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AMUL girl, the ageless wonder AD

Amul girl is one amongst the best ads that have come out in the Indian advertisement industry .we have all grown up watching this little girl come out in our neighbourhood every week with her witty one-liners that give a slice of life around us. 123 more words

Recovering Palimpsests | crafty theatre

I’m thrilled! The future is here! The speculation of yesterday is the modus operandi of today! Early on in my blogging life, I pondered the loss of Menander’s comedies. 9 more words

21st Century

1/20 Black Existence Through a White Lens

American Diversity #1: Analyze aspects of social diversity and how they affect society in the United States of America.


Turmeric Curcumin Capsules

Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have sought out ways to control the daily pain through natural measures. While I have not found a natural supplement that has reduced the pain 100%, I have discovered that turmeric capsules have helped to provide necessary relief so I can live my life as normally as possible. 116 more words


The Space Between Us Facebook Ad

The new movie, “The Space Between Us” is coming out in a couple weeks. It looks like a really cool chick-flick/sci-fi movie that will appeal to many different audiences. 579 more words

Preview: Into Her Darkness

Coming Next Week: Into Her Darkness

Crystal Ferguson has been homeless since she turned 18. Abandoned by her parents, her friends, and life, her downward spiral has been mirrored by a society that cast her out. 377 more words