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Building a Brand: How Ad Agencies Can Help Your Company Go Where It Needs to

Now that you’ve put opened up your business, the next important thing is to let people know that you are ready to cater to them. As a newcomer in the industry, whatever it may be, how do you call the attention and maintain their interest in you? 108 more words

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Turn to Professional Ad Agencies to Have Better Leverage when Expanding Target Market Reach

In today’s ever-changing market landscape, your business can’t afford to remain static, especially when it comes to engaging with your target audience. With all sorts of mediums and platforms available, you cannot afford to be left out and miss many opportunities you have to tap new markets and audiences. 112 more words

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The Essence of Creativity in Advertising

  1. What is creativity?
  1. Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

~Bill Moyers

Advertising is one field where creativity never goes out of vogue. It’s the very foundation of the marketability of the product advertised. 557 more words

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Ad Agencies Point Out the Major B2B Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2017

Business-to-business marketing is a challenge unlike any other. After all, coming up with a campaign that gets the CEOs, CFOs, and COOs of a company to say, “yes,” is an immensely daunting task. 164 more words

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Ad Agencies Possess and Execute the Means to Test Print Ad Effectiveness

In a world gone digital, it’s easy to forget that modern advertising started with the print ad. One of the biggest gripes companies express about this advertising medium is that its performance is difficult to track, as opposed to online ads that readily yield data such as click-throughs. 107 more words

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Ad Agencies Alive, Thriving and Changing #advertising #agencies

I was just taking a peek on the Six Pixels of Separation blog, courtesy of Mitch Joel, looking to see if he had any new books out. 46 more words


Figuring Out What Goes Into Making a Perfect Corporate Film Script

A video without a script is like a building without foundation. Corporate films are made with the intention to promote and advertise the company in focus as a successful brand.   723 more words

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