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When I was 24, I came across this website that says most people live for about 30,000 days. So you have to make every day count.

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Luxo Jr. sent shock waves through the entire industry — to all corners of computer and traditional animation.

At that time, most traditional artists were afraid of the computer.

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The New York Times and Books

책장을 정리하다가 The New York Times와 연관 있는 도서들이 여러 권 있음을 알게 되었다.

Adam Bryant

Adam Grant

Adam Grant의 저서는 충실한 느낌이 든다. 다양한 관찰과 실험이 담겨 있기도 하고, 여러 분야의 사람들과의 교류가 담겨 있기도 해서 그런 게 아닐까 싶다. 35 more words


What are some other leadership lessons you’ve learned?

One of the things that was most challenging for me was the confidence to open up. I’ve always been a relatively private person, and maybe with a natural tendency to assume that people really don’t want to hear what you might have to say.

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I don’t particularly care about the usual. If you want to get an idea of a friend’s temperament, ethics and personal elegance, you need to look at him under the tests of severe circumstances, not under the regular rosy glow of daily life.

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Advent Questions

Read Luke 1:34

A couple of years ago I was reading Adam Bryant’s excellent book on CEOs and came across this quote that caught my attention: ‘Though CEOs are paid to have answers, their greatest contribution to their organisations may be asking the right questions.’ I remember stopping short at that point and thinking and agreeing with those words. 749 more words