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marketing: art or science?

i surely do agree that marketing should not be pure science.

but one thing is for sure: it is neither pure art.

there is a reason why the discipline of consumer and marketing sciences exists. 101 more words


What is the real role of strategy in creating your communications content?

More words are written about the role of strategy in devising your advertising and marketing communications than any other single subject. And we don’t want to add to this endless morass of words, which actually serve to confuse people more than they do to create clarity. 857 more words

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Thomas Imaging 7 – Meet All Your Casting and Video Production Needs!

The right casting talent can make a world of difference in a campaign that you want to run. Specific video campaigns have specific requirements that have to be met in order to produce the desired result. 205 more words

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Thomas Imaging 7 has the Solution for all your Casting and Video Production Requirements

Are you running an ad campaign? Are you seeking the right casting talent to make a difference in your campaign? You have reached the right place! 209 more words

Automotive Radio Production Long Island NYC

The Creative Drain.

My wife and I took our girls to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” a few weeks ago. Mostly, it was dad who wanted to see it, but my three beauties have learned to lovingly tolerate my obsession with sci-fi movies, so they were happy to come along with the promise of popcorn and drinks. 1,366 more words

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Top tips for creating ads for radio

We, at Thomas Imaging 7, are your trusted partner for radio commercial production in Long Island, NYC. Connect with us if you are planning to put your brand’s ad on the radio. 236 more words

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Political advertisement: a history of power, television and wealthy advertising executives (Ad agencies always wins even if the politician loses)

In the Beginning, Political Ads Were Scarce.

It was the dawn of television that changed the way politicians reached their audiences. Before that, it was all about getting out and about, meeting the voters, holding town-hall debates and shaking hands. 791 more words