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Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis

Released 16/11/16 on BBC iPlayer, Hypernormalisation is Adam Curtis’ critique of globalization, politics, media and perception.

At its core, Adam Curtis hopes to convince the viewer that the many systems of control have willingly turned perception into a soap opera, so effectively, that no one is able to escape its vision. 395 more words

Adam Curtis: another manager of perceptions

by Jonathan Cook

Adam Curtis’ new, near three-hour documentary HyperNormalisation, showing on BBC iplayer, is being garlanded with predictable praise from liberal commentators. As ever, Curtis joins the dots in interesting, and sometimes compelling, ways. 1,307 more words


Pinterest: the good and the bad...from a minimalist POV.

I’ve been on Pinterest more or less since the beginning. I was initially very reluctant to get into any kind of social networking; I used to think of Facebook as a little bit pointless. 608 more words


What I thought of HyperNormalisation

HyperNormalisation is the new film by documentary film-maker Adam Curtis. It is the story of the last 40 years and how politics have failed to deal with the modern world, both real and cyber, and how the left have capitulated against the swarm that is capitalism and neo-liberalism. 1,220 more words


Adam Curtis - Hyper Normalisation

Watched the latest offering by Adam Curtis. Always thought-provoking, utterly scary and leaves you with that undeniable sense that we’re all fucked! Never fails to bring out the misanthrope in me – but always great music. 23 more words


HyperNormalisation: critique of a critique

This week, VICE distributed promotional video by Adam Curtis his new film called HyperNormalisation. In this video, Curtis argues that it becomes increasingly clear that we are all living in a dream world, detached from reality. 742 more words


Film Hyper Normalisation: Why those who seek change never achieve it 

Just days ago Adam Curtis, the documentary maker behind the film ‘Bitter Lake’ released his new film called HyperNormalisation.

At around 3 hours long it focuses on how the politicians and the elite gave control of our lives to the banking and financial industries. 1,094 more words