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Short story: The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemmingway, from The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories. Highly Recommended.

Poem: What You Pray Toward by Patricia Smith, listened to on the Poem of the Day podcast. 27 more words

Ray Bradbury Challenge

Turn of Phrase

By having a widely armed citizenry, we create a situation in which gun violence becomes a common occurrence, not the rarity it ought to be and is everywhere else in the civilized world.

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Turn Of Phrase - Evening


Yesterday I declared I wouldn’t be commenting on the election. However, I just came across a piece by Adam Gopnik, published four days ago by  192 more words

Getting Old

Obedience Boys All

Adam Gopnik explains how Shakespeare was a law-gospel guy:

Shakespeare also believed in forgiveness in a way that we don’t. Really rotten people get forgiven, in the comedies and romances, at least, in ways that still make us uneasy.

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Having a tragic view of life is compatible with having a positive view of our worldly duties. This is a big and abstract thought to share with children, of course, and perhaps, like so many like it, it is teachable only as a pained—at this moment, acutely pained—daily practice.

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Short story: How the Marquis Got His Coat Back by Neil Gaiman, listened to through the BBC iPlayer. Highly Recommended.

Poem: Lycidas by John Milton, listened to on the Intro to Poetry podcast. 28 more words

Ray Bradbury Challenge

Paris to the moon

Author: Adam Gopnik

Language: English

Summary: Paris. The name alone conjures images of chestnut-lined boulevards, sidewalk cafés, breathtaking façades around every corner–in short, an exquisite romanticism that has captured the American imagination for as long as there have been Americans.   360 more words