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Physics - Science or Ideology?

Should physics theories be tested – or just accepted?  So asks essay the in New York Times

Adam Frank  and Marcelo Gleiser discuss whether Physics has moved beyond the need to be checked.  2,938 more words


Adam Frank Quote.

Frank, A. (2011). About time: Cosmology and culture at the twilight of the big bang. New York: Free Press.


The Specious Present

“Where is it, this present? It has melted in our grasp, fled ere we could touch it, gone in the instant of becoming.” — William James… 905 more words


Lost in the Cosmos

Here is astrophysicist Adam Frank’s insightful look at Walker Percy’s wonderful book. I don’t share Frank’s nor Lawler’s nor Percy’s optimism but I’m trying very hard. 147 more words


THE COMEDY OF ERRORS at Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

For the past several years, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre has created a condensed version of one of the Bard’s tales geared specifically for younger audiences.  This production tours the state as well as playing at the AST home on the UCA campus. 175 more words


Science and Politics: ready for the wild ride?

Adam Frank for NPR keeps it real in a commentary about politics and science. The piece focuses on the fact that while science continually advances society, many scientific innovations are going to present society with all sorts of policy problems (hopefully). 398 more words