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February Recap

February 2015: I quit. Then I didn’t.

Tl;dr: I overreacted to the feeling that blogging was (is?) an obligation, and, more generally, “information overload.” It turns out my blogsbuddies have experienced similar feelings and have devised a variety of coping mechanisms. 667 more words

Book Reviews

James Blish: A feminist gets angry

I finished reading James Blish’s really excellent space opera novel Earthman, Come Home (1955) in a towering anachronistic feminist rage. The novel is exciting, expertly-paced and has rightly been acclaimed as one of the truly innovative masterworks of science fiction. 681 more words


Exciting News!

Hanging with Adam & Ash premiered yesterday on Disney Channel AU, Foxtel!

I keep needing to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.
Adam assured me that I’m not! 48 more words

Friday Fiction Feature

One time-honored tradition of the beginning of a new year is the “Where are they now?” when television hosts and internet writers track down formerly well-known celebrities and remind us all that they’re still alive. 1,194 more words

The Fiction Reboot

Anne Charnock interviewed by Adam Roberts at the BSFA on 28 January 2015

Anne Charnock’s debut novel ‘A Calculated Life’ began as an independently published work that through great reviews came to the attention of Amazon’s SF imprint, 47North. 935 more words

Jack Glass

While it doesn’t quite reach the level of brilliance displayed at times by his other work, Yellow Blue Tibia, Adam Roberts’ Jack Glass is a competently written and intelligent science fiction novel that also suffers, but to a lesser degree, the flaws of the former. 961 more words


Inbox/Outbox: January 25-January 31

I find satisfying months that end on Saturdays. Very satisfying. It provides me the sense that all is well, that everything is in order, when, in fact, we are all hurtling higgledy-piggledy toward our deaths. 195 more words