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Facebook partners with 9 news outlets for ‘Instant Articles’

TORONTO – Facebook has partnered with nine media outlets, including The New York Times and Buzzfeed, to create fast-loading articles published directly to the social network’s mobile news feed. 530 more words


20 Things You Din't Know Snot Could Be Used For; like clickbait

There is a frightening trend taking over the internet. One that any Facebook user will fall prey to it at some point during the day. An eye catching title with a shocking photo, something like an infant’s snot-covered face with the tag line “20 things you didn’t know boogers are useful for.” To think, this entire time, you were rocketing useful stuff from your nostrils on the daily. 684 more words

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From Cyberbully Victim to YouTube Star: The Rise of Bethany Mota

How would you like to earn an estimated half million dollars a year from making YouTube videos? That’s exactly what Bethany Mota has done! When Bethany was just 12 years old she, like many young teenagers, became a victim of cyberbullying and consequently suffered from anxiety and depression. 448 more words

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The Future of Google (Spoiler: It’s Pretty Bright)

I’ve just finished a piece on Google’s uncertain future. Bit odd, you might think, given it’s one of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies. 477 more words


Ghost brings up a good point!  Why DO i care about traffic?

It’s not like I make money when people visit the site, or click on the ads.   191 more words

Is this the end for ad revenue sharing sites?

The blurb and the reviews never paint a realistic picture. With the demise of several sites over the past year from Squidoo to the recent casualties of CGP Gallery (account suspended for not paying their hosting bill), Elite Visitors (the Adsense account holder took all the cash) and recently Linker Zone who couldn’t attract enough advertisers and shut down the site when people requested payment, there is only one party that profits and that is the owner of the account. 264 more words

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Youtubers can now start getting bribed by Nintendo

Are you a new and upcoming Youtuber? Do you want to get filthy rich? Now you can! Just leave your personal opinions and identity at the door and put on this Nintendo t shirt. 209 more words