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Vanilla Chai Tea Bundt Cake

A couple of months ago I was approached by Adagio Teas to try out their products and make a few items for my blog. My first sponsored post, how fantastic! 755 more words


jade oolong: adagio teas

Whew! So glad THAT’s over!

Just finished a really tough job interview… for a really tough job… and my head is spinning, and my brain is buzzing, and I keep replaying it over in my mind… again, and again… and the questions don’t stop, and do my answers make sense, and can they tell how much I’m bluffing, and can they see my hands shaking, and how did these papers get spread all over the table, and can I have a sip of water, and OMG my presentation is so over time, and what does that question even mean, and why are you nodding, and what am I saying, and do I even want this really tough job, and of course I do because it’s a really good job, and when can I start, and am I babbling too much, cuz it really feels like I’m babbling too much?!?!?!?!?!?!AAAAAAAAAGGGHGHGHHHH!!! 476 more words


Genmai Cha Green Tea from @Adagio {Tea Review}

Earlier this week I tried a genmaicha green tea from Steepster Select and it was good. You can read all about it here. I had no idea it was coming or perhaps I wouldn’t have ordered genmai cha from Adagio teas. 529 more words


Tea Delivery Day Goodies!

The other day (if you recall) I received some boxes. Well, I figured this rainy night would be the perfect time to share what I received from Adagio Teas and Amazon. 200 more words


Hazel Recommends: Skele-gro Tea

How lucky am I?

A few weeks ago I posted about Adagio’s range of fandom-inspired teas (you can read the full post here). I was particularly keen to try some Harry Potter teas, though the international shipping cost put me off slightly. 739 more words

Hazel Recommends

Robins, Goldfinches, and Earl Grey Tea

What a wonderful couple of days in my yard. Robins crowding my birdbaths, grooming themselves for the rest of their long journey north, and today, goldfinches at my feeders. 479 more words


What Do You Think?: Custom Tea Blends from Adagio Teas

I’d posed this question in my most recent Chronicling The Craft article, but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. (Then again, that was a pretty substantive article. 235 more words