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Day by Day 1

This is a video response to an article in today’s paper on North Korea “begging for war”. Drawing from the montage style of Adam Curtis’ … 38 more words

Day By Day

Creativity and Innovation update

A few posts on creativity and innovation you may have missed. On Umbrellas and lost memories

John Bessant, a major figure in research into Innovation, has turned his attention to creativity in his latest book. 476 more words

How To Not Be A Dick On The Internet

During Adam Buxton’s recent, bloody brilliant podcast featuring provocative documentary filmsmith Adam Curtis, the pair spend an engaging few minutes discussing the changing nature of the Internet, agreeing that its dystopian nether regions are rapidly encroaching on the progressive, utopian ideals of its flagship Web Central area. 856 more words

The Trap

I’ve been on a bit of a documentary binge today and it is made me feel inspired. The first documentary I’ve been watching is about Bedlam a psychiatric hospital in London. 1,920 more words

Adam Curtis on The Liberal's Choice

Adam Curtis is probably the best doco maker out there right now.

Politically the bloke is hard to pin down, but he’s in the business of taking the Big Picture and explaining it to you in a way you can begin to understand. 296 more words


Quote Of The Week

‘After all, the computer doesn’t burn out, look down on you, or try to have sex  with you.’

HyperNormalisationAdam Curtis.

Or does it?

Quote Of The Week

Fake world

Hypernormalisation = Word invented Alexei Yurchak. Pretending is accepted as normal and the fake reality as real.

“When reason, common sense, and decency are assaulted often enough, then personality is crippled, and human intelligence disintegrates or is warped. 58 more words