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In Writing

I am reading Adam Phillips’ latest book ‘In Writing’ where he is drawing links between reading/ writing and psychoanalysis and in the chapter around poetry Phillips quotes Lionel Trilling’s great essay ‘Freud and Literature’ where he writes that ‘the Freudian psychology is the one that makes poetry indigenous to the very constitution of the mind. 184 more words


Drawing Toes, Insatiable Desire


“I only want to be who I am”

{Vérsion originale. Pour la version française déjà publiée, passez svp à Dessiner orteils ; désir insatiable.} 2,938 more words

Sex (more Or Less)

Dessiner orteils ; désir insatiable


« Je veux seulement être qui je suis. »


{The original, English version of Caroline’s letter will soon appear on Montaigbakhtinian, but this French version is going first.} 3,524 more words

Sex (more Or Less)

Adam Phillips, In Writing

‪Adam Phillips: “Writing needn’t be a world domination project… but just the attempt to find enough people who are interested in what matters to you‬”

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On Flirtation

Read 08/02/2017-13/02/2017

Rating: 2 stars

I’ve had Adam Phillips’ book, On Flirtation, on my bookshelf for more than ten years. I bought it on the recommendation of someone highly inappropriate with whom I was flirting, at a time when someone else was flirting with me and I was flirting with the idea of being a more hedonistic person than had previously been the case. 2,493 more words

Book Review

On Balance: Adam Phillips, Part I

For Adam Phillips, who has authored close to two-dozen, books, there is no such thing as too many words, contradictions, or questions left unanswered. He has managed to fit more insights, and dense, dichotomous, mind-bending maxims into these 300 pages than I can possibly review in one piece. 720 more words

13 ways of looking at a bureaucrat

“Psychoanalysts don’t usually write essays; they tend to write lectures or papers or chapters, or what are called, perhaps optimistically, contributions.” Adam Phillips “Coda: up to a point” in…

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