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On the Road to Dharmasala

This poem grew from a different kind of space… a space that opened up during an acupuncture treatment as I drifted off and had a brief lucid dream.  184 more words


Yay for another victory!

It’s so strange. When something good happens I hesitate to write about it because I am scared it will jinx me or something weird like that. 718 more words


Treatment plan.

Honestly, I’m quite new to this whole way of thinking, it’s pretty exciting but on the other hand scary and it is early days, but I have a friend who has turned her spoonie life round MASSIVELY through alternative therapy. 569 more words

Chronic Migraine

Help Cancer and Tough Cases Patients

Help Cancer and Tough Cases Patients

Help Cancer and Tough Cases Patients Have Qualified Life by pushing down a finger only. Your finger pressing can help us to have clinical research funds for a lower cost approach to let cancer and tough cases patients have a better life. 703 more words


New Office Hours Starting in June!

True Health & Wellness: New Office Hours

Starting in June we will be opening up our office hours to better serve you. For those who want to drop in, the following are the new hours we will be in the office. 85 more words


Pressure Points

A week ago I tried acupuncture for the first time. It had been something I was always interested in – something always featured in movies and television shows as equal parts terrifying and tranquil. 354 more words


The myth of the meridian system

People have been asking me about my practice of Tai Chi recently and, naturally enough, they also want to talk about Chi. What is it? they ask, or more likely: Does it even exist? 1,385 more words