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Going Sane - Adam Phillips (2/10)

The subject of this book excites me. I am interested in the terms ‘sanity’ and ‘insanity’ because they always seem to be very subjective and yet they hold such importance in social status. 583 more words

Book Review

12/10/07 – 01/20/10

upon your birth I wrote
a song

about blood,

letting of,
tasting of,
and a man writing

in cursive in blood

flung from his fingernails… 448 more words


the destroyer

We made a date
for you to help me

It happens all the time.

It doesn’t mean
we shouldn’t try.

We were looking in the fridge. 248 more words


Why have an analysis when you can read?

Peter Batten celebrates the art of reading . . .

We can never know beforehand what will change us or indeed what kinds of change we want.

669 more words
6 The Arts

Freshly Ground: Your Weekly Reading (Mar 12th - 18th)

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.” – The German psychologist and figurehead of the Frankfurt School, Erich Fromm, dies on this day in 1980. 292 more words


A conversation, a reading assignment, a writing exercise, and a re-run #10

A conversation:

Jane: I don’t understand. I don’t understand how two people who love each other as much as I know you two do can fight so much!

1,187 more words
At Least Mildly Sappy

A Test of Time

A cool, late winter morning,

–the signs of spring in red budded tree tops,

and the gently moving yellow of the willows.

A narcissist bud is begging the sun to penetrate… 213 more words

Adam Phillips