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Bitter Lake

We live in a world that has become increasingly more difficult to understand. The narrative we hear has become more and more simplified to the point where conflicts are described as nothing more complex than good versus evil. 117 more words

Adam Curtis

Gunsmoke: Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt

Leo Strauss was profoundly affected by his encounter with Carl Schmitt as evidenced by his TV viewing habits

Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt: two misunderstood political philosophers dogged by controversy. 394 more words

Reducing Foreign Policy to Good vs Evil

Bitter Lake

by Adam Curtis (BBC) 2015

Film Review

By now, people will have noticed I’m a bit of an Adam Curtis fanatic (Curtis also produced… 631 more words

War In The Middle East

Dolphins, Bateson and Clipper

Adam Curtis’s Century of the Self reminds us of the creepy Zeitgeist at the time of the Esalen Institute (which lingers still in the pseudoscientific… 1,571 more words


Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake - Albion's Own Mystic

Adam Curtis’ latest documentary, Bitter Lake, which is still available on BBC iPlayer, is another hypnotic, if overlong, meditation on the current epidemic of Wahhabism and how it came to sink its claws into every facet of Islam from the badlands of Afghanistan to the bedrooms of an extremely perfidious Albion. 329 more words

Every Day Is Like Sunday

Every Day Is Like Sunday is a 2011 documentary by Adam Curtis, drawing parallels between media mogul Cecil King’s dramatic downfall in the 1960’s and Rupert Murdoch troubled media empire.

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