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Star Wars Props


Download NPC Cast Episode 113 – Edge of the Empire

In acting (particularly stage acting) there’s something called ‘business.’ Business is a little thing or action an actor has to fill space when they aren’t currently speaking or doing something. 521 more words

Role Playing

Eclipse Phase: The Evac

RPPR-Eclipse Phase: The Evac.

A hap hazard group of professionals is put together to help evac some VIPs during the Fall. Who will live, and who will die? 122 more words

Mad Mystics of Kwantoom 2

Now back in Kwantoom, the Mad Mystics of Kwantoom head for the Palace of the Red Gloveto party away some of their recent acquisitions and celebrate surviving a first expedition to the Pagodas. 1,427 more words


Oiyn Hamyl 013


Getting down and dirty with the boys from Oiyn Hamyl.

The cast for session three:


Santiago the Human Fighter
Sturm the Dwarf/Human Cleric
Ricky Wrinklebottom… 18 more words


Dreamation 2015

Dreamation is always phenomenal, and this year was no exception. The work that Vinny and Avie and the whole Double Exposure staff do to make the convention seamless is a wonder in its effectiveness and its invisibility. 1,417 more words


Arcanum Quest Episode 5

(if you wish to skip Ulrich’s  recap, you can go straight to 10:55)

IT’S TIME FOR MORE ARCANUM QUEST! We get a little distracted by some of the art on the walls at the beginning of the game…which is a nice foreshadowing of what our characters will be doing later in the episode. 58 more words

Ponyfinder Episode 3: The Flight from Colterado Springs

Listen to Ponyfinder Episode 3

Download Ponyfinder Episode 3

Hey again, I’m back with the 3rd session of our Ponyfinder game!

Session 2 was unable to be recorded, but that’s discussed at the top of the episode here.   58 more words