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One of the more positive side-effects of this awful election has been that I have found myself back in the folds of “The New Yorker.” Not only because they have the best cartoons of any magazine anywhere and only partly because they have Andy Borowitz whose satiric pieces always make me laugh out loud. 367 more words


History: spaces, races, faces, places

Adam Gopnik brings us this interesting conceptualization of the evolution of history. The history of spaces underlies everything: “the history of terrains and territories … where plains and rivers and harbors shape the social places above … or around them.” 111 more words

Radiant self-reliance.

“What they had in common was a sort of radiant self-reliance. They could say an obvious thing–that children are citizens of another country, that all governments lie–with the conviction that comes from having really found it out. 100 more words


The sad truth is that the saints we revere for thinking for themselves almost always end up thinking by themselves. We are disappointed to find that the self-taught are also self-centered, although a moment’s reflection should tell us that you have to be self-centered to become self-taught.

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Short story: The Shooting Party by Virginia Woolf, listened to on the Morning Short podcast. Recommended..

Poem: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Colreidge, listened to through Librivox. 32 more words

Ray Bradbury Challenge

White Horses, Pink Elephants and Green Hippos

As I increase my experience and exposure to Paul Auster’s work, the more he is becoming one of my favorite authors. After finishing Travels in the Scriptorium… 821 more words