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Years ago I took some courses in Iridology – the “eye”dea that looking into the eye, various points are connected to and relate to various organs of the body, and that you can diagnose the condition of your body’s health by checking on any changes in these parts of the eye.  831 more words

Alternative Therapies

Runny nose and nosebleed

When you have runny nose and nosebleed, apply 2 x 7 moxa cones on DU16, LI20 and DU23. Needle LV3, GB39, LI4, PC7, LU5 and HT7. 9 more words


Cannot close mouth

When you cannot close your mouth, Huh Im recommended using LI4 and ST36.


Fitfy:  fin

Well, it’s happened…my odometer has rolled over. Today is the start of my sixth decade of good fortune and ridiculousness that I’ve trademarked as my life. 785 more words

Food And Drink

Loss of hearing

For loss of hearing, needle DU20 first and then LI4, SI4, SJ3, SI3, ST36, GB39, and BL60 with long retention time. Apply 2 x 7 moxa cones or up to the number of moxa cones corresponding to the person’s age on BL23.