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Safe and Sound in Salem: Internship Day 1

Today was my first official working day of my ACUHO-I internship at Willamette University, and I am already in love. After

spending a whirlwind week at home in Michigan, I started the long trek to Oregon. 612 more words

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End of the Semester

Well, my first year of graduate school is really starting to wrap up. My cohort had our last Denny’s breakfast for the year this morning, I put up the sign-out sheets for Pi Phi, and I am, slowly, wrapping up my final literature review. 436 more words

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End of Semester Panic

Really short post. It just hit me today that this is the last week of classes for the semester. Throw on a week of finals, and then two weeks from today, I will be heading home to the great mitten state for a week before flying out to Oregon for my summer internship. 211 more words

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Too indecisive for my own good

Life has been crazy the past few weeks and I am really looking forward to this semester being done. I have a lot planned for the summer including a quick trip home to Michigan, heading out to Salem, Oregon for my summer internship, weekend trip down to Charleston for one of my best friend’s wedding, and later a trip to Indy for Alpha Gamma Delta’s The Leadership Conference. 374 more words

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Excited to be *virtually* keynoting NEACUHO 2015

I’m pleased to be one of four mini-keynotes opening this summer’s NEACUHO Annual Conference.  I’m doing a twist on some new content I’ve been working on.   26 more words


Personal Update: Excitement and a Request

The last few weeks have been crazy. Juggling work, school, and my volunteer positions is normally enough to keep me busy, but throw in internship interviews and these past few weeks have been just insane. 493 more words

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While many undergraduates are going through the grad search process and second years are agonizing over their job search, many others are going through an equally intense experience: summer internship interviews. 705 more words

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