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Age of Anarchy

Age of Anarchy by Paul Mitchener and Ryan M Danks is on Kickstarter. It updates the traditional structure of a roleplaying game by allowing its players to affect historical events while preserving their overall logic of sense. 317 more words

Those Oscar Gordon Days

I found my old notes from the game I ran back in the summer of 2014.

That’s like a century ago in RPG campaign years. 606 more words

Episode 142 - CoC7e– Horror on the Orient Express - A Cold Wind Blowing - Session 2


The Investigators are in Trieste supposedly to look up Johann Winckelmann who should be able to help them in locating the next part of the Sedefkar Simulacrum. 120 more words


Star Wars using Miso and AW: Session 5 - Mission complete

Dear readers, I have to be hard on your eyes again. I went to visit my parents in Berlin, Germany and had time for solo role-playing during the five hour train ride from Cologne, Germany to Berlin. 185 more words

Session Report

The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is a free biweekly comedic podcast that is a live play session of Dungeons & Dragons using the 5th Edition rules.  It is apart of the Maximum Fun podcast organization and is hosted by Griffin Mackelroy, his two brothers Travis and Justin, and their father Clint. 159 more words


Actual Play: The Good Shepherds - Session 7 - New Friends, New War

We start off with Loki getting out of prison, Nymn’s player prefered his new character, but we all wanted to see how his incarceration roll went. 999 more words

Blades In The Dark