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There's Too Much Love

I feel stupid for feeling all these feelings. My friends have been approaching me with a keen concern that is actually funny, if it weren’t so embarassing on my part. 625 more words


“We are always reading for pleasure. ..It is pleasure that we are always seeking, and never more so than when the nature of that pleasure is obscure” – ADAM PHILLIPS http://ift.tt/1efazeh

“you can only recover your appetite if you allow to ..be unknown to yourself” – http://ift.tt/1cnPmOq – ZIZEK citing ADAM PHILLIPS http://ift.tt/1Ia4d7g

On Being a Terrible Listener

Listening is a harder thing to do than it seems. The other day someone I know told me she had seen a movie, asked me if I had seen it (it was Cloud Atlas, and I had, as well as having read the novel it was based on,) and five minutes later I realised I had babbled on about it almost non-stop. 709 more words


An answered prayer, with hair

You know that whole work-from-home, caring-for-ma-with-dementia thing? Especially coupled with a grew-up-an-only-child-in-your-head-a-lot deal? Add to that reading-Adam-Phillips‘-On-Flirtation-essays-riffing-on-Freud while ellipticalling and you have a recipe for… 334 more words

Jennifer Niven's "All The Bright Places"; a life affirming book about death

My rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

All The Bright Places is about a girl, “who learns to live from a boy who intends to die”. 344 more words

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