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Figure 1: Flying blindly into the cloud

In figure 1, we have the scene as I see it today. Internet surfers fly blindly into the cloud, assuming that all connections are good connections, funky names notwithstanding. 12 more words

Who is behind my banner?

The digital landscape is full of different players, with different roles. The final banner that you barely see on your computer have actually dozens of people working behind it. 1,015 more words

Online Advertising

Who is filling up my cookie basket?

You’ve obviously heard about the cookies and you surely have lots of concerns about them, but do you understand how important are they? And how many kinds of cookies are they? 938 more words

Online Advertising

Digital Deception: Do Your Viewers Have a Heartbeat?

One of the promises of the mature Web is the ability to track, to generate data about how many views and visitors come to a site and who they are. 658 more words


Block Websites

These days with a growing exposure to computers and technology the number of Spam, Trojans and Malware is also growing.
While we have a lot of effective tools to handle these troublesome problems, one of the problem that many a times becomes difficult to handle or tackle is the pop-ups while browsing. 333 more words


Ad Servers and DSP/RTBs - the importance of keeping the two separate!

Hi! As we come across newer technologies, we also uncover some more startling facts! That is true isnt it?  In the ever growing complexity of DSPs/RTB vs Direct Ad Sales, one almost intuitively knows that it is the most unsaleable of real estate that ends up with the RTB/DSP. 638 more words

Online Media Planning

Setting up PF for the ALIX firewall

The next step on the firewall is to set up the packet filter PF. Most of what I do here comes from the OpenBSD PF FAQ… 773 more words