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Liberty And Civil Disobediance
By Tom Lacovara

Adam Kokesh may be seriously misunderstood by some, but he fought in the U.S. marine Corps. He has been to Iraq, and I believe these guys have a far greater right to express themselves then those who sit home! 347 more words


A Two Second Sermon About a Man

Who loaded a gun in Freedom Plaza
Where incoherent laws forbid the citizens from possessing loaded weaponry
Even the critic agrees since no one suffered… 27 more words


Adam vs. the Man

Adam Kokesh has been arrested again.  His latest act of civil disobedience (remember when that was cool from 2001-2008?) is shown above where he looks to load a shotgun in the “Freedom Plaza” in DC.  292 more words

SofFC Rules

The Man Vs. The Myth

The slaughter-hitch of a modern era
Carved in stone by the son of God.
Darwin descends in a red cape to purify the Earth. 241 more words

Free Will

I am glad about these government mess ups!

I often think to myself, “what is it going to take for the masses to finally say enough?” I am glad that the Department of Justice targets journalist. 239 more words

Adam vs. The Man Radio host Declares Armed March on DC

Yes, you read the title right an armed march in DC is receiving a lot of support from followers rightfully so. It has become very clear that American citizens have become fed up with the government. 108 more words

Human Rights

I should not have to say that marijuana should be decriminalized, treated as a public health issue, and not propagandized and (impossibly) prohibited. Of course the auspicious war on drugs will come to an end as individuals are waking up to the reality of human liberty, (this philosophic state of free will) which exists upon the face of earth and within the minds of peoples selling themselves to private corporations; as people are waking up to the nightmare of governmental “law,” (which we shall see later is actually a misnomer,) and the vehement perpetuation of violence increases with nationalism. 2,358 more words

Free Will