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Recap: Devil Survivor 22XX – Sessions 2, 3 & 4

My Wednesday night Sorcerer game done in SMT style have actually still been meeting every week since Session 1, and it is actually going fairly well. 744 more words

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The Devil's Spine: Session 5

Continuing their journey with Eenosh (a Navajin they had rescued in Session 4), the party found themselves within sight of a strange collection of towers. These tall edifices had crossbeams branching off of them high above the ground, and they could make out what looked like some sort of structures nestled in the crook of the towers and beams. 1,504 more words


Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 17: Stalking the Detectives Pt 3

The Thing has come to a close, and Crescent Head teens Alex, Ava and Sleeves find themselves in hot pursuit of their first real prey. As masks are torn aside, fangs bared and blood spilled, the newly sworn Forsaken must make painful choices to protect the ones they love. 46 more words


My Christmas Vacation With An Alolan Ninetails

For this year’s Valentine’s Day special, I realized there was a Solo RPG that everyone seems to be raving about that seems almost perfect for this kind of day. 1,295 more words

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[SGAM 2016] Let's Play Chainmail! Part 2 - Don't Give Up The Ship

Alright, so let’s be blunt right now. Trying to play the game with the original Chainmail rules was just confusing. A lot of cross referencing would have to be done and in the end, it wasn’t exactly as clear cut as I wanted it to be. 945 more words

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Actual Play: The Good Shepherds - Session 11 - Tomb Raiders

I posted last week about trying harder to drive more when I wasn’t really feeling it, but I am not sure if I lived up to that last night. 895 more words

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Edge of the Empire Beginner Game Adventure powered by So1um and Miso RPG - Session 5

The adventure continues with our heroes racing through the streets towards the docking bay…

Encounter 6: All aboard

Option B: The docking bay is guarded by stormtrooper squads (2 of them with three troopers each) instead of security droids. 1,130 more words

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