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Books of 2018 #5: The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson

How can I begin to tackle talking about this book? I have been reading this with five students since last September – that’s almost 8 months of thinking about these 443 complex, engaging, impressive pages. 988 more words

The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson - Book

In Adam Johnson’s book The Orphan Master’s Son, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2013, you immerse yourself in the North Korea of Kim Jong-Il. 902 more words


Book Review: North Korea's Hidden Revolution: How the Information Underground Is Transforming a Closed Society by Jieun Baek

Up until I read this book I hadn’t really put any overly critical thoughts into how North Korea functioned. I had pretty much painted the entire country as a giant prison camp and local life was basically just A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, which may not be wrong for an absurdly large percentage of the approximately 25 million people who, after doing something desperately evil in a previous life, call this place home, but it hardly handles the strange and utterly genius underground economy Baek’s book covers. 960 more words

Book Review

The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson

This novel tells of Pak Jun Do’s (John Doe’s) epic life, inextricably tied to the North Korean government’s bizarre whims. While reading, I felt like I was along for the journey and often was as confused as a captor being interrogated. 35 more words


Book Review: Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is quickly becoming one of those writer’s that I resent for their skill and the ease with which they display it. He plays with your emotions using prose so unassuming and lacking in ulterior motive that it disarms you until he decides he’s placated you enough and then punches you firmly in the nose. 188 more words

Book Review

T & T Clark Companion to Atonement (Review)

It is something of a cliché to say that “no area is more contested in contemporary theology than” and then insert whatever subject you’re about to touch on. 1,006 more words


Feb.15: When is an Attack Actually Terrorism – Litecoin Mooning – 'The Secret of Brilliance Lies in Being Totally, Utterly Useless'

Feb. 15, 2018 (THE FERO REPORT)

1. The T-Word: When is an attack terrorism? The Los Angeles Times, Max Abrahams

  • “Use of the T-word is arguably straightforward for some tragedies — if, for instance, the perpetrators openly declare their allegiance to the Islamic State.
  • 793 more words