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Episode 95 - You Aren't to Have Sex with Any of the Monster Land Girls

This week we continue Patrick’s hit new game show Two Truths & One Anime! He sends up 9 more anime, including Prison School, Actually, I Am, Everyday Life with Monster Girls, Charlotte, Sky Wizards Academy, God Eater, Snow White with the Red Hair, Chaos Dragon, … 73 more words

The biggest threat to African lions isn't foreign hunters—it's African people

Still upset about Cecil the lion? Maybe you should just skip this story.

You see, Cecil’s death at hands of an American dentist who paid guides to lure the majestic beast from a nature reserve has struck a global nerve, and in the US, led to significant criticism of big game hunters and laws that allow the importation of their trophies. 442 more words

Adsense - Does It Actually Work?

Adsense – Does It Really Work?

Do high paying Google AdSense keywords work? It’s remarkable how you can make such easy money with the power of Google AdSense. 21 more words

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"Unappetizing" Color Combinations That Are Actually Awesome

We’d credit Shrimps 80% responsible for the recent faux-fur frenzy that’s affected the wardrobes of all your friends. Blame it on the London label’s name, but we can’t help associating the colors in its collections with food items, too. 13 more words

Actually, Earth’s Cousin May Be Nothing Like Earth At All

NASA just announced that the Kepler telescope found the most Earth-like exoplanet ever, with a pretty picture to match. But does that rendering mean anything? 25 more words

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