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Ad Agencies Alive, Thriving and Changing #advertising #agencies

I was just taking a peek on the Six Pixels of Separation blog, courtesy of Mitch Joel, looking to see if he had any new books out. 46 more words


Figuring Out What Goes Into Making a Perfect Corporate Film Script

A video without a script is like a building without foundation. Corporate films are made with the intention to promote and advertise the company in focus as a successful brand.   723 more words

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How to Avoid Biggest Blunders during Post-Production?

Production houses run most of their business on the wheels of post production and losing out on any detail while editing or engaging in other post-production activities can be a real thumbs down for a client and the viewer at large. 594 more words

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1.2.17: Branded Content

Article 1 Link: http://adage.com/article/agency-viewpoint/10-branded-content-partnerships-2016/307284/

Branded content partnerships are nothing new,  but for the layperson… branded content is simply content that is used to promote the sponsoring brand. 368 more words


Big advertising agencies under investigation by Department of Justice

The investigation into price fixing at major ad agencies just got bigger with the number of agencies publicly announcing they have been contacted by the Department of Justice. 152 more words


Seven Advertising Agency Lessons Executives Wish they Had Learned Earlier in their Careers

Professional experience is frequently achieved only in time and through personal practice and mistakes. But guidance from senior executives can help lead employees in the earlier days of their careers, whereas young employees are just beginning to get their own experience. 605 more words

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How Does an Advertising Agency Work?

Advertising agencies in India or anywhere around the world have vastly become a part of our lives, considering the fact that we’re chased by advertising every day and on each virtual channel that we perceive —TV, Internet, Websites, Social Media, etc. 410 more words