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Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Nineteenth through Twenty-First Session (Or: How The Lamplighters found a ship to sail to different worlds)

Not enough time in my life for a detailed recap. But that’s fine. The gist of the weirdness is all that’s needed.

Please see this preceding post and this preceding post for context. 1,974 more words

Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 12: Matchmakers Pt 2

Teenage Crescent Head werewolves Alex, Ava and Sleeves get a crash course in battling their ancestral enemies, the Beshilu Rat Hosts, which leaves them woefully ill equipped to deal with the nefarious plans of Ava’s mother, and the strange madness their new forms seem to spread… 34 more words


Actual Play: The Good Shepherds - Session 3 - The Shepherds Go to War

Last time, we ended with the Good Shepherds mechanically going to war with the Fog Hounds. This week, we started off with the war kicking off in the fiction. 1,211 more words


Episode 135 - The Dead Of Night – The Fatal Mysteries of Osiris


Playing a game which I first heard about on the Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast (HERE), called Dead Of Night we now step into what I believe is an entirely new genre; Ancient Egyptian Slasher Horror. 225 more words


Intrepid Histories: Disease of the Heart

Gazing on such wonderful sights, we did not know what to say, or whether what appeared before us was real, for on one side, on the land, there were great cities, and in the lake ever so many more, and the lake itself was crowded with canoes, and in the Causeway were many bridges at intervals, and in front of us stood the great City of Mexico, and we – we did not number four hundred soldiers! 526 more words

Hotel Monsterfornia: Chapter Three

When last we left our team of friendly neighborhood murderhobos, they had murderhoboed their way to the front gates of a Keep.  Right there on the Borderlands, a Keep.  1,147 more words