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Emotions according to Chinese Medicine.....

Emotions hold much importance in Chinese Medicine. Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners don’t view emotions as a separate area, but inclusive in an individuals overall health and wellbeing. 631 more words

Chinese medicine during pregnancy: self-care

How to take care of you and your growing babe in utero? During pregnancy increased mineral and nutritional demands are placed on the body. Here are some ways to be healthy naturally during pregnancy and minimise the baby from robbing all the goodies out of you. 169 more words


Get relief from pain with best Acupuncture for Pain Management

Chinese medication or acupuncture is an alternative form of therapy that uses logically placed tiny small needles within certain parts of the body to encourage healing. 497 more words

Naturopathic Medicine Treatment

Chapman Reflex Points (Voodoo?)

There’s always areas of medicine you never knew existed until someone removes the blindfolds from before your eyes. While I’m assuming the majority of people can at least stumble through some botched definition of… 382 more words


What to do now...

Every day I have been looking at my blog trying to figure out what I should do…what kind of writing I want to do…how best to express myself. 132 more words


“My neurologist recommended that I should try acupuncture. I contacted Verity as I wanted to try out Chinese acupuncture and am very pleased with the treatments. 133 more words


Keep your skin young the Chinese Medicine way

What causes wrinkles?

In TCM the Lung and Spleen govern the health of our skin. (Note: The definition and function of the Lung and Spleen in TCM is different than the biomedical definition and function). 393 more words