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The Howard -Theater Review: "The Most Beautiful Room in New York"

Review: The Most Beautiful Room in New York
Theater: LongWharf
Critic: Howard Steven Frydman

“The Most Beautiful Room in New York” is an ultra sophisticated new musical about the steaming hot, heavily creamed, spicy and sweet, whirling dervish of the New York culinary Business- where chefs hunger for critical acclaim and Michelin 4 stars! 1,207 more words


#ThrowbackThursday: Meet the #Dogs Parents

This ‘old’ dog story by Adam Gopnik — from 2011 — about a couple getting a pooch for their daughter re-appeared on The New Yorker… 10 more words

Dog Books

Trump is Deranged, and His Actions Put Mankind As We Know It, In danger!

The actions of a man who was not elected by the majority of Americans is setting America’s  social, economic and political gains back by decades. Those who voted for Trump believed there was some deep seated agenda to pull America from the jaws of foreign economic encroachment, worthless overseas military adventures, and third world population  dominance. 280 more words


Short story: Worm Within by Cat Rambo, from Clarkesworld Magazine, September 2008. Highly Recommended.

Poem: Shiloh: A Requiem by Herman Melville, listened to on The Voice Before the Void podcast. 29 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

Spring Break Book Review #1: Angels and Ages

(So here’s the deal: it’s my Spring Break, and I plan to spend it reading. I will be posting as many reviews as I can. Here’s the first, for the book I finished reading Saturday, March 18 — first day of Spring Break.) 935 more words

Book Review

Model Mad, Enlightened

One of our favorite essayists (for exemplary reasons, see here, and here, and here) makes a compelling case for our taking a good look at the foundation of our assumptions, in… 1,057 more words


A New Yorker deconstructs everyday life in Paris

Once you’ve gotten used to seeing the Eiffel Tower on your commute every day, and living among centuries-old buildings, what is daily life actually like in Paris? 675 more words