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Turn of Phrase

Weapons empower extremes. Allowing members of any fringe of any movement to get their hands on military weapons guarantees that any normal dispute—political or, for that matter, domestic—can quickly lead to a massacre.

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Turn Of Phrase - Evening

The Saints We Revere End Up Alone

“The sad truth is that the saints we revere for thinking for themselves almost always end up thinking by themselves. We are disappointed to find that the self-taught are also self-centered, although a moment’s reflection should tell us that you have to be self-centered to become self-taught. 51 more words


In this week's New Yorker

The “Fall Books” issue is especially loaded with terrific articles, starting with a high-powered Talk of the Town section with Amy Davidson writing about the third-party candidates; a piece about Amit Kumar, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has devised a mobile app called #NeverTrump allowing people to swap votes in swing states; and a visit to a dive bar in Bed-Stuy with Bonnie Raitt, about whom I can never hear enough. 246 more words

In This Week's New Yorker

30 Years After ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependency,’ a Look at Nan Goldin's New Work

“My taxi ride was a great, great example of how men hate taking instructions from women,” said Nan Goldin, who was seated with Adam Gopnik at this weekend’s New Yorker Festival, discussing her life, work and the state of the world. 601 more words

American Apparel


One of the more positive side-effects of this awful election has been that I have found myself back in the folds of “The New Yorker.” Not only because they have the best cartoons of any magazine anywhere and only partly because they have Andy Borowitz whose satiric pieces always make me laugh out loud. 367 more words


History: spaces, races, faces, places

Adam Gopnik brings us this interesting conceptualization of the evolution of history. The history of spaces underlies everything: “the history of terrains and territories … where plains and rivers and harbors shape the social places above … or around them.” 111 more words

Radiant self-reliance.

“What they had in common was a sort of radiant self-reliance. They could say an obvious thing–that children are citizens of another country, that all governments lie–with the conviction that comes from having really found it out. 100 more words