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Q: What if I don’t want a particular treatment or area of my body needled?

Q: What if I don’t want a particular treatment or a particular area of my body needled?

A: I will come up with an individualized treatment plan for you with my supervisor and will make sure you understand the reasons for the particular points and treatments I will use. 159 more words

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Acupuncture on Animals

Patients often times ask exactly how acupuncture can help horses, dogs and other animals. Often they have family pet who is having trouble with aging, digestion, or other issues. 79 more words

Acupuncture Milwaukee

Home for the winter

The pain comes and goes. Bangsiri had two acupuncture treatments at the Mari clinic, which is in our new neighbourhood. Unfortunately she showed symptoms of back pain on the way home from both treatments, so Dr. 89 more words

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Back pain

I know Dana thanks to her back pain. I was in Winterthur, that was years ago. In the car park at the train station, I left my car and went in the direction of the stairs. 486 more words


Is acupuncture useless?

The alleged uselessness of alternative medicine such as acupuncture seems to be a common theme running through “skeptic” discourse. Lest these people accuse me of making groundless claims, I hereby present multiple occurrences of these claims made by prominent “skeptics” (I use the term “skeptic” because I don’t really have an unambiguous label for this group of people. 853 more words