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Countdown: 37 Days ‘Til Dalhousie

The countdown is on.  I know most sites would count down to the first regular season matchup, but that would create a lot of work in those last few days before the first game when I’ll be trying to focus posts on other topics.  698 more words


Salvaging the Biblical View on Homosexuality: A Challenge to the Exegesis of Adam Phillips

“The word ‘homosexuality’ didn’t even show up in English translations of the Bible until 1946, so why do we say the Bible condemns it?” – Adam Phillips.

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against self-criticism

Adam Phillips: ‘Against Self-Criticism’ (with Q&A)

Adam Phillips, psychotherapist and writer, reflects on self-hatred. The lecture was part of the London Review of Books Winter Lectures series 2015, held at the British Museum.


There's Too Much Love

I feel stupid for feeling all these feelings. My friends have been approaching me with a keen concern that is actually funny, if it weren’t so embarassing on my part. 625 more words


“We are always reading for pleasure. ..It is pleasure that we are always seeking, and never more so than when the nature of that pleasure is obscure” – ADAM PHILLIPS http://ift.tt/1efazeh

“you can only recover your appetite if you allow to ..be unknown to yourself” – http://ift.tt/1cnPmOq – ZIZEK citing ADAM PHILLIPS http://ift.tt/1Ia4d7g