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8/30/16: about those who do not learn from the past

The problem with those who do not learn from the past is that they do not learn from the past. That tautology was brought to you by  639 more words

Attica, 1971

I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember the riot at Attica Prison in New York State.

Adam Gopnik at The New Yorker  49 more words

Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik

“There are two kinds of travelers. There is the kind who goes to see what there is to see and sees it, and the kind who has an image in his head and goes out to accomplish it.

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A Variety of Fascisms

Source: Adam Gopnik, “Being Honest About Trump,” The New Yorker, July 14, 2016

…To call a fascist of some variety is simply to use a historical label that fits. 294 more words

Freedom Didn't Happen...

Freedom didn’t happen because your opponents saw the light. It happened because they no longer found it necessary to live in the dark. Their hands may never move toward a candle, but their eyes adjust. 13 more words


Turn of Phrase

It requires no apology for unjustified police violence to point out that, in a heavily armed country, the police officer who thinks that a suspect is armed is likelier to panic than when he can be fairly confident that the suspect is not.

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Turn Of Phrase - Evening

Hitler’s enablers in 1933—yes, we should go there, instantly and often, not to blacken our political opponents but as a reminder that evil happens insidiously, and most often with people on the same side telling each other, Well, he’s not so bad, not as bad as they are.

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