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Google Unveils 'AMP' -- Its Answer to Facebook's Instant Articles

Just like Facebook, Google says it wants to speed up mobile Web browsing. So here’s the search giant’s solution: An open source project with a difficult name… 453 more words


Profiling Adblockers

Chart takes a look at the profile of those who already deploy adblocking tools on their PCs or laptops.

Source: Profiling Adblockers | Global Web Index


Cost of mobile ad-blocking will only be $1 billion, research firm says

There’s been a lot of angst in the media and advertising industries about the potential effects of ad-blocking software, which appear to be increasing in popularity, in part because Apple’s new operating system includes support for such programs. 628 more words


Implementation of Statistical Model to Estimate Mobile Ad Revenue

I know exactly the trauma of losing all your savings in a race of making some decent earnings with it. Regardless of type of the business, it is a nerve-racking expedition, and especially for the individuals who are brave enough to bet all their chips. 676 more words


How Facebook Turned Instagram Into a $5 Billion Business

Facebook doesn’t talk about the money it makes from its photo-sharing app Instagram. But that hasn’t stopped others from talking about it, or at least speculating about it. 200 more words


David Byrne Pens Op-Ed Asking for Streaming Transparency

In October 2013, David Byrne was more critical of music streaming services in an essay for The Guardian, warning that the medium’s low royalty rates would dissuade artists from pursuing a career in music and that “our future as a musical culture looks grim.” At the time, Byrne blamed streaming services – especially Spotify – for their “minuscule” pay-per-stream rates. 44 more words

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A Fragile Moment for Big Media

We’re living in an age where the underdog wins. Startups — and individuals with the mentality of startups — have the agility to shift massive industries. 840 more words