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Gamma Crawl X - Episode 3


This time on the continuing adventures of Occulus Vive, Teddy Rustbin, and Yu-go the Nyarlathotank we find our heroes faced with a fiendish trap and pitted against the fiendish Bird Brothers in a fight to the…death? 8 more words


Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 25: Payment in Kind Pt 2

In the mad depths of the spirit wilds, Crescent Head teen shapeshifters Alex, Ava and Sleeves attempt to meet the surreal and mercurial needs of the lightning spirit Blinding Roar. 68 more words


The Two-Headed Serpent: The Story So Far

The Microphones of Madness Actual Play crew is getting ready to come back off break. Here is your chance to get caught up on our take on The Two-Headed Serpent, Chaosium’s first campaign for the Pulp Cthulhu rules. 142 more words

Microphones Of Madness

Kento's Story - Session 01

War, now memory
Shed blood shared turns to shared blood

Three swear brotherhood
How quickly children forget

A peace can not last
Brothers betray their brother… 1,797 more words

Actual Play

Blades In The Dark: Arcus Episode 5

In this weeks episode the Specters finish off their ship recovery job, dealing with demonic cargo and dying crew members. As well as dealing with some pesky entanglements.
95 more words


The Dungeon - Sesh 3

Another Saturday night, and I don’t got no…respect for writers who constantly fall back on song lyrics to start their blog posts.  That’s a cheap gimmick to establish false rapport and pad the word count using somebody else’s words.   717 more words