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Three Characters in Search of an Auteur

I like the game DayTrippers by Tod Foley. You play tech-crazed psychonauts ‘Slipping’ through surreal dimensions of time and space.

I tried writing a review of the game but got a bit carried away by comparisons to New Wave science fiction, the works of M John Harrison and games including… 703 more words


Runequest 6 Session Notes

I have been running my Runequest campaign for a bit over a year now, and it occurs to me I could take the session notes I have been posting over at the… 3,428 more words

The Rashness of Yurion: A Warhammer Short Story

And now for something completely different. Fiction. Probably not very high quality fiction. But there’s context here that makes it relevant, so allow me to back-up for a bit. 4,585 more words

Actual Play

[Shadowrun] Of Brothels and AI

After delivering the cryotube, the team decided to take some time off and focus on their own projects. Throughout the campaign, they’d struck up some kind of rivalry with the David Cartel by hitting their drug labs and financing their enemies, and they wanted to continue doing such activities. 1,078 more words

Table-Top RPG

Zodiac Hunt Episode 1: Capricorn

This is the first episode of our new actual play campaign, Zodiac Hunt; a Dungeon World campaign inspired by ancient Greek myth and legend.
The background for this campaign is that king Ib of Ophurica is offering lands and coins to whomever can bring to him 12 trophies, one from each of 12 unique monsters. 140 more words

Actual Play