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Quote Of The Week

‘After all, the computer doesn’t burn out, look down on you, or try to have sex  with you.’

HyperNormalisationAdam Curtis.

Or does it?

Quote Of The Week

Fake world

Hypernormalisation = Word invented Alexei Yurchak. Pretending is accepted as normal and the fake reality as real.

“When reason, common sense, and decency are assaulted often enough, then personality is crippled, and human intelligence disintegrates or is warped. 58 more words

Pictivism. An Oh Dearism Solution?

Subject of interest #191301 – Oh Dearism

“A Short film about how mainstream media simplify complex events and present them as “scattered terrible things happening everywhere, Oh Dear”, leaving the public feeling powerless to do anything about them” 524 more words


Adam Curtis podcast with Adam Buxton

Curtis is a an eye opening journalist covering history and fairly abstract concepts. His style is mainly based on short films making up parts of TV shows like… 131 more words


Be more problematic

The United States of America has elected a demagogue whose cabinet contains religious fundamentalists who are attempting to enact policies attacking women’s reproductive rights. Russia is a barely-democratic state ruled by a gay-bashing strongman whose legislature recently decriminalised ‘first-offence’ instances of domestic abuse. 1,903 more words


Erosion Flow

Dear 2120,

If you have a moment to spare away from the futuristic sounds being channeled into your technologically enhanced ears via your retinal interface, I’d like to introduce you to a thoughtful young man from Copenhagen instilled with a prodigious talent for making evocative, electronic music filled with history, memory and uplifting melancholy. 2,342 more words