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ICYMI: #RachelDolezal Edition

The fervor around Rachel Dolezal has died down a little bit since Thursday and Friday, but the story is still the story that’s perplexed the nation. 292 more words


Paul Ryan’s stunning hypocrisy: The little-noticed way the GOP proved it’s full of it


GOP’s still banging the “Grubergate” drum — but an under-the-radar push from Ryan shows they don’t mean a word

As a general rule, I try not to write about hypocrisy in politics. 768 more words

Paul Ryan

The Romney Gift That Could Hurt Both Parties

Mitt Romney spoke too “condescendingly and dismissively” about gifts, but communication is one of a politician’s job skills. Romney’s transactional framing of the political game was just revealing, in the most efficient way the media should expose such honesty. 148 more words


But Michelle Obama’s the one with the anger management issues.

So apparently Ann Romney, wanna-be First Lady, said this about the media:

getting harder and harder to be cheerful…. I am so mad at the press I could just strangle them!

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Shitstorming the Bastille

On Saturday night, I wrote a post about a curious argument I’ve noted among a subset of liberal bloggers. On the one hand, they claim Obama is radically constrained (by Congress, the Republicans, etc.); on the other hand, they claim progressive activists and citizens are radically unconstrained. 2,094 more words

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