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If at first (or second or third) you don't suceed, try, try again

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So we’ve had some time to process…and cry our eyes out over and over. And talk and think and wonder. And now today I’m back on the pill to try a different protocol. 316 more words

The Cancer Care List

I realized it might be helpful to share some of the resources that have helped me both in 2010 and in my current battle with breast cancer/bone cancer. 482 more words

Acupuncture and Grief

Welcome to February and the mid-winter blues. I find the beginning of the new year to be a time of quiet and reflection for many people, and aren’t we lucky to be able to do these things for ourselves. 613 more words

Mental Health

Nurturing a Positive Attitude in 2016

A New Year means new resolutions. We all attempt to achieve those resolutions. However, these resolutions are not always fulfilled. So I suggest starting the year by creating positive attitudes which will aid us in fulfilling our resolutions.

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ACNJ Features

3 Qualities Of Acupuncture, You Might Get Surprised About

What you think about acupuncture? – a needle therapy, with a body lying down facing on its back with numerous needles inserted in the back portion. 285 more words

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Athletes and Acupuncture

Athletes and acupuncture go together very well. Even famous athletes have seen the benefits of acupuncture. (See this tweet from Kobe Bryant here). Over the years we have helped many people that participate in many sports, including basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, running, baseball, golf, swimming, rowing, and people who go to the gym regularly. 112 more words

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Put a pin in it!

This primer to acupuncture—the ancient practice that both alternative pros and mainstream M.D.s applaud—pinpoints everything you need to know to feel great.

Read Put a pin in it!, Natural Health September/October 2014