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The Snow (2004) by Adam Roberts

“The snow started falling on September 6th, […] And at the beginning people were happy.” (p.1)

Imagine if it started snowing in September and didn’t stop.

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Top 10 Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre that people either say they love or hate. It is a shame that many write it off as ‘not for them’ while often enjoying the films at the cinema that have been adapted from a book. 858 more words


Enigma and apocalypse

When Oedipus solves the riddle of the Sphinx, the creature flings itself off a cliff to its death; conversely, his inability to solve the riddle of his own birth leads to his mother’s suicide and his own self-blinding and exile.

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Additions to the Tbr Pile 

Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to another year of reading and (hopefully) blogging.

I enjoyed a great trip back to Manchester, England to visit my dad. 356 more words

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Superbugs, the game

By Nina Cromeyer Dieke, Digital Content Editor, Longitude Prize, Nesta

To say young people’s attention is constantly being pulled in various directions is an understatement, given the array of information available to them 24/7. 652 more words

Science Communication & Public Engagement


My good friend Stephen suffered a great loss recently, and there is little I can do for him, other than let him know that I am thinking of him. 3,157 more words

Reflections on what I liked in the 31,536,001 seconds of 2016

Time for the annual reflection on all things geekery that occurred to me in the previous 31,536,001 seconds. 2016 was a bleak year for sure, but there was much joy to be had from the creation of fiction. 643 more words

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