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Monster Of The Week: Kelpie Hunt Part 1

Ryan ran a fun two part adventure for us recently, with a couple of players you’ll be hearing more from when we start releasing our Numenera campaign. 142 more words

Actual Play

Fate of NIMH: ep.3: Finding A Home


Secret of NIMH oneshot where we follow the adventures of Denton, Meth, Geronimo, and Johnathan as they try to make their own fate. In this episode our adventurous rats and mice find a unique treasure. 60 more words


Episode 93 – - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express – La Fleurs Du Mal- Session 5


Having finally secured the first part of the Sedefkar Simulacrum our heroes have only one last thing to follow up in France. What became of the Comte de Fenalik when he was interred in Charenton Insane Asylum, and does this have anything to do with the Death of Doctor Delplace. 102 more words


Why I Love Mongoose Traveller, Why I Won't Get the New Edition

As with many games that have been revised and reissued regularly since the 1970s, Traveller is in the precarious position of having a rather startling number of different versions of it available. 4,246 more words

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Season 3 Episode 9: This Is Where It All... Ends

Let’s try to be optimistic here though, at least Gronk is safe. For now.

Opening bumper provided by Michael from the RPG Academy podcast regarding this year’s… 69 more words


Fallen World Campaign [LotFP]–Seventeenth Session

The third session of Scenic Dunnsmouth, the first big fight of the game. Pulled out the battle map and cardboard figures.

The killed Magda (infected) last week. 847 more words

Apocalypse World Ep 9: Mutants of the Frozen City

The grim chill of the Frozen City lays its claim on yet another victim, and Pedro the Marmot leaves our stage. Those who remain, then, are stuck with the unsavoury job of coping with the legacy of chaos he left behind. 112 more words

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