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On Howard S. Becker

I am by no means a regular reader of The New Yorker, and, in fact, I tend to privilege UK publications over the US based equivalent monthlies. 269 more words

Adam Gopnik on language

A May issue of the New Yorker had been floating around my apartment, purse, and backpack for a while now (let’s not bother to count backward). 181 more words


Adam Gopnik (2015.01.19)

The right to mock and to blaspheme and to make religions and politicians and bien-pensants all look ridiculous was what the magazine held dear, and it is what its cartoonists were killed for—and we diminish their sacrifice if we give their actions shelter in another kind of piety or make them seem too noble, when what they pursued was the joy of ignobility.

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How to Read a Poem?

(You may need help.)

 The current state of Poetry is that there are a spate of aspirants and a dearth of audience.  671 more words


A Bee in My Bonnet: Two Posts I Never Quite Finished

Because Shakespeare is both popular and misunderstood, every year there are stories that aren’t really worthy of the ink spilled upon them. Here are two I almost wrote about at length before I decided it just wasn’t worth it. 1,023 more words

First Folio

The Time I Sat Next to Adam Gopnik's Parents on a Plane

The conversation began as it sometimes does, with me offering to help put a bag in the overhead bin. I’m a tall, polite Midwesterner; I do this kind of stuff. 681 more words


September Books...

I can’t believe we’re in to December of 2014. I’m due to finish my goal of reading 52 books this year in exactly 30 days. Though I’m just publishing September I have in fact read through October, but have been lazy to publish my thoughts and the holidays are offering a wonderful distraction to completing my goal. 1,950 more words

52 Book Challenge