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50 Scariest Books: #18 - The Ritual by Adam Nevill

I’ve decided to work backwards in reviewing what I’ve read from the 50 Scariest Books list. It’ll be a nice work up to October.

I can’t tell you how much I love the “idiots lost in the woods” trope. 319 more words

Adam Nevill Recommends Greener Pastures

Adam Nevill, one of my favorite horror authors, has a short list of highly recommended horror fiction books up at his blog. Leading off is… 119 more words

He'll Kill To Find Her

“How far will he go to save his daughter? How far will he go to get revenge?

It’s 2053 and climate change has left billions homeless and starving – easy prey for the pandemics that sweep across the globe, scything through the refugee populations. 537 more words


Dead Letters Teaser #12

The Days of Our Lives, Adam LG Nevill

Inside her vinyl, crab-coloured handbag the ticking was near idle, not so persistent, but far below the pier, in the water, I was distracted by a large, dark shape that might have been a cloud shadow. 236 more words


Ritual - Adam Nevill

I have a mixed history with Nevill’s work. I enjoyed Banquet for the Damned. I moved from that to Apartment 16 but had to stop as, while the writing was good, the content made my morning sickness worse. 725 more words


Adam Nevill 'The Last Days' Review

Written by: Bindi Lavelle

The Last Days, follows broke documentary film maker Kyle, who is offered a golden ticket out of debt, when he is hired to make a documentary about the Last Days cult and their leader Sister Katherine, who were rumoured to be involved in strange occult activities. 217 more words


Monthly Reads: March - Lost Girl by Adam Nevill

My next book has got me and my friends, Diala and Ruba, in the special mentions.

My first post-apocalyptic story in 15 years, after Stephen King’s The Gunslinger from The Dark Tower series which did not really stick with me. 9 more words