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Episode 186 - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - Sanguis Omnia Vincet - Session 4


Trigger warning: Body horror!

We got confused about the session number. Sorry. These chapters are super long! Despite calling it Session Five this was session four. 215 more words


Planescape Ep 3: Make It Rain Trotters Pt 1

Special guest stars Tom and Adam join the Liberation Industries team for another adventure in the mean streets of Sigil.

Can Carson the half-elf gunslinger, Valanthe the wood elf druid, Snort the high elf wizard and Domingo the anthropig mathematician survive a trip into the city slums to quell a riot before it goes critical? 49 more words


Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Twenty-Fourth Session

We picked up the game with the Player Characters leaving earth via a magical ship and heading off the shore of the Qelong Valley on an alternate earth. 570 more words

Episode 185 - D&D5E - Return Of The White Death - The Rats of Stagheyn - Session 6


Armed with more information about what is going on the Adventurers first have to decide what to do with their captured Were rat. Then head off to burn down the cargo crane so more dam creation cannot take place. 108 more words


There Is No Spoony Veteran

Alright, let’s begin this Remembrance Day special with the opening scenario.

For those who don’t know what the Matrix is, it’s a franchise of movies set in a cyberpunk environment contained inside post-apocalyptic world. 1,872 more words

Actual Play

Adventure Log: Living on Borrowed Time Pt. 20

The Last Ditch docked with the newly captured and newly rechristened Time Sink as the CR-90, Interdictor cruiser, and the rest of the rebel task force hurtled through hyperspace towards a rendezvous with… 2,614 more words


Northern Crown: Stronghold of the Stag Lord Sundered

This week in Northern Crown, the Sophian contingent resumed their assault on the Stag Lord’s fortifications. Somehow, despite the party’s best efforts, Ethan Allen survived the frontal assault, so that’s an issue. 94 more words

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