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Industry Issues 1 - Wikileaks, Brian Williams, and the Changing Tide's of AD Revenue


The first article of interest comes from Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) entitled “Why the secret criminal investigation of WikiLeaks is troubling for journalists”. Upon reading this article I became concerned with the state of the NSA and all of the issues regarding the leaks that have occurred over the last several years. 706 more words

Super Semester

Dorchester woman creates popular meme site about feral cats

Dorchester — Senior citizen Phyllis Milner has, to the surprise of herself and her family, become the proud owner of a successful Internet meme site just months after her grandson Liam taught her how to use a computer. 467 more words


Native Advertising: could it save the fate of traditional display?

With an ever changing digital advertising ecosystem, it can be difficult to navigate and stay abreast with the latest trends and developments within this exciting environment.   783 more words

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5 things we learned from Facebook’s earning report

TORONTO – Facebook reported fourth quarter earnings of US$701 million Wednesday – a 34 per cent increase from the previous year – surpassing analyst expectations. 576 more words


Smarter Every Day Wants To Stop Facebook Freebooting, Why It's A Big Deal

The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay is trying to raise a very important issue, and it effects everyone that makes videos, takes photos, or does anything media/content wise!   440 more words