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Flashback Episode 4: Tarka

Saving the best for last, check out Tarka’s flashback episode! Four aliens and a baby!

If there’s any audio quality issues, it’s because we only get a limited amount of upload space per month hosting the show, and we had to fit this week’s show AND next week’s show in before it reset. 48 more words

Actual Play

Episode 66 - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - Session 6


Hello there Culteasts! Continuing the story of the Blood Red Fez firstly they get to the bottom of what was scratching at their door to try and get in. 174 more words

Actual Play

"The Forgotten", Session 5 (Actual Play, LotFP)

Had an entertaining, if startlingly combat-free, session this week. Brother #3 (the good Doctor) managed to get a real weekend off for the first time in a while, and brought his fiancee. 1,921 more words

I played Dungeon World on Sunday!

So just a heads up that I was a Player in Dungeon World yesterday! The game was fabulous and I loved it. Everything about it. 799 more words


Call Of Cthulhu - Die High: Online Game

A few weeks ago Raymond got to play in another RPPR online fan game, this time a modern day Call of Cthulhu game.
It was Raymond’s first time playing CoC, but he was familiar with the system thanks to his time spent listening to Role Playing Public Radio’s actual plays. 214 more words

A Sample Mage, using my generator from earlier (LotFP, NPCs, Spoilers)

Spoilers for my players under the jump. Plz to go away, thank you.

So, this is one of the mages I made for last week’s session, using that generator from the last post plus some of the other stuff I’m working on.. 650 more words


5/15/15 Changes! and also a Player of the Gnomish kind on Tumblr!

Heya guys and gals! This is a special post about what I have added to this site for you to check out (added it yesterday!), and also a shout out to… 322 more words