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What a Very Stupid Salad

Here’s David Bentley Hart with a superb rant, triggered by Adam Gopnik’s piece in the New Yorker, on journalism, ignorance and the emptiness of modern secular discourse: 631 more words


Angels, Ages and Epiphanies on the Bus to Town

I’ve been reading Adam Gopnik’s Angel’s and Ages: A Short Book about Darwin, Lincoln and Modern Life. I got it going in a flurry and then slowed down as I looked at other things, but I kept coming back to it and it has become a part of my life over the last few months. 438 more words


Adam Gopnik on guns

He has some of the wisest reflections I’ve read on a sensible relationship with guns.

“Obama’s Evolving Outrage on Guns”

Search some of his other postings at newyorker.com.

Slam in the Park

We know that it’s July, but we wanted to share with you a fantastic happening every April: a gathering in Central Park to read Shakespeare’s sonnets (not plays). 311 more words


A Bibliophile Laments the Closing of Stores, the Loss of Community

I woke up this past Sunday morning to learn of another bookstore closing…some may call it a loss due to the global economy or even the free market at work. 1,256 more words


[743] Paris to the Moon - Adam Gopnik

“What truly makes Paris beautiful is the intermingling of the monumental and the personal, the abstract and the footsore particular, it and you. A city of vast and impersonal set piece architecture, it is also a city of small and intricate, improvised experience.”(8) 241 more words


Lone Protester Vicki Rovere Opposes PEN's Decision To Honor Charlie Hebdo

Last night outside the PEN American Center’s literary gala at the American Museum of Natural History, which was guarded by a phalanx of armed police men, Vicki Rovere stood holding a poster that read: “Free speech does not deserve death/Abusive speech does not deserve an award.” She was protesting PEN’s decision to honor the French satirical magazine  1,632 more words

Charlie Hebdo