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Rain Outside Myself

I’m sitting on the living room sofa, sinking beyond its 11-year lifetime with us. The kids are bathed but not in bed.

Less than an hour ago, the kids and I came home from a track by the house. 564 more words


Ermenegildo Zegna Holiday Window Decor Allegedly Infringes Artist's Lamp Design

Italian luxury fashion house, Ermenegildo Zegna that specializes in menswear and accessories was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Brooklyn-based artist and lamp designer Adam Frank claims in his complaint filed in the Manhattan Federal District Court that he noticed last November Zegna copied his “Pine” tree-shaped lamp design, featured in its holiday window display. 80 more words

Fashion Court

Whenever a problem has arisen it’s turned out that the model already contains the ingredients necessary to address it. Not a single new element has been added to the picture since it was first envisioned.

34 more words

After Paris: Reason, Faith, Love

A poetic statement of perspective by Adam Frank on the modern human condition and it’s dealings with events like this past weekend in Paris and Beirut. 42 more words


Parsimony in Copernicus and Osiander


A medieval logician in the twenty-first century

In the discussion surrounding the unusual light curve of the star KIC 8462852, Ockham’s razor has been mentioned numerous times. 3,917 more words

Strictly Theoretical

Physics - Science or Ideology?

Should physics theories be tested – or just accepted?  So asks essay the in New York Times

Adam Frank  and Marcelo Gleiser discuss whether Physics has moved beyond the need to be checked.  2,938 more words