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Episode 59 – CoC7e – Still Waters of Norfolk - Session 3


Having returned to the Rosethorne Mansion with the redoubtable Inspector Harris, the Investigators resolve to get to the bottom of the mystery of the Davies disappearance. 114 more words

Actual Play

Storytime 001


A one shot leads to meta-exploration. The Pearl will be back as we launch full on into season 2! In the meantime I went back to a pick-up session we did a couple weeks back and started messing around with sound effects and background music.   44 more words


[Tyranny of Dragons] Malbordus' Redemption

On Sunday we continued our valiant effort to defend the Sword Coast from the Cult of the Dragon. This week, however, was more personal, as we helped Malbordus, our paladin, redeem himself in the eyes of his god, Bahamut. 416 more words

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Ep 24 - Cthulhu Gaslight Pt2


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In this episode:

Our Cthulhu Gaslight Actual-Play:

A scenario written by RpgGamerUncle featuring:

RpgGamerUncle as the GM.

RpgGamerDad as:

Anton Von Woehlbruck – a minor Austro-Hungarian aristocrat. 34 more words


Running Broken Rooms

Since October of 2014, I have been exploring Broken Rooms in a PBeM format. The game started out with a traditional approach of being run through e-mail, but shifted after a month to being run in a Facebook group. 4,203 more words

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Bonus Episode 2: Excuses

Hey Everyone, Taylor here. I promise we’re still a show. Sorry that this episode’s up a day late but as you’ll find out, our players just didn’t want to record for some reason. 43 more words

Actual Play

In Which I Teach the Jokers D&D: RPG Actual Play

Hey again everybody.

This is a little story from when I was still living in Scotland. Now, to clarify: first, the Jokers of the title are a group of Australians, one of whom is a former comedy colleague of mine from back in the old country. 1,224 more words