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Government in Belgium Loses Majority Over U.N. Migration Pact

Prime Minister Charles Michel’s biggest coalition partner, the right-wing Flemish party, revolted in opposition to the planned signing of an international agreement on migration.. World… 33 more words


Police to Auction Off an Inmate’s Designer Sneakers

The police in Gloucestershire, England, will use the proceeds from the sale of 55 pairs of shoes to fund crime prevention initiatives.. World https://ift.tt/2BYNc79 via NYT Strategist Jose Diaz & #jldseomarketing Provided and Sponsored By Florida’s Google guy Get a free quote today. 7 more words


Life in Tijuana Means Negotiating ‘La Linea,’ an Always Present Wall

Daily life in Tijuana, Mexico, is defined less by the border wall as an impenetrable obstacle than by the ebb and flow of movement across it.. 33 more words


A City in Spain Plans to Exile 5,000 Pigeons. Will They Stay Away?

Cádiz, Spain, will capture and move the birds hundreds of miles away after a complaint that the birds are driving away tourists. Officials hope it’s a one-way trip.. 33 more words


Juice Ad

This project was creating an Ad for a company called Juice. this ad would help to sell their product which is a 100% all natural, gluten free juice drink. 65 more words

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New Zealand Police Find Body in Search for Grace Millane, a British Backpacker

The police say a body was found on the outskirts of Auckland in their search for Ms. Millane, who vanished a week ago on the night before her 22nd birthday.. 32 more words



It’s that time of the year… again! And now that Christmas has arrived I think it’s a good moment to speak about our consumerism habits… 403 more words