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Hitch on Guns . Agree with him? I don't

With the news of the most recent mass school shooting (if you missed it, don’t worry there will be another one soon) There have been many posts about Hitchens’ views on gun control. 69 more words

Everybody knows the fight was fixed, 20

I’m not generally a fan of violence nor specifically a fan of assault.


I cannot dredge up even the smallest bit of concern at the sight of an… 402 more words


On Climbing Mountains, Part VI

Day One–Rappelling

After an afternoon of orientation and checking out our equipment at the base camp in Salida, we spend the first night in the tent and then wake to the breakfast song before good daylight. 1,086 more words

Travel Essay

Found in translation and footsteps

while back I wrote about the negative psychological externalities of city life: the paradoxical feeling of isolation in claustrophobic environs; dissatisfaction caused by too much choice; and fear of missing out (which has even become a popular acronym, FOMO). 653 more words

On Travel

It's never too late to step into the driver's seat

Learning to drive in his 50s, New Yorker staff writer Adam Gopnik observed in a delightful essay in the magazine, was neither a search “for a metaphor of middle age” nor an attempt to make up for “time wasted in the passenger seat.” 1,347 more words


Paris to the Moon

The joy of reading good writing is reason enough to read anything Adam Gopnik writes. His book, Paris to the Moon, was such a pleasure to read. 414 more words


What a Very Stupid Salad

Here’s David Bentley Hart with a superb rant, triggered by Adam Gopnik’s piece in the New Yorker, on journalism, ignorance and the emptiness of modern secular discourse: 631 more words