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Is this finally the beginning of the end for Trump? Rare footage of NYC from 1911 is awesome. And "The Americans" steaming toward a big finish

I know, I know, we’ve thought it before.
A major Trump scandal happens, we think “This the End! No way he survives this? How could anyone?” And then the temperature cools down (or more accurately, another crazy scandal happens) and the roach in the White House survives, and we get more nonsensical Tweets, and the rest of us Americans just shake our heads and wonder how he survives. 800 more words

The FCPA Is Not an All-Purpose Anti-Foreign-Illegality Law

A few months back, Adam Davidson did a terrific New Yorker piece on the Trump Organization’s shady business dealings in Azerbaijan, focusing on evidence of corruption, money laundering, and sanctions evasion in connection with the Trump Organization’s licensing deal for a Trump Tower in Baku, the country’s capital. 1,903 more words


Trump's dismantling of good governance (1)

Adam Davidson in The New Yorker looks at how under Trump the USA is abandoning any claims to global moral leadership.

The example he selects for review is very interesting. 11 more words

When we of the resistance start calling our US Senators and / or our US Congress representatives, it is helpful to know the real reason they are pushing this supposed tax cut bill for the middle class, while they cut taxes for the rich, bigly. 676 more words

Republican Party

In this week's New Yorker

During this deeply disheartening week in American life, I have nourished myself with the feast that is this week’s issue of The New Yorker, with its stellar if dismaying contents. 621 more words

In This Week's New Yorker