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WALL STREET’S love affair with Tesla has baffled me, though a news item from Vilnius, Lithuania, may help my reasoning.

Based on the number of Tesla shares and their stock exchange price ($308.71 at this writing), this fledgling automaker surpassed first Ford and, a week later on April 10, 2017, then GM in what Wall Street calls market capitalization. 643 more words

Driving It Today

Soci"Ad" Media

By: Donald Smith

Is social media really “free” advertising like so many have thought? Well, it used to be, but now it is only a strategy in an advertising plan. 564 more words

An Evening Of Sofa Size Portraits

We were tucked into a small corner, next to a bar with 200 people milling about. The Art Directors Club of Philadelphia had asked us to create portraits of all the attendees of this year’s Louix’s Awards. 509 more words

Commercial Photography

Google's Big Oops

It appears that some Super Bowl ads have ended up playing before the wrong videos on YouTube; videos that support terrorism and violence. One ad was Hyundai’s ad supporting U.S troops who are active and over seas. 283 more words

The haste to produce ordinary. 

“How soon can you come back with something?” Potentially one of the most used lines in the client-agency relationship.

We’ve narrowed down so many moving parts in complicated machinery to a not-always-simple brief, encompassed by unrealistic deadlines – all of which could have been avoided if someone had thought to involve the agency earlier. 306 more words

White House Preps for Apple Sponsorship on Friday

Trump and Apple came to an undisclosed deal late in the afternoon Wednesday. Sources have since confirmed the White House inked the details in silence. “It was quiet enough to hear The Constitution take a whispy final breath” one insider mocked. 191 more words