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After-action report: Dungeon World, September 28th

Dungeon World marks my return to GMing after a nearly two month hiatus. And man, it feels good.

We started off with character creation, a relatively quick affair in most PbtA games including Dungeon World, and ended up with an interesting little party. 626 more words


A Twisted Spine

Following an attack by the Kane Gang, the discovery of a dead neighbour and some time spent in police custody after firing shots at an eight-limbed circus freak, one of the PCs saw fit to spend… 83 more words

Episode 126 - Small Games - Marrying Mr Darcy, Baron Munchausen, and Chrononauts.


We decided to play three small games in an evening and record them for your pleasure. We start with the surprisingly fun Marrying Mr Darcy (Mawdrigen was skeptical at the start) with Bloodied as Elizabeth Bennet, Mawdrigen as Kitty Bennet, and Archive as… errr… Darcy’s Cousin. 156 more words


AF 10 Victory XP: An Introduction to EP Game Development

Dull, neon shades of yellow and gold filled an infinite expanse in every direction, their geometries demarcated by solid, black lines. Hexagons, triangles, squares, pixels seemingly devoid of context and texture broke and reformed into fractals of themselves as rendering data remained stagnant and waiting for commands. 1,352 more words

Actual Play

Treaders in the Dust

Last night in The Last Catalogue of Ramon Dégas the player-characters met rival bookseller Colin Ballard and down-at-heel Arizonan book scout Alan Sheldon, tracked the rapidly-diminishing paper-trail of catalogue agents… 206 more words

Herding Fifth Edition Cats

Last weekend was spent in the glorious herding of cats in my 5e campaign.

This campaign was launched as a playtest of the new rules set before I run a “real” 5e campaign. 722 more words


39 - Let's Play Deep Carbon Observatory (Part 0) - Chargen

We kick off season 3 of the show by making Into the Odd characters for our actual/let’s play of Deep Carbon Observatory.

If you want to get right down to the play, head to episode 40, the first proper episode of the new season. 121 more words