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Prevention is always best! Keep your lungs nourished and enjoy lots of pears.

Pears help moisturize dry skin and improve slow digestion. If you are coming down with a cough, add some honey to a baked pear to clear the cough and soothe your throat. 

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Five Levels of Healing; Healing is Voltage; Importance of Potassium; 10.13.2017


Important to have a healthy relationship with the bacteria in our bodies.  Check out Dr. Anne Livingston’s work regarding the 10-20 different bacteria that are known and proven to cause cancers. 185 more words


Acupuncture Needles: The Truth

Ever since I was little, needles have always scared me to death. So when I heard that I would be getting acupuncture, I was terrified at first. 278 more words


Healing Reminders

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.”

There is old age, sickness and death, however, we can succumb to the pain that seems to be inherent in these conditions or we can recognize that these are temporary states. 183 more words


Eruptions on the lips

When there are eruptions on the lips, such as sores, blisters, and so on, here is a way to treat that Huh Im recommended.

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