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Branding Manliness: Chevy Drops the Ball, Taco Bell Picks it Up

A fair amount of ads and campaigns irritate me, but I’m usually able to shrug it off when I realize I’m simply not in the target market for the brand. 1,253 more words

Ad Review

Top Five Ads of the Super Bowl, Possibly the Worst Ad of All Time

5. Reebok Paired Well with CrossFit

I wasn’t blown away by too many ads this super bowl, so the Reebok’s “Be More Human” was able to sneak by and clinch number five. 926 more words

Ad Review

Follow Kellogg's Super Bowl Ad Review with #KelloggSB

Each year, brands spend upwards of $2 billion collectively on Super Bowl commercials. Some emerge as clear winners. Others limp away. This year, for the eleventh time, Kellogg School of Management marketing students will apply rigorous, research-based criteria to determine what separates the Super Bowl advertising winners from the losers. 166 more words

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