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Hear The Tale of Lucky Lu on Comic Strip AP

Some get lucky in the One Land and find a way to live outside of the warlords’ iron grip. Yet even though their day-to-day lives exist outside of the Five Cities and away from the prying eyes of outcasts from the Wastes, they can never truly live free of these dangers. 198 more words

High Plain Samurai

Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 18: Something Really Profound Pt 1

After a string of painful mishaps, Crescent Head teen lycanthropes Alex, Ava and Sleeves put the magic of the People to work in an attempt to avoid the madness they spread destroying their most treasured friendships. 60 more words


69 - ggnoRE:PLAY Army of the Damned (Final, Part 11)

The necro-alchemist Siegfried turns himself invisible, and we fight him to conclude the module. Asa talks about VR. And Ava recites Time Cube scripture.

Hosts… 39 more words


Episode 151 - CoC7e– Horror on the Orient Express - A Cold Wind Blowing - Session 5


With the Corpse of the Turkish Business Man finally deposited into the canal, and Tiny Tim Boxleys brain still mostly in his head, the Investigators finally have finally located this Medallion that everyone seems to be interested in. 229 more words


The Devil's Spine: Session 7

…Continued from Session 6…

Stepping through the doorway to the left, they quickly are forced to take another sharp, left turn into a room filled with beautiful works of art. 2,664 more words