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Crimson Skies (Seven Plane Blitzkrieg)

Continuing the marathon of Minden Games, we have Flying Tigers. Basically an expansion to Battle over Britain. As the name implies, this expansion focuses on America vs. 422 more words

Actual Play

Ash's Adventures in the Tamesh Sector (13th Age) - Session 7 - Adventure Finale

I finally got around to play the last session of my Star Wars one-shot adventure testing out the 13th Age ruleset. So here is what I got from Mythic: Encounter 6: NPC action, increase bureaucracy… 934 more words

Solo Rpg

Episode 117 - Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark - Session 6


Having received a tip off that the “Mole people” do not like Mad Barry the arms dealer. It obviously follows that the best way to get in with Gavin Lorrikan their leader is to go and assasinate him and take “proof” to them. 196 more words


Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 8:

The shenanigans forge on as Crescent Head teens Alex, Ava and Sleeves continually bemoan the fact that their elder shapeshifting murder machines struggle to condense an eternity long history of struggle into Cliff’s Notes.  80 more words


Season 4 Episode 3: I Can't Believe Gronk's Doing So Well For Himself

Boy howdy is Gronk doing well, wonder how he got all that extra cash? Better listen & find out!

The gang goes shopping! Again!

Find… 63 more words


David Vs Golaith, Let's Play Salvo

When I bought Battle over Britain, I ended up also getting Salvo put into the game as well. This will be a surprise play through of the game and I will learn the rules as I play. 472 more words

Actual Play

Episode 116 - CoC7e– Horror on the Orient Express - Death in a Gondola - Session 3


They start hunting down the Leg of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, heading to the Gremanci doll factory over the fetid and oily canals. Rumours of Humanoid Fish and even Black Death abound. 160 more words