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How to use Acupoints with Magnets

Also Drink up 2-3 Glass of water. Most of the Health problems in our Body start with Lack of water level in the body.

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'Constipation' to 'No Constipation'

If you are problems clearing your stomach, then Just apply the following points:

  1. Li-4 (Index Finger)
  2. Tw-6 (Index Finger)
  3. Ub-57 (Mid Finger)

The above Points will help you in curing your constipation. 42 more words

'Headache' to 'No Headache'

If you are having headache, just apply these points:

  1. Du-20
  2. St-44
  3. Li-4

‘The points work best when Magnets are applied on the points’. But even if you do not have magnet, just apply small methi seeds and tape them with the help of a medical paper tape (easily available on a medical shop) like illustrated below: 65 more words

When NASA applied Acupressure and Magnet Therapy to heal Astronauts

When the first astronauts returned to earth sick, NASA concluded that their illness resulted from the lack of a planetary magnetic field in outer space.

2,144 more words

8 Acupressure Points That You Can Stimulate To Cure Everything From Headaches To Nausea.

When you bump your elbow or stub your toe, your first instinct is to touch the spot that hurts, isn’t it? This instinct, to soothe pain with touch, forms the basis of acupressure. 908 more words


5 Simple Acupressure Points to Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

The ancient healing modality of acupressure was developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago and has been filtered and refined ever since. It is a simple yet effective therapy that is often used as a means of self-treatment to reduce pain and tension, decrease stress, fire up the immune system and boost circulation, contributing to the treatment’s broad scope of use from healing… 1,049 more words


Overcoming jet-lag

First of all what is jet-lag?  Jet-lag is often experienced by travellers when they travel for long distances across a number of time zones.  It is believed that crossing these times zones quickly disrupts the circadian rhythms of the body causing the traveller to experience any number of different symptoms: 634 more words

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