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Fallen World Campaign [LotFP] – Fifth Session Report

My group played in Death Frost Doom across three sessions.

The first was covered in a previous post. The PCs met Zeke, explore the cabin, opened the trap door, and then returned to Zeke’s from the mask  to rest and leave behind some of the haul they had found. 1,163 more words

Reading List and Planning for CARCOSA

The Player Characters of my Lamentations of the Flame Princess game might well be going to doomed Carcosa(Of their own volition, mind you, to find a magical McGuffin to retrieve some of their companions from an extra dimensional trap. 1,279 more words


Sam Alexander is the son of the famous Nova Jesse Alexander.  He’s a kid with cosmic powers and loving every minute of it.  He loves the world of super heroes and wants desperately to be one of them.   225 more words


Ep 58 – Atomic Robo Pt4


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The 4th and final part of our Atomic Robo actual-play:

In this all-star episode:

Mike Olson, creator of Atomic Robo RPG, is the GM. 47 more words


Fallen World Campaign [LotFP] – Fourth Session Report

Our fourth session began with the PCs ascending to the peak of Death Frost Doom. They had found a map on the inner surface of a tortured Knight’s skin, with the death symbol marking the location of a temple rumored to hold a powerful weapon. 187 more words

Episode 54: Lamp Lighters Part 2

Our heroes return in the second installment of the Lamp Lighters series, picking up right where they left off.


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Blooper Episode 7: I Can't Believe The News In This One!

Who’s excited! Hopefully my plans will make it so people listen to us for more than just two episodes…

There’s also bloopers in this episode! 27 more words