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La musa de Jean Michel-Basquiat reveló su colección de chamarras de cuero

El noviembre pasado se dio a conocer el nombre de Joy Bouldin una mujer que tenía una estrecha relación con artistas como Andy Warhol y Jean Michel-Basquiat; Ella trabajaba en un famoso club de NY llamado “Danceteria”, el cual muchos de estos artistas frecuentaban. 91 more words


NYTM: Adam Horovitz Remembers Eighth Street in the 1980s

“Dumpster-Diving for Croissants in the East Village”

Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock), as told to Ada Calhoun for the New York Times Magazine‘s Walking Issue

We lived on Washington Street in the West Village Houses, which my mom called ‘‘a little bit of Queens in Manhattan.’’ I would walk and get my best friend, Arthur Africano, at 10th Street and Sixth Avenue. 335 more words


Review: While We’re Young

It is a continuing mark of achievement throughout Noah Baumbach’s career that he is able to craft the most likable of unlikeable characters. The problems of intellectual, white, upper-middle class culturists strikes on paper like the stuff of indie-movie parody, and yet his portrayal of these archetypes seldom becomes eye-rolling. 923 more words


Ad-Rock From The Beastie Boys Wants To Play Daryl's Friend On 'The Walking Dead'

To my knowledge AMC doesn’t have an official policy on just, like, letting famous rappers make guest appearances on shows they like (fingers crossed for DMX on Mad Men), but if the network decides to adopt one between seasons of The Walking Dead, noted Beastie Boy Adam “Ad-Rock” Horowitz has some ideas. 133 more words