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No, this is what one might call a unicameral breakdown: one, and only one, of our major parties has been going crazy for twenty years and is now having a full-fledged gibbering, I’m-The-Emperor-of-Antarctica breakdown.

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Turn Of Phrase

In last week's New Yorker

This week’s issue of The New Yorker, the one with the instant-turnaround purple rain cover, has two pieces I highly recommend in categories the magazine is best-known for. 485 more words

In This Week's New Yorker

A New Yorker State of Mind at the Public Library

The motif of the annual Library Lunch earlier this week was a “A New York State of Mind,” but in the vein of Edith Wharton rather than Billy Joel or Jay Z. 1,201 more words

The New Yorker

One of the great oddities, and tragedies, of American life, however, is that the extreme right has only been sporadically quarantined from the reasonable right. Having become accustomed to using the extreme right for non-extreme purposes, American Republicans seem to be in sporadic denial about the necessity of the American equivalent of a republican front, French-style.

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Turn Of Phrase

Taking the curve from the croissant, like taking the circumflex out of circulation, is a way of unbending the world, reducing the store of superfluous civilization that is essential to its sanity, and to our continuity.

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Happy Birthday Jeebers & Ashley!!!

You have no idea how hard getting my name on that cake was!
# T R U L Y

“You really needed to do a better job promoting Y O U R birthday!” Clarissa explains.   713 more words


France doesn’t believe that it was once the big one, as Holland or England do, by virtue of a special mission and an exceptional national character.

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