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You know him as the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from an alternate future, here to prevent that future.  Well, now that future has been averted, and Cable seeks a new mission.   93 more words


Ep 51 - StarWars Pt3


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Part 3 of our D6 Starwars Actual-Play:

In this episode:

‘Cold Bounty’ – a scenario written by RpgGamerUncle featuring:

RpgGamerUncle as the GM. 29 more words


Atomic Robo - Edison's Array (Presented by RPPR)

This is another game online game that Role Playing Public Radio put on for its Patreon backers. Thank You to Aaron for GMing.

Anyway; here’s the set up. 193 more words

Actual Play

Cars Don't Fly: A Furious Game Jam Review

I recently entered Ryan’s Macklin’s Furious Game Jam with a hack of Night’s Black Agents, titled “2 Nights 2 Agents”. (You can read my hack… 810 more words

Actual Play

[Actual Play] Lost on Carcosa, Pt II: A Grim Harvest

On this most auspicious of sundays your Prince is once again proud to present you with stirring tales of adventure and sorcery on the accursed world of Carcosa. 1,073 more words


Episode 78 – - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - The Blood Red Fez - Session 8


Baron Von Hoeffler has finally arrived and immediately takes charge of the situation, although the Players worry that his immediate response of “go and murder Menkaph and his compatriots and take their Fezzes” might be a little bit too direct action for them. 129 more words

Actual Play