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A Fragile Moment for Big Media

We’re living in an age where the underdog wins. Startups — and individuals with the mentality of startups — have the agility to shift massive industries. 840 more words


Making a living online means a lot more than collecting YouTube ad revenue

ANAHEIM, Calif. – When 29-year-old YouTube star Meghan Tonjes launched a podcast with crowd-funding site Patreon a year ago, it was one of dozens of things the singer-songwriter was doing to grind out a living online. 979 more words


Are Artists Losing 20% To 50% Of Their Streaming Royalties? Depends On Whom You Ask

Last week, the Berklee Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship, or BerkleeICE, released a report that paints the current model for streaming services as labyrinthine, confusing and filled with incomplete information, with money owed to artists getting to them far less frequently than it should, pooling instead into the pockets of labels and other intermediaries. 47 more words

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'Haters gonna hate': YouTube star PewDiePie on making $7.4M last year

TORONTO — Felix Kjellberg — aka “PewDiePie” — is speaking out about the fact that he made $7.4 million in 2014, which has left some people outraged. 387 more words


CBC ad revenue 1/10th as planned on its music station

The CBC raised $1.1 million in revenue from ad sales on the two music-focused networks in the 2014 broadcast year, according to the CRTC’s annual report on the financial results of Canadian commercial radio stations. 31 more words

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This Week In F*ck You: All The Haters Pt. 1

Haters. You know the type. They latch onto anything and just want to tear it down for a good reason. Well, I for one am sick of it. 277 more words


Jared Paul Stern's last time in print or how money won the ad wars

Boring is good for ad sales: Over the next couple of years digital ad money will top 30% of advertising spent in Canada (the other 70% is split between TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor and in venue media (like urinal stalls)). 728 more words

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