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Weggebeizt (Iceland V)

I cannot think of a better description of glaciers than in Adalbert Stifter’s novella Bergkristall, where two young children, on their way home to their alpine village, get lost in a storm on a glacier. 53 more words


"Rock Crystal" by Adalbert Stifter

Hello! It’s Saturday, and rather than give you a discussion post, I thought I’d review a story I recently had to read for school. (Disclaimer: I do not let this influence my enjoyment of a piece of fiction where I can.) 430 more words


German Literature Month - Book Review - Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter

I discovered ‘Indian Summer’ by Adalbert Stifter through Jonathan’s review of it. But ‘Indian Summer’ was hard to get. And Jonathan said that his favourite Stifter novel was… 874 more words

Book Review

'Indian Summer' by Adalbert Stifter

Have you ever wondered what a novel would be like devoid of strife, war, tension, sex, violence, unreliable narrators, internal turmoil, wickedness, redemption, car-chases, gun-fights, zombies etc. 1,542 more words



Aber wie das Böse stets in sich selber zwecklos ist und im Weltplane keine Wirkung hat, das Gute aber Früchte trägt, wenn es auch mit mangelhaften Mitteln begonnen wird, so war es auch hier: »Gott bedurfte zur Krönung dieses Werkes des Pfarrers nicht.« Als die Sache mit dem Testamente und dessen Unzulänglichkeit bekannt wurde, traten gleich die Wohlhabenden und Reichen in dem Umkreise zusammen und unterschrieben in kurzem eine Summe, die hinlänglich schien, alle Absichten des Pfarrers vollziehen zu können. 106 more words


The great chain of flowers

“There are people on whom such a series of misfortunes falls out of the blue that they finally stand and let the hail-storm roll over them, just as there are others whom good fortune visits with such extraordinary wilfulness that it seems as though the laws of Nature had been reversed in a given case so that things should turn out solely for their good. 788 more words