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Identify users in Groups by powershell

New task: list of users in Group (in ex. Domain Admins):

#Script is writen by: Mykola Korkishko and Andryi Svintsitsky

$array =@()
 $AllUsers=Get-ADUser -Properties * -Filter *
 foreach($user in $AllUsers){
 #$Groups=$user |select -ExpandProperty Memberof
 if ($user.MemberOf.Contains("CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=rcadv,DC=com") -and $user.Enabled -eq $true){

 $array | out-file domain_adm_group.txt

Rockford Auburn Looking AGAIN For New Athletic Director

(3-28-17) RPS 205 (Rockford, Illinois) is in search for another Athletic Director, this time at Auburn. Sean Norton is presently the Knights AD, he took over the position in July 2015  replacing head football coach Dan Appino, who remained at Auburn as a counselor and and the head football coach.  549 more words

Baby Teething Rattles

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Military Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

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Cafford Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

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Should we really trust Instagram Ads?

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Cap – *ARGRACE* Flat cap / KINOTO –
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