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New year, New You ... No Thanks

After a week of sobriety, what I’ve learn so far is that it’s pretty goddamned awful.

It’s not that I’m just an addict bitching about not being allowed my preferred vice, but that’s pretty much what it is. 870 more words

Adam Lamar

Those records you never get rid of

For me, music has always been a living thing. It has it’s own pulse, it breaths, and there’s an energy to it. You can’t touch it, but you can feel it. 374 more words

Adam Lamar

A Year in Pencil

“Doing the work” has been a recurring idea for me over the past couple of years. It’s literally become a personal mantra at times. In that spirit, I set aside a few things last year and decided to work on expanding the skill set I use to make a living. 163 more words

Adam Lamar

Best thing I've seen this week 053012

Holiday weekends and recording the new Silent Sounds record has been keeping me busy, but I’m dropping in to give you another update.

Back in my younger days, you were the cool kid on the block if you had one of these guitar hangers on your wall, and you were a baller if you had two or more. 128 more words

Adam Lamar

If you can feel what I'm feelling then it's a musical masterpiece

I’ve been pretty nocturnal this week. So by the time I got up and moving this morning (around 1 a.m.), there was no shortage of “RIP MCA” posts to greet me. 1,173 more words

Adam Lamar

Best Thing I've Seen This Week 042412

This is gonna be a short one (and it’s late), but the quality more than makes up for the quantity.

The only runner-up this week is a complete novelty, but if you were born before 1990, you’ll appreciate this modern take on a classic. 266 more words

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