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on nihilism and hope

A remarkable passage by the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips at the end of his Forbidden Pleasures, pg 181. We have to choose between them: the stark nature of the dichotomy is often unclear but this is little more than wilful obsfucation, on the part of the social order if not the individual. 289 more words

Between Post-Capitalism And Techno-Fascism

If Only I Had Lived Like a Heron

If Only……

If only I were a heron, I would wake the world
with a cry of joy that the rivers and the forests
and the streams were here for me to employ. 173 more words

Liverpool U18s 3-1 Stoke City: Callum Nicholas Scores On Injury Comeback

By Scott Taylor

Callum Nicholas scored his first goal of the season on his comeback from injury as Liverpool U18s come from behind to beat Stoke 3-1 in the U18 Premier League on Tuesday afternoon. 181 more words


Our excesses are the best clue we have to our own poverty and our best way of concealing it from ourselves.
– Adam Phillips

Phillips, A. (2010). On balance.


On Adolescence

A fundamental insight of psychoanalysis is that we never grow out of our childhood. It is not a particularly difficult thought; does anyone remember a clear moment in their lives when they qualitatively stopped being children? 4,027 more words

Adam Phillips On "The Leavisite Position" On Reading

In the course of his Paris Review interview on the Art of Non-Fiction (No. 7, conducted  by Paul Holdengräber) Adam Phillips says:

If you happen to like reading, it can have a very powerful effect on you, an evocative effect….It’s not as though when I read I’m gathering information, or indeed can remember much of what I read. 464 more words


Happiness and unforbidden pleasures

Last week on the Radio 4 programme ‘Start the Week’ the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips discussed his new book Unforbidden Pleasures. One component of our self-reflection, he argues, is that we ask ourselves the question, ‘Do we lack anything that feels essential?’  Once something has been forbidden to us, we begin to experience a lack – we begin to desire it and to see it as essential to our well-being. 267 more words