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Mid-Michigan high school wrestling preview


Coaches’ predictions: 1. Grand Ledge, 2. Holt, 3. Jackson, 4. Eastern, 5. Okemos, 6. Everett, 7. Sexton, 8. East Lansing

League’s top wrestlers… 2,028 more words


Ladies in Charge, Volume 2 - Femdom Spanking Stories by Rollin Hand.

Well, I enjoyed volume 1, so of course I had to get volume 2. Once again, author Rollin Hand presents six short stories. First up is: 2,119 more words


4th-seeded '05-'06 Predators Sweep 5th-seeded '14-'15 Predators to Begin Tournament

The 4th-seeded ’05-’06 Predators scored a goal in each period of Game 1 as they took the opening game 3-1. Mike Sillinger and Martin Erat… 400 more words

Ultimate NHL Playoff

10 Point Profile: Adam Hall

Our weekly artist profile. This week we feature contemporary / abstract realist Adam Hall.

More on Adam @ www.adamhallart.com

Contact Adam @ athalltnu@gmail.com


The Striker Portfolio by Adam Hall (1969)

The gun smashed upwards into his face and didn’t go off because the blow was directly on the wrist-nerve to paralyse the fingers before the index could contract, but there was risk attached and I had to sweat it out until the gun hit the ground with a negative thud and didn’t blow our legs off. 2,935 more words


The 9th Directive by Adam Hall (1966)

To respond to the threat of a grenade-burst the sub-conscious has to evaluate a mass of data: the angle of the thrower’s arm, which governs the time-period from the beginning to the end of the throw; the size (and thus the weight) of the grenade – data which affects the time taken to throw it (the heavier the slower) and the degree of explosive force; the distance of the thrower to the intended point of impact; the height of the thrower above that point (gravity aiding momentum); and all factors pertaining, which include mass, inertia, trajectory, air resistance, so forth. 2,292 more words


The Quiller Memorandum by Adam Hall (1965)

The zip on the briefcase was the interlocking plastic flange type and opened silently. Inside was the folder with the black cover. It was the memorandum… It would contain all the information they could give me, all the names, suspects, dossiers, leads and theories they could cull from the whole of the Bureau files, a complete and exhaustive breakdown of the field. 1,695 more words