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Skyrim VR Actually Made Me Throw Up, Yet I Want To Play More

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Skyrim released today on Playstation VR. The VR version manages to capture the game’s scale and beauty in astounding new ways, but you might need to equip a barf bag alongside your ancient nordic axe. 540 more words


Star Trek: Discovery just broke our brains

(Source: arstechnica.com)

A white-knuckle cliffhanger ended the first half of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. Frenetic, fascinating, and sometimes shocking, “Into the Forest I Go” raised more questions than it answered. 1,448 more words


The Definitive Guide to the 10 Most Confusing Emojis

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Last month, Apple released hundreds of new emoji as part of iOS 11.1, putting a slew of striking, text-ready visuals into the hands of iPhone users, including those who got their hands on the most advanced version of the phone, iPhone X. 1,070 more words

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11 times Jenna Fischer was actually really hilarious on Instagram

Jenna Fischer is so much more than the former receptionist from The Office we all know and love. She continues to crush it with her career by doing epic things like launching… 237 more words


Why capitalism can’t survive without socialism

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“We think of capitalism as being locked in an ideological battle with socialism, but we never really saw that capitalism might be defeated by its own child — technology.” 2,999 more words


The iPhone X doesn't actually need Face ID for Animoji, apparently

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Ever since the iPhone X was unveiled, Apple’s Animoji have been lauded as the greatest innovation to grace smartphones since multi-touch. So advanced, in fact, that Apple… 388 more words


Kendrick Lamar, Conscious Capitalist: The 30 Under 30 Cover Interview

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This story appears in the December 12, 2017 issue of Forbes. Subscribe

Kendrick Lamar came of age on the streets of Compton, California, the violent landscape that has featured prominently in the music created by scores of hip-hop artists. 5,551 more words

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