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The future of adwork

Students in my Trends class are thinking about where the industry is going in terms of new roles, dying ones, new tech, media flux. Interesting, fun, uncertain, promising time for students about to find their first paying  gigs  in the industry. 456 more words

Rehearsal for Advertising Lesson

A cigarette ad from Uli’s copy. But overall we’d done together. What do you think bout the this one? Waw, dont say unless the endoser, the only one, Nicholas Saputra, will be the nice scenery of this picture -_-


Rehearsal Ad Work

The one of my fav own print ad, yihaa. *are you mad?* I love the copy, it’s mine. Altought, it looks so general and ordinary, my rehearsal feels so cool, a bit of nut haha. 40 more words


Ad Work For Ad Contest

Here we are! The couple of best ad team work. Me and my friend, Galih as copywriter had done with this deal, very well! Even tou’ we were not in finalist and over more nomination. 45 more words