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Dear online shopper, you are being watched

I explain in simple terms how e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart track and target you, the online shopper, with the help of other giants like Google and Facebook, in my regular column in the Mint on Sunday. 9 more words

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Imonomy Review- In-Image Advertising Network

In-image advertising platforms have proven to add value to the user experience while generating rich revenue for its publishers. One such lucrative platform is Imomomy whose in-image monetizing model has been integrated into thousands of websites so far starting from start-ups to internationally recognized brands. 1,164 more words

Age of App attribution: Rise of mobile ad fraud (4 of 7)

As we saw in the earlier post, with no standardization set in the attribution like Google did in web analytics using GA, Mobile Attribution Platform (MAP) market had many players catering to small groups of customers. 330 more words

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Rise and fall of Incent ad networks : Rise of Digital Ad Fraud (3 of 7)

Google SEO ranking algorithms evolved significantly over the 2000s and 2010s. As and when a new loopholes surfaced and Google figured out how it has been exploited by the web developers new checks and rules were reintroduced to penalize the exploiters. 551 more words

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Early Bird makes the norm : Rise of Mobile Ad fraud (2 of 7)

In general, monopoly markets leads to price discrimination. However, it also provides higher profit margin to the market leader which would eventually plowed back into innovation to retain their leadership position. 641 more words

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Winner take(care)s all : Rise of Mobile Ad fraud (1 of 7)

As you read this article, the global digital Ad spends in mobile has surpassed desktop ad spends in the industry valued more than $190Bn. Out of it, advertisers are estimated to be losing nearly… 608 more words

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Editors stand up and be counted - and start counting

Editors, and especially Editors in Chief, it’s time to embark on the most important piece of data journalism you’ll ever do, it’s going to take you way outside your comfort zone and to land this story you’ll have to learn some new skills. 642 more words