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Ad Age 2015 Data Conference Kinetic Social & Allen Gerritsen

I stepped on stage with Kyle Harty and Wick Vipond from Allen Gerritsen agency to discuss how social advertising is coming of age and Sunoco brand success across-social network campaigns. Check it out!

Don Mathis

Taxi TVs: in or out?

In Singapore taxi advertising is associated with taxi wrapping, but in cities like NYC back-seat taxi TVs have been in place for almost 10 years – and they are about to disappear with the recent vote of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. 27 more words


NFL ad rates inflate

NFL advertising rates are blowing up for a league where Deflategate and other controversies don’t seem to be letting any air out of viewer interest. 133 more words


We’re good at channel management

This week’s Ad Age has a preachy piece on multi-channel marketing. In a case of “yup, we’re on it” we found nothing that new in the advice for agencies to own this aspect of the cross-channel approach. 315 more words


Should Marketers Diversify, Consolidate or Uberify?

‘Uber’ is probably the buzzword of the year, and it’s not just about getting rides. Now marketers are being told to consider the Uber model when looking at agencies. 80 more words


The New Digital Advertising Ecosystem Part V: Programmatic goes Global

The programmatic revolution knows no borders. The same transformation that North American and European ad markets have seen recently is now showing up in markets around the world – including Asia – as global marketers embrace programmatic. 84 more words


Weekly Recap 7.13.15

It’s Monday! And boy, am I struggling! Can’t we make the weekends one day longer? In case you’re running a bit behind like me, here’s what you missed last week in this week’s recap. 156 more words