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The Gathering ~ Week 2

We have completed the second week of preparation for our pending global Immortals campaign inspired by Highlander and using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System.

Guidelines for players, both with and without experience with the system, have been made available to the group of potential players and discussion about the nature of our Immortals in the system have been carried out. 77 more words

Running Games

Episode 105 - COC7e – Horror on the Orient Express - Nocturne - Session 3


Into Dream Lausanne they go, to try and find either Edgar Wellington or the Sedefkar Scroll. However, Dream Lausanne is not like the other Dreamlands they have passed through, it is dark and unpleasant place filled with Omens and Hellish Nightmares. 124 more words


Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 1: A Phase We're Going Through Part 1

Welcome to Crescent Head High, on the picturesque North Coast of New South Wales.

Exams are coming, grand finals loom, and the end of year ball is so close you can almost smell it; totally normal teenagers Ava, Alex and Evelyn were beginning to think that things couldn’t get any more stressful. 71 more words


[Actual Play] Lost on Carcosa Pt. XII: Of Rivers, Gambits, Armies, Pillars.

(Kingsday so hungover. Small glass fragment from filthy bar-floor turned impromptu mosh pit embedded in left hand. Overall a satisfactory experience. Prince loves you all.) 1,670 more words

The Gathering - Week 1

The first week of preparation for the pending global campaign of immortals contesting for The Prize has gone very well. We have formed a closed group on Facebook for the planning period, and it is seeing good activity.  425 more words

The Blog

Episode 104 - COC7e – Horror on the Orient Express - Nocturne - Session 2


Having met the Wellington brothers who sent the letter enquiring about the Sedefkar Simulacrum, and having been invited to the 730 Club to get involved in a bidding war with the Duc Des Esseintes. 154 more words