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The Danger That Comes With Convenience

I met my girlfriend and future wife when I was a sophomore in college. She had a car. I didn’t. She had a license. I didn’t. 780 more words


The Bollingen Library and the future of media

About a year ago, I began to notice that many of the books in my home library came from the same place. It all started when I realized that Kenneth Clark’s… 1,095 more words


Between Magic and Logos

This is my follow-up post to the March 13th ideas-letter, which you can find here.

I’ve chosen to focus on Adam Gopnik’s piece about the Warburg Institute in… 702 more words

Reindeer Attitude Problems

“Love, like light, is a thing that is enacted better than defined: we know it afterward by the traces it leaves on paper.”
― Adam Gopnik


On Howard S. Becker

I am by no means a regular reader of The New Yorker, and, in fact, I tend to privilege UK publications over the US based equivalent monthlies. 269 more words

Adam Gopnik on language

A May issue of the New Yorker had been floating around my apartment, purse, and backpack for a while now (let’s not bother to count backward). 181 more words