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Actual Play: Devil Survivor 22XX – Sessions 14&15 – Tuesday (Parts 6 & 7)

Things have been busy at work lately, and I have been working on setting up a new laptop (which still doesn’t quite work the way I want it, it is what I get for picking a non-noob friendly distro of linux), and also have recently been getting into Crusader Kings 2 again, which is a huge time-sink. 899 more words

Actual Play

The Saga Continues #0 Rise of the Characters

Before we set off on our maiden adventure, Derek and Ernie sit down with Adam (co-founder of Nerd901) and Jason (friend of the show) and roll up some characters and talk some shit. 121 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

The Quiet Year: O'Neal

It’s time for a Quiet Year. Our map went missing, but the recording survived!
This one take place of a space station, enjoy.

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Episode 160 - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - Bread Or Stone - Session 1


After a brief Champagne Breakfast they find themselves arriving in Vinkovinci by means of an anarchist (or comunist, or maybe croatian) bomb on the points the Investigators are immediately thrown into a dangerous situation. 169 more words


Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 22: So Hungover Pt 1

In the debris left by the carnage of the richest packmate’s eighteenth birthday party, Crescent Head teen lycanthropes Alex, Ava and Sleeves try to seize the best plan to slay their Beshilu nemesis. 103 more words