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Conclusões ocultas nos filmes de Adam Curtis

Frequentemente me acusam de ser um esquerdista. Isso é um completo absurdo. Se você assistir The Century of the Self verá que o que estou argumentando é algo muito próximo de uma posição neoconservadora, porque o que estou dizendo é que, com a ascensão do individualismo, há uma tendência pra corrosão de uma outra ideia do que são as relações e redes sociais e comunais, porque agora cada um está por si.

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Special Branch and Mars Sector 6

Special branch operatives tailed a UFO cult leader who said he was in telepathic contact with aliens, it emerged today’, announced London’s Daily Express… 1,810 more words

The Right To Face an Accuser, and, Is I.S. a construct of Western Powers?

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and his post from 17th July.
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Police Harrassment

The Week in Ethics: The Way Forward from Public Shaming

Students in a middle school painted words important to them on rocks placed under a tree. “Patience,” “courage,” “strength,” and “peace” were scattered under the limbs. 713 more words

Ethical Behavior

Is George Osborne channelling the spirit of Josef Goebbels...

It’s not as outlandish a proposition as one might initially think, and by that I don’t mean that I’m accusing George Osborne of having any far right wing tendencies, just right wing tendencies. 1,241 more words

Humpty Dumpty

The Myth of Bitter Lake: Did the British Empire foist Saudi Arabia on the United States?

Founding political myths provide reassuring points of reference but they do not provide the full, or even, real reason on why major historical moments occurred. As is popularly known the American Revolution was triggered specifically by the Boston Tea Party in defiance of the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773. 1,439 more words

British Imperialism

Better Society How? With Individual Freedom OR Shared Fear of Evil? Surprise yourself!!

US President Lyndon B Johnson, 1964: “The Great Society is in place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind.”

1967: In the wake of some of the worst riots ever seen in America, that dream ended in violence and hatred. 1,646 more words