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The Loop Effect: Summer Break and Killer Birds Part 1

Summer Break and Killer Birds Part 1

The first part of our Tales from the Loop Actual Play. Listen in as Dave, Matthew and Tony create characters, get their head around this variant of the Year Zero system, and start to play. 96 more words


Non-Violent RPG Review: Quill

Dear Archduke,

Pursuant to my previously stated interest in non-violent games of the roleplaying variety, please find enclosed a review of the indie darling Quill… 1,272 more words

Daily Prompt

Blades Ep 5: The Underground Knifefighting Fiasco Pt 2

Its a filthy damned mess for the Disciples of the Depths in this episode as Veleris the Hound, Vand the Whisper and Miss Ruby the Spider conclude their brutal dealings with the Gondoliers and then do what they can to handle the fallout. 77 more words


Episode 199 - CoC7e - Horror on the Orient Express - The Dreamlands Express Leg 3 - Session 1


Finally done with Belgrade and back on the Orient Express, everyone sank into a lovely relaxing sleep. Of course then many of them awoke in the Dreamlands leaving Serennian. 144 more words


Blades Ep 4: The Underground Knifefighting Fiasco Pt 1

Join the crew on another jaunt in service of the Lord of the Depths in this grisly episode of our Blades in the Darkgame! Can Veleris the Hound, Vand the Whisper and Miss Ruby the Spider infiltrate the Gondolier’s subterranean canal network to find a safe home for the whispering Coral Crown? 32 more words


Strangers on a Train

“You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another, and never see each other again.” 1,825 more words

Actual Play

Adventure Log: Dungeons and Dragons Part 1

Two weeks ago, a group of ragtag wanderers and students of the road met in the basement of the Widow’s Walk Inn in Port O’Rock. Run by a group of fearful elders, Port O’Rock did not open its gates to travelers very often, and warned against leaving the few times that it did. 1,494 more words