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Schopenhauer and Marketing

In a previous blog I discussed the concept of free will, looking at a few thinkers thoughts on the topic. I looked at the existential view, Foucault’s structuralism and the psychoanalytic thoughts of Freud and Bernays. 504 more words

It is the excess of reality that puts an end to reality

This is the introduction to the dissertation I wrote as an undergrad at the Department of Film Studies at King’s College London, submitted 02.May.2017, which was called… 1,804 more words

Saturday 27th January, 2018

Been a few days since an entry due to my girlfriend staying with me, but while she’s away seeing a friend, here we are.

I had a very long day yesterday, working for 12 hours. 248 more words


Adam Curtis: Additional Content

I recently had the pleasure of introducing a new friend to the edifying and entertaining oeuvre of Adam Curtis. For her, and others: a list of links that contain audio interviews with Curtis that haven’t appeared here in… 163 more words


Sunday November 26, 2017

Possessed with identity, the Self — once like a hand, now like a street fighter — learns to dodge the effects of painful emotion on awareness and performance. 287 more words