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FBP Ep. 9 - The Ambush

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache!  A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast.

This week, Mark leads us through the story some more, and this time, there’s some betrayal. 30 more words


Episode 178 - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - Bread Or Stone - Session 7


Finding Dr Belenzada hard at work on an amalgam of a Man, a Gorilla, and a pig the Investigators find that although Belenzada is clearly an unhinged madman it could be that Selena is the true monster here! 162 more words


Planescape Ep 2: You All Meet in a Cavern Ep 2

As their confusing and occasionally confronting trek into the basement continues, Valanthe the elf druid and Domingo the pig who isn’t a wizard must evade the wiles of adventurers fueled by beer, peanuts and insanity… 21 more words


Dungeon Level H8

The Game Shop Gang rolls again!

We missed a few weeks due to low player turn out and my busy schedule of screaming at alt-reichtards* on Gab.   874 more words

Episode 177 - D&D5E - Return Of The White Death - The Rats of Stagheyn - Session 4

We are actually all away this weekend as it is Mawdrigen and Mrs Mawdrigen’s Wedding!

Having just alerted everyone in Stagheyn that they have arrived the Adventurers decide to close the stable door after they have burned the stable down and stealth into the city. 130 more words


The Final Flight of Jonathan Roxton (Complete Actual Play)

The renowned adventurer Jonathan Roxton and his companion, Frankie Charles have disappeared. Hermione Roxton contacts the Grace City chapter of the Prometheus Society for help in locating her husband. 350 more words

Microphones Of Madness

Flash, Bash, And Panache Ep. 8 - The Forest Spirit

Welcome back to Flash, Bash, and Panache!  A 7th Sea Actual Play Podcast
On this episode, our adventurers continue their adventure. Nathaniel and Mateo head to meet the Sidhe (She) and deliver the amulet to Lady Ann Ladybee. 20 more words