Elias Dyncham is somehow involved in the theft of the magical gears, and may be involved in a Rheeman plot against the Queen. 56 more words


[Monsterhearts]: Zero and One

This is the session Zero and session One of our short Monsterhearts game. The session zero includes discussions of what elements we want to look at, what themes we want to deal with, and what we want to avoid. 78 more words