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Google's Big Oops

It appears that some Super Bowl ads have ended up playing before the wrong videos on YouTube; videos that support terrorism and violence. One ad was Hyundai’s ad supporting U.S troops who are active and over seas. 283 more words

The haste to produce ordinary. 

“How soon can you come back with something?” Potentially one of the most used lines in the client-agency relationship.

We’ve narrowed down so many moving parts in complicated machinery to a not-always-simple brief, encompassed by unrealistic deadlines – all of which could have been avoided if someone had thought to involve the agency earlier. 306 more words

White House Preps for Apple Sponsorship on Friday

Trump and Apple came to an undisclosed deal late in the afternoon Wednesday. Sources have since confirmed the White House inked the details in silence. “It was quiet enough to hear The Constitution take a whispy final breath” one insider mocked. 191 more words


Snapchat Mobile App Install Ads: Swiping Over Tapping

In an effort to expand its slice of the social media marketing pie, Snapchat is expanding into mobile app install ads. The theory behind lots of Snapchat advertising is that the user is more engaged on Snapchat as opposed to passively scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed thus more likely to remember and respond to an ad. 207 more words

Social Media Marketing

Advertising Week New York '16

Last week I had the privilege of getting a student ambassador pass to Advertising Week 2016 in New York City. For those for you who aren’t familiar with Advertising week imagine a TED talk conference showcasing the world’s most creative marketing minds breaking down the latest revelations and innovations within the industry. 431 more words


TV Fall Season 2016 na mídia

Um post para compilar o que a imprensa está dizendo sobre as novas estréias:

Hollywood Reporter: dá um resumo sobre as estréias da TV aberta e… 89 more words

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