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Advertising: A Form of Creative Art Which Makes the People Aware About Various Goods & Services Available In the Market & the Online Shopping Sites

Advertising Agency is an intermediary organization who works between clients & service providers. The advertising agencies are indulging in lucrative business as the growing importance of advertisement has made the various business companies aware about the effective role which an advertising agency is playing. 287 more words

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1050ºF Cabinet Oven From Grieve

No. 1036 is a 1050ºF (566ºC), electrically-heated cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for production heating of glass assemblies at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 50” W x 50” D x 50” H. 98 more words

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Interview Summary | Nick Law | Global CCO, R/GA

Source: Huffingtonpost.kr

세계 최고의 디지털 에이전시, R/GA크리에이티브를 총괄하는 수장 닉 로우의 인터뷰 요약문이다.

Beats By Dre-Game Before The Game

1.R/GA가 잘 나가는 비결은?

경영과 크리에이티브, 양 측면의 균형을 잡으며 일정하게 잘해왔기 때문이죠. 95 more words


Ads with morality should be the vogue

What we buy depends so much on the ads we encounter on a daily basis. We make our choices out of options presented to us on various mediums, using various methods. 439 more words

Ode To Advertising

When to say NO and when not to say YES

What chance in the face of a client’s requirements does an ad agency’s creative principles stand? It’s a question many of us in the industry haven’t found an answer to and would love to know the answer of. 437 more words

Ode To Advertising