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Ep 46 - StarWars Pt1


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Part 1 of our D6 Starwars Actual-Play:

In this episode:

‘Cold Bounty’ – a scenario written by RpgGamerUncle featuring:

RpgGamerUncle as the GM. 29 more words


Blooper Episode 5: I Can't Believe Dan Murdered Me At His Own Birthday Party.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the glare is fucking with my hangover.

Anyway, yeah! Season 3 will start soon, but  we’ll take a pause between seasons so our friendly neighborhood GM can get more planning and scheming done. 59 more words


Season 2 Episode 10: I Can't Believe It's Our Season Finale

Wow Season 2 came and went, didn’t it?

Who’s excited for Season 3?!?!

Look next week for the second half of Season 2’s bloopers, but then after that we’ve got a special treat! 80 more words


Cards Against Humanity: First Blood

We recently had a few game nights in our neck of the woods, lots of board games and card games were played. We managed to record of few of them. 144 more words

[insert Quest Here]

Episode 75 - Changeling – Neverwhere - War Below the Streets - Session 1


NB Yes I know there’s no music yet… waiting on final confirmation!
In London Below a rag tag band of those who were lost have come together for mutual protection. 189 more words

Actual Play

Exploding Wizard Syndrome!

Thanks to Dungeon Crawl Classics, I experienced something I hadn’t realized I had been wanting for the last 35 years… This weekend, I had one of my characters die from casting a spell. 200 more words