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Should I quit this ad agency?

The last decade of my life has been primarily dedicated to ensuring I’d have a fulfilling life and future in advertising. College. Networking events. Industry associations. 478 more words

Ad Review

Beat the Heat With These Creative Ads

If you live in India, chances are you are almost wishing for snow. With temperatures soaring, lakes and water bodies drying, people getting a heatstroke and birds falling off the skies because of thirst, the heat wave this year is unbearable. 678 more words


Adstand: Some new awards

Abby’s is over, and best of the Indian and South Asian Advertising has been announced. Having won after tough scrutiny, they are the finest the industry has produced. 779 more words


AdStand: The IPL Circus

Somehow IPL has become important property in marketing calendar of many brands. This year despite the WorldT20 championship being hosted in India, will this mean that the excitement for IPL will wane? 533 more words


AdStand: The Ecom Merry Band

Currently it’s the ecom brands that are greasing the wheels of advertising industry, apart from Vimal Pan Masala who seems to have the key to kuber’s khazana. 676 more words


AdStand: Women’s Day and Brands

First a bit of context. It was in 1977 United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for  594 more words


AdStand: The Public Service Ads

This week, the 11 minute anti smoking commercial has been making all the news. There was another ad that caught my eye. It may not have been the Internet sensation, but Brooke Bond Tea’s new ad is certainly worth applauding. 664 more words