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The DEAL with a Wendy's ad

By: Amber Romriell

This is an advertisement put out by Wendy’s. It is an advertisement for their dollar menu. It is a pretty old ad, so it’s not on the website anymore. 331 more words


Ketchup Ad is a Slice Above...

A United Kingdom campaign, this cleverly sliced tomato ketchup bottle came from the McCann London agency in April, 2007. Developed by creative directors Brian Fraser and Simon Learman, the piece is striking in its simplicity. 454 more words

Ad Review

AdStand: Comparative Advertising: Daring and Dud

Advertising on most days is a fairly boring job. As people working in advertising, crafting promise for brands the everyday currency is consistency. Brands are about saying the same thing in multiple ways across multiple media channels. 765 more words

AdStand: Technology, AI, Pickle and Appeals

Last week on my social feed, I asked a pertinent question to all my friends. Now I am over 50, belonging to a generation that saw computers first in Star Wars or read about them in Arthur C Clarkes’ book, you can imagine that my friends belong to the same generation. 534 more words


Uber Launched Its First Indian television Ad Film

So, a couple of minutes back, Uber emailed me with a link to its first television ad film.

Akshata, here’s to you
There are millions of amazing stories that we hear each day – stories of heart-warming experiences that take place between riders and driver-partners across the country. 242 more words

Days before Rakhi, Wall's Pakistan celebrates sibling love

In two days, on 7th August, we in India will be celebrating the festival of Rakhi. Since it is an event where people tend to shop a lot, consumer brands should technically capitalize on it to increase their sales. 283 more words


AdStand: Action on Social Media

So GST is here, the new taxation system has been ruled out, internet went ballistic with jokes, brands went quiet on media and consumers were busy posting bills on social media wanting to know if they were duped. 585 more words