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Acupuncture Research for Painful Periods

Exciting news for menstruating women! A new study (click here for more information!) has revealed acupuncture treatment significantly reduces the intensity and duration of period pain, 114 more words


Four Friday Favorites

Say THAT five times fast!

Okay, here are some things I am LOVING lately:

1. My new workout (and more) program, Strong Chicks Rock!

Rachel is an amazing trainer, coach and now I also consider her a friend.   303 more words


Body pain often results from hormonal imbalance. How Acupuncture can help?

Women are subjected to health problems relating to changes in sexual health, menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalances. Ladies often report to their physician about sudden weight gains, fatigue, pain in legs and lower spine. 282 more words

Naturopathic Medicine Treatment

What is Stress?

We say all the time, “I’m so stressed!” We know what it feels like. Overwhelm, anxiety. Tunnel vision. Maybe you feel hot, your stomach hurts or you just shut down into bed. 426 more words


Medications and acupuncture 

So my medications arrived and things have changed this time around. I’m on 3 injections everyday from day 2. So day 1 is the first day of my period. 450 more words



This post is copied from our older, original blog. Original post date 12/06/2012. 

By Marcie Bower, Lic.Ac.

Neuropathy refers to symptoms arising when peripheral nerves (outside of the brain and spinal cord) are damaged. 642 more words


This post is copied from our older, original blog. Original post date 10/29/2012. 

By Marcie Bower, Lic.Ac.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about relationships – it is about how parts of your body exist in relation to each other. 395 more words