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Reddit’s plan to become a real business could fall apart pretty easily

The promise of Reddit’s business has always been that it brings in millions and millions of eyeballs, hosts content that other websites use for themselves and has a… 637 more words


Digital Ad Revenue Hit $60B, Mobile Up 66% In 2015 04/22/2016

“The IAB and PwC found U.S. digital ad revenue reached $60 billion in 2015. mobile in particular saw a big boost, growing 66% from $13 billion in 2014 to $21 billion in 2015.” 8 more words


Comcast Says FCC Privacy Rules Will Hurt Consumers By Not Allowing Them To See More Ads Online

The real problem, argues , is that these new privacy rules — which, again, do not even exist yet and are currently nothing more than a series of possible questions to be investigated and asked — could prevent Comcast from being a disruptive force that competes with Google or Facebook in the ad network. 68 more words

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Top Vine Stars Want Twitter To Pay Them

Vine’s six-second format has spawned a lively creative community, but it hasn’t built an advertising infrastructure to support those creators, and some of them are looking for change. 85 more words

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Ad nauseam: Inside streaming video’s repetitive ad problem

Repetitive ads aren’t as big of a problem for traditional TV because it’s a much more manageable system. TV networks work with a single linear feed, which means they can program every ad ahead of time. 80 more words

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Facebook Aims New Video Tool at Small Businesses

They may not be as sexy as the celebrities Facebook is reportedly trying to woo, but small and medium businesses are still an important group of customers for the social network. 496 more words


How much are you worth to Facebook?

If Facebook’s latest quarterly earnings report is any indication, the social network is growing at an exceptional pace.

During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call Wednesday, the social network revealed it now sees 1.59 billion monthly active users on the site – an increase of 46 million users since its last quarterly report. 435 more words