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New Summer Football League Would Work, With Viable QBs

In a fairly wide and coordinated release, the existence of the Pacific Pro Football League was announced today. There were early-morning stories in USA Today… 399 more words


Adam Schefter Pumping the Tires of Bill Belichick and I Love It

ESPN won’t let me embed videos, even when they say ‘hey here’s the link to embed.’ So you can watch the video here.

“Welcome to the Golden Age of Coaching. 245 more words


Two ESPN personalities are beefing over getting used by the Patriots

It’s rare when two ESPN employees have an open dispute, but NFL Insider Adam Schefter and analyst Trent Dilfer recently had one regarding the New England Patriots. 348 more words


Trent Dilfer apologizes for saying that his co-worker was a pawn in the Patriots negotiations

A weird dispute between ESPN’s Trent Dilfer and ESPN’s Adam Schefter could be winding down a week after Dilfer accused the Patriots of using Schefter to help in their negotiations with Jimmy Garoppolo. 488 more words


Adam Schefter maintains what the Patriots would get as a "minimum" for Jimmy Garoppolo

On a recent appearance on the Kirk & Callahan show in Boston, ESPN Insider Adam Schefter said the New England Patriots will get a “minimum of a first round pick” for backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 302 more words


Missed FG Costs Adam Vinatieri Half a Mil

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri entered today’s game having made 26 of his 29 field goal attempts on the season. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Vinatieri had an incentive in his contract wherein if he made 90% of his field goals this year, he’d get a $500,000 bonus. 72 more words