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The Sims 4 Toddlers Are Actually Good This Time

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last week, The Sims 4 team added toddlers as a free update after years of clamoring from fans. While I’m happy to see the life stage added, previous iterations of toddlers in The Sims didn’t do it for me. 505 more words


Actually, No, They Can’t Do What All Kids Do

Dear Parents,

Just because other kids are getting to do something doesn’t mean your child can do the same thing without problems.

Children with attachment challenged, traumatized pre-frontal cortices often have delayed judgement, weak cause and effect, poor impulse control, and low personal “care.” … 462 more words

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How Many Days You Actually Need To Work Out

You really only have to work out…

According to a new study out of Loughborough University in England, you only need to work out TWO days a week to get the basic health benefits of exercise and lower your risk of DROPPING DEAD. 103 more words


4 Places Singaporeans Pay to Go to But Can Actually Recreate at Home

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Have you ever asked yourself, in the middle of a karaoke session with drunken friends, why you were actually paying $30 to listen to the world’s worst singer for 2 hours? 703 more words

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17 Disastrous Fashion Trends We Actually Thought Were Cool In 2007

Now that we’ve finally reached 2017, it can be fun to look back on the past and reminisce about the days that have come and gone. 196 more words

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11 People Help Explain Why Myspace Was Actually More Popular Than Facebook

Myspace may not be the most desired social media platform anymore, but back in it’s prime it sure as hell was.  If you grew up with it as a pre-teen to teenager it’s about to get nostalgic in here. 597 more words