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2015 roundup for Campaign India

2015 was the year when mobile came into being in a very big way. Mobile is a moving, evolving category, and till now has refused to get boxed in by boundaries. 326 more words


AdStand: Look Back at 2015, Episode 4

Sujay Ghosh, Sudhir Mishra, Anurag Kashyap and many more of their kind are filmmakers who know how to tell compelling stories on the large screen. They are also consummate storytellers for the small screen. 531 more words


AdStand: Looking back at 2015, Episode 3

The two dominant trends of 2015 have been mobile, apps data and how they are invading every sphere of our lives. While there are challenges that the new technology makes us face, largely this invasion is good for us, the consumers.  402 more words

Consumer Behaviour

Christmas Ad Review 2015: Boots #DiscoverMore or #NoBootsStoreLooksAnythingLikeThis

Promise, large promise, is the soul of advertising. So said Samuel Johnson in the 18th century. Boots have certainly taken that on board in this incredibly puffy ad. 144 more words

Christmas Ad Review 2015: John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon - It's sentimental, Jim, but not as we know it.

After a prolonged break from blogging – brought on by having to teach a new module here at Notts – it’s time for a Christmas advert review. 201 more words

When a hospital got it wrong, and a pharma brand got it right

Communicating and raising concern about health is tricky when brands create communication. Humour can trivialize the disease; a serious tone can scare the audience and numb them into inaction. 605 more words


Simple narratives, great impact

The Great Khali powered Ambuja Cement to glory earlier this month; last week it was Shiseido winning the Internet hands down.

Shiseido’s High School Girl? 538 more words