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'Glee' countdown: Ricky Martin gives McKinley a taste of la vida loca

We’ll give her some credit — Gwyneth showed off serious Spanish skills when she filled in for Mr. Schuester last season (even if they were used to dish on Lindsay Lohan). 242 more words


'Boss' scoop: 'Glee' star Jonathan Groff joining season 2

Glee‘s Jonathan Groff, who plays former Vocal Adrenaline star Jesse St. James, will be joining Kelsey Grammer and the cast of Boss for the Starz series’ second season, EW has confirmed. 72 more words


'Glee': Ricky Martin wants you to look at his body -- VIDEO

How do you say humada-humada in Spanish?

On next week’s episode of Glee, Ricky Martin makes his much-anticipated appearance as the show’s first celeb-guest of the season. 69 more words


'Glee' countdown: Get ready to moonwalk to tonight's Michael Jackson tribute episode

Will Rachel tell Finn yes? Are Sam and Mercedes back together? Will sneaky Warbler Sebastian make another effort to split up Blaine and Kurt? Sure, these things may all come out in tonight’s episode of… 243 more words


'Glee' scoop: Watch a preview of next week's huge Michael Jackson tribute -- VIDEO

Sadly, there’s no new Glee tonight but Gleeks can get their fix with this new promo that Fox released for next week’s ginormous Michael Jackson tribute titled, appropriately enough, “Michael!” In the promo, cast members talk about paying homage to the pop icon, Blaine (Darren Criss) wears a sequin blazer, and Kurt (Chris Colfer) rocks what appears to be a man brooch! 72 more words