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Movie Review: Little Evil (2017)

Bonding with a new stepchild is difficult. Gary (Adam Scott) knows it all too well — he always assumed his new bride’s standoffish son, Lucas (Owen Atlas), would warm up after the wedding, but the little guy’s as quiet and creepy as ever. 821 more words

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Little Evil: A Disturbingly Funny Movie

I think we have all seen that the film and television industry is changing right in front of our eyes. Netflix and Amazon have been battling it out to be top digital streaming service, along with a bunch of other digital contenders. 640 more words


Little Evil

When I first saw this pop up on my Netflix home page, I was immediately intrigued. I love Adam Scott and his work, and the short summary of the movie was nothing short of promising. 277 more words

Adam Scott

Step Brothers - Review


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched Step Brothers before I got into movies, for I’d always come out laughing at the silliness shown inside of a concept that revolves around 40-year-old man children still trying to acquire normal lives for themselves. 1,066 more words

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Little Evil

Year: 2017
Director: Eli Craig
Starring: Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott, Sally Field

Written by Sasha Hornby

Horror is one of the most polarising genres – some people are staunch horror fans, watching even the most bargain basement of offerings; others will write off any film with even a whisper of horror.   657 more words


Little Evil (2017)

D: Eli Craig / 95m

Cast: Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Owen Atlas, Kyle Bornheimer, Chris D’Elia, Donald Faison, Tyler Labine, Sally Field, Brad Williams… 1,134 more words


Netflix Review: Little Evil Tries, But Fails to Replicate the Tucker & Dale Versus Evil Formula

There’s this concerning trend developing at Netflix: They keep hiring promising directors to make movies for them, and those directors keep failing to produce their best work. 977 more words

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