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What's the harm with the Donald?

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I’m including a great piece that the New Yorker magazine wrote about the acceptance of the orange-tinted buffoon as someone fit for the presidency of the United States. 13 more words

adam gopnik on touching shit

I dont always like Adam Gopnik – especially when he’s talking france/highbrow lit – but this piece on the human sense of touch is phenomenal. Most of his articles have entire paragraphs that befuddle me. 250 more words

Book Club: Paris to the Moon, by Adam Gopnik

My favorite book written about Paris from the expat perspective is the series of essays written for The New Yorker by Adam Gopnik that was later compiled into a book called  303 more words


“The study of haptic intelligence leads to even deeper questions about the somatic self. Our skin is us because it draws a line around our existence: we experience the world as ourself.

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The Impossible Reconciliation

Pittsburgh in the fifties was no place to be. Even the parents knew that. There was a wider world, so leaving for college in the mid-sixties, and never really going back, was easy enough, but in 1959 or so that seemed a long way off. 3,644 more words

Donald Trump

Turn of Phrase

No, this is what one might call a unicameral breakdown: one, and only one, of our major parties has been going crazy for twenty years and is now having a full-fledged gibbering, I’m-The-Emperor-of-Antarctica breakdown.

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Turn Of Phrase - Noon

In last week's New Yorker

This week’s issue of The New Yorker, the one with the instant-turnaround purple rain cover, has two pieces I highly recommend in categories the magazine is best-known for. 485 more words

In This Week's New Yorker